The Good Doctor – Season 6 Episode 5 “Growth Opportunities ” Recap & Review

Growth Opportunities

Episode 5 from Good Doctor season 6 starts with Shaun, Glassman, Andrews, and Lim discussing the latest surgery plan Shaun will use to correct Lim’s paralysis. Glassman is skeptical of the new plan of surgery and is quick to highlight the dangers. Andrews suggests they cooperate to increase chances of success and Lim is in agreement.

Shaun is immersed in trying to think of an innovative procedure strategy for Lim that is safe and Lea suggests that he delegate some of his tasks to allow him some time to relax. Shaun believes that this is a brilliant idea and is eager to try it.

On the contrary, Lim’s date with her attractive neighbor distracts her from the realities of the forthcoming surgery that will fix her paralysis. Reznick is determined to assist her preparation, however, Lim is concerned that she’s rushing her life and her date. Reznick believes she should be enjoying her life and enjoying the moment.

Perez and Allen are working on a case, and Perez fears that Allen could cause a problem in their relationship. Perez admits that he loves Allen but he isn’t able to overstep the boundaries and it’s not due to the fact that they work together. Perez refuses to divulge the reasons behind his reticence however he insists they remain as friends.

Asher and Powell are also in a quandary when they find out that the dad of their patient’s child does not know that he isn’t her biological father of her. Shaun assigns the responsibility of educating the couple and the biological dad to Asher And Powell. They are worried that they could be able to ruin the marriage the couple and they must find a delicate way to inform their dad.

They decide to tell the mother first. She admits that she had a sexual affair with her husband and his former college roommate. She demands that they keep it from her husband however they clearly state that they are legally unable to hide the outcome from him. She reluctantly agrees to provide them with the information about her biological father before explaining the facts to her husband.

They inform the father of their children, and Nick and Jake( the husband ) are present as they discuss. They fight, and Asher gets to be the victim of punches. Poor Asher! Shaun is scolding them for not doing a good job picking a location to speak with Nick.

Shaun continues to face the daunting issue of coming up with an alternative surgery strategy for Lim however, every time he talks with Glassman Shaun is blocked from pursuing his idea. Shaun believes that Glassman is still furious with him for the last operation which he carried out on Lim. Glassman admits to being angry at Shaun but he’s not slamming his ideas due to his anger, but because Shaun’s ideas are risky.

Park is in need of Shaun to assistance by speaking about his dying client who is anxious about the possibility of leaving his son to be left behind. Park was hoping Shaun could speak to him about the experience of losing his brother to assure him his brother will be fine. Shaun dismisses him telling him to concentrate on Lim.

Lea is angry with Glassman and demands that he reconsider how he handles his anger toward Shaun. She argues that she’s making it more difficult for him and that he needs to take the first step. The woman reminds Glassman that, even though Shaun is now a grown man because of his dad, Glassman is the one who should take the first steps. This irritates Glassman and brings back memories of his fights with his daughter who died. Glassman talks to Shaun about it and tells her that although he’s upset, the man is still his favorite and they collaborate to make the perfect surgery strategy.

They discuss the new surgical plan together Lim and she says she’ll take a look. After dinner with her gorgeous neighbor, Lim is disappointed because she didn’t think of it as dating. She is convinced that she should agree to the surgery, but Powell wants her to take a second look. Lim decides to not perform the surgery, and Shaun is having a difficult time knowing why she chose to turn her back.

Lea talks to Shaun as she tries to help him understand the reasoning behind Lim’s decision. She informs him that when someone is suffering, the best thing that they could do is to aid them, regardless of whether it’s successful or not. Shaun is prompted by this to Shaun decide to speak to Park’s patient. She is determined to help the two brothers.

Following their night out, Perez confides in Allen that he’s recovering from addiction to heroin and that’s why they’re not able to be together. Allen recognizes that it’s not about her, and agrees to become friends.

The Episode Review

There were lots of moving elements in this episode. I’m sure Shaun is secretly blaming himself for how his first surgery of Lim turned out. I suspect he believed things would improve in the event that he could correct her paralysis. But, Lim is not ready to accept this.

It’s somewhat troubling to see Powell directly telling Lim not to undergo the procedure. I’m sure she’s trying to do it with good intentions, but I believe this is a decision Lim should take after contemplating her personal. As of now, it seems that someone has told her how she should behave and act, and I’m not sure how Glassman was debating whether the surgical plan was dangerous or not. The patient is her and she is also a surgeon, too, and she is aware of the risks.

I’m glad Lea confronted Glassman about his conduct; Glassman is an adult, who is throwing temper tantrums in the manner of the child. It’s also not a good idea for Shaun to delegate the care of patients to subordinates, without supervising them. He is responsible to instruct them. He doesn’t need to be hovering over them, but he does have to remind them to update his knowledge before they do something. Lastly, we have a clear understanding of the reason Allen and Perez aren’t able to continue with their romance. It’s sad, but we are hopeful that Perez will remain strong in his recovery. The two of them are close friends and Perez has someone to confide to.


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