The Golden Spoon – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

The fourth episode of The Golden Spoon starts with Tae-Yong pondering if Seung-Cheon is the one that sent the disturbing text. He dials the number, and Ju-hee’s cell phone rings after. Tae-Yong becomes curious about her. He also discovers the envelope belonging to the old lady in his notebook, but her letter is not there.

Seung-Cheon’s friend Dong-Kyung claims that it was Dong-Kyung who put the envelope in there. Dong-Kyung is defensive when he believes that Tae-Yong is accusing him of the theft. Tae-Yong is unsure of whom the person who sent him the message was.

He believes that the person responsible could also have made use of the spoon to trade his parents. He believes that Ju-hee has replaced the life of Na-ra with her own. If the class is not full and Tae-Yong is looking for Ju-hee’s cell phone. Yeo-jin inquires of Ju-hee if she had been flirting Tae-Yong and Seung-Cheon when she says that she just likes Seong-Cheon.

Yeo-jin has revealed that she is planning to pursue Tae-Yong’s name from the moment on. Ju-hee remembers that she forgot her phone in class, and returns to search for it. She spots Tae-Yong trying to access the phone and asks her to call her earlier in the day. He discovers that Ju-hee’s dad called her, and apologizes for being snoopy.

Tae-Yong says the incident was fake and he and Ju-hee debate the text, while Seung-Cheon is worried that they do not have access to the same lab as their fellow colleagues. When the break is over Seung-Cheon warns Taeyong to stay away from Ju-hee him to keep away from Ju-hee.

Tae-Yong eats on his own when Young-sin appears and asks him to focus on his studies rather than the shareholder’s meeting. He doesn’t listen and mockingly acknowledges Young-sin’s concern, asking servers to deliver hot coffee into his space. The young-sin and the maid are both amazed by the request for coffee, which is the first.

Ju-hee calls him when she is inside the room. Tae-Yong makes it to the police station along with her. The police have arrested Na-ra’s dad for threatening Ju-hee. They claim Yeo-jin is the one who reported the incident to the police. Tae-Yong requests that she meet him, and confronts him regarding his text messages. He is certain that it is Na-ra, who has changed her life using a gold spoon.

Tae-Yong questions her about Na-ra but she doesn’t seem to be at all concerned. Ju-he however is worried about why Tae-Yong was so eager to visit Na-ra. In addition, she receives the same message from Tae-Yong. She is also concerned. Tae-Yong confronts Yeo Jin, asking who was the one who had sent the message to him. She also states that she received a similar message from an unknown phone number.

Seung-Cheon and all the other students in the class receive the same message as Yeo Jin the trio of Tae-Yong, Yeo-jin, and Ju-hee. Jang-un claims the message came from him and that it was a game with his fellow classmates.

Seung-Cheon shouts at Jang Un, but the latter stays cool since they were in class. Jang-un questions him about what he thinks of the spoon that is golden. Seung-Cheon is able to recall the spoon but reveals that he does not know where it is. At home, Seung-Cheon searches the kitchen for the spoon but is unable to locate it.

He would like to buy her a gold-plated ring when it is discovered and is wondering if he has returned it to Tae-Yong’s residence. Tae-Yong scours the spoon that is in his drawer and discovers that he’s got 7 days until his first chance to trade his previous life with Seung-Chen’s return.

Tae-Yong begins by looking at apartments for him to purchase. He envisions himself living there with Seung-Cheon’s actual family. In his fantasy his family, they are calling Seung-cheon’s real name and bringing him back. He offers to buy the property, but Young-sin’s PI takes photos of him.

Lee Cheol is back at his job as a redevelopment evacuator when he is slapped by his supervisor. The boss slaps Lee Cheol for protecting the residents rather than kicking them out of their homes. Tae-Yong asks the reason Lee Cheol only decided to work now instead of many years ago when his family required it most.

Lee Cheol is in awe of the words from his son’s best friend, but he wants to keep them hidden from Seung-Cheon. Seung-Cheon has arrived at Tae-Yong’s home and is seated while Ju-hee eats and Tae-Yong thanks him for his help. Ju-hee relates the school shooting incident that Tae-Yong was involved in several years ago.

Tae-Yong says they would like coffee, and Ju-hee is astonished. Seung-Cheon gets coffee at the Tae-Yong’s home when He declines and demands Elderberry tea instead, leaving Young-sin in shock. Tae-Yong pats Juhee on the head, and he is agitated.

She requests him to end their relationship however Tae-Yong wants her to remain in agreement for some time. Young-sin requests Seung-Cheon to play the piano, and wonders why he’s making the exact same error as Tae-Yong. Young-sin wants him to wait until dinner time, but he states that he doesn’t want to eat.

She is shocked and says that she had eaten two meals at home using a golden spoon. Seung-Cheon is accustomed to the place and takes himself home when he comes to Tae-Yong’s room. As he’s snooping through his room, he scours for the hidden drawer.

He is puzzled by Tae-Yong’s illustrations of Ju-hee. He also is also able to find the spoon. He’s ready to carry the spoon along with him when Tae-Yong swoops in and stops him. As Tae-Yong screams in frustration when he grabs the spoon Seung-Cheon is unable to push further. Tae-Yong offers Seung-Cheon the medicine and says they are supplements.

When he leaves Seung-Cheon meets Hyeon-do. He starts to have panic attacks like his previous episodes before. Seung-Cheon rushes off his anxiety is getting worse. Seung-Cheon dials Lee Cheol, and the father rushes to aid him. Seung-Cheon falls off the bridge, and Lee Cheol finds him. Lee Cheol assists Seung-Cheon to focus on breathing and assists him to relax.

Young-sin informs Hyeon-do about Seung-Cheon’s behavior was eerily similar to those of Tae-Yong. She also tells her husband that Tae Yong bought a house by himself. Hyeon-do inquires about Mun-ki’s relationship with Seung-Cheon, but the bodyguard isn’t going to make any noise about it.

The following day, Jangan scolds Yeo-jin for making an embarrassing of himself in front of the school, because the student claimed to be the person who had sent the text. Yeo-jin kindly asks him to sit with patience, saying that his time to kill Tae-Yong will arrive very soon.

A flashback highlights how Yeo-jin was the one to film the fight between Seung-Cheon and Taeyong and who called the cops. It turns out that Yeo-jin is actually Na-ra, and observes as her father is sent to prison. imprisoned.

Mun-ki is at Seunga’s salon, where he attempts to get her to sign a lease for the apartment that Tae-Yong bought. At the same time, Joon-the Young-jin’s younger brother arrives to greet Tae-Yong. After dinner, Joon Tae and Tae-Yong depart first. Joon-the grabs Tae-Yong’s collar and begins to choke Tae-Yong to warn him, which leaves the other stunned.

Lee Cheol comes home from work with a take-away lunch and is thrilled that his family is finally in a position to eat their maximum. A terrified Tae-Yong rushes to Seung-cheon’s (his real) home and watches his entire family feast on an enormous dinner.

Seung-a offers the apartment, however, upon hearing Mun-ki’s name to Seung-Cheon, he declines the invitation. Tae-Yong is angry at watching the family having amusement in the company of each other despite having no money. Tae-Yong realizes that it’s finally the day it was time to return to his previous Seung-cheon life.

Seung-Cheon, on the contrary side, calls Seung-Cheon asking him to stop interfering in his private life and telling him to stop trying to convince his family members to move into his home. The two brothers fight over money and their views are at odds when Seung-Cheon (the real Tae-Yong) affirms that even though he’s penniless He would never trade his parents’ money for anything.

In the meantime, Seung-Cheon is informed that his father Lee Cheol was in a tragic accident. Tae-Yong, who was shocked, runs along with Seung-Cheon and Ju-hee. The trio arrives at the hospital, however, Tae-Yong refers to Lee Cheol as ‘appa’.

It is a shock to see Hyeon Do there, who is also surprised to see his son address an unrelated man just like his father. Yeo-jin is able to open a locker and place the letter she found at Tae-Yong’s birthday bash. In the locker is a golden spoon.

A flashback of her being attacked by her father as an infant. She recollects being in Yeo-jin’s home. After meeting the elderly lady Na-ra decides to change her life around and exchange her with Yeo-jin. Yeo-jin was always suffering from leukemia, and she ended in death shortly when Na-ra assumes her life.

The Episode Review

There was a lot going on during this show. The fact that Na-ra’s life was changed by her life as a young girl and became Yeo-jin was one of the biggest surprises in the episode. I’m sure that the single poor woman featured in the final episode might be linked by some means to the woman in question.

Given the way, Tae-Yong (the Seung-Cheon who is the real deal) has been affected due to the accident of Lee Cheol I’m sure that there will be a shift in the near future. I am curious if Tae-Yong made the right choices up to now in order to ensure that Seung-cheon’s family will be able to live in the house that he bought.

But, the next episodes are likely to be chaotic and we’re here to watch it. Ju-hee and Seung-Cheon might be able to meet given the possibility of switching again.


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