The Kardashians (Hulu) – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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The second episode of The Kardashians Season 2 takes the show back prior to the events of the first episode. Khloe admits that she decided not to speak about the scandal surrounding cheating as well as her new surrogate son for the entirety of the season, and was dealing with the issue personally.

The story then shifts to the day when Kylie is in labor and reveals the chaotic procedure of Kris visiting the hospital to watch the delivery of her eleventh child. Kylie is more relaxed when filming her second child and says how much more present she is this time.

The sisters all share their joy for Kylie however Kendall admits that it is actually a time when she’s contemplating ‘birth control’ because of the number of babies surrounding her. The show then shifts to Kourtney who is looking for wedding dresses through pictures. Kourtney is trying to choose the right designers, and her assistants are hoping Kourtney isn’t stressed.

The Pooch magnate claims that she’s not stressed in any way because the wedding will only be Travis, her Travis as well as their kids. Khloe is staying with Kim and the more senior of the two sisters informs Khloe she’s losing weight. Kim says that Kylie and Kendall were both worried about her. Kendall as well as Kylie were concerned for Khloe’s health.

Khloe accepts this as an endorsement, stating that if the compliment came from the model she would have believed that it was true. She says that experiencing the things she’s going through is life-changing for her and states that it could require some time to let go of the emotions she had become accustomed to having with Tristan throughout the years.

The eldest Kardashian sister, Kim Kardashian, tells Kim that, after everything that has happened to her, there’s no room for compromise and she doesn’t pay much attention to the opinions of others no longer. She says she was the one who Tristan was a potential bridesmaid to Khloe and she refused him before the scandal of cheating emerged.

Middle-Sister Kim declares Kim’s middle sister says that Khloe is the most beautiful person she has ever met, which hurts Kim to watch her suffer. Kim is excited to lead Milan for fashion week, and she speaks with Kendall asking if she was able to attend Prada. Prada show. Later in the day, Khloe visits Kendall where the model’s sister is in favor of having a brain scan done on the younger of them.

Kendall manages to persuade Khloe to take a picture of her own brain so that they are able to determine which genetic diseases the family is passing on to their children. Kylie goes to Kris her home on the very first visit since the birth of her son. Kris states Rob Kardashian’s (her son’s) ex-girlfriend Blac Chin is suing Khloe, Kylie, Kim, and Kris for defamation.

A mother with six children reveals that it’s emotionally draining to experience this without children in the mix and she doesn’t talk anything about the experience. Kylie discusses her relief from stressing her body post-delivery and how much she enjoys the excitement of being a mom twice.

Kris questions Kylie about what she’s doing regarding the name of her newborn baby. The mother-to-be states that she as well as Travis have created a new name. Kylie says that she was pregnant and that they were required to name their baby Wolf to enable him to be issued the social security number.

In hindsight, the beauty magnate claims that she did not have time to prepare and wants to legally alter the names of her newborn baby in the weeks to be. Kris discusses the names she gave her six children and says that it’s difficult to keep up when she doesn’t remember the names of her son.

Kendall and Khloe are taking a test to determine Khloe’s brain scan. The older sister becomes annoyed when she is not able to answer questions in a timely manner. Kendall admits the fact that Khloe is able to put things off the list so she doesn’t need to think about her issues. Likewise, Khloe is irritated because Khloe says that the test isn’t reliable.

Kourtney, as well as Travis, are having a romantic moment while Kris, as well as Corey, come to their home to eat dinner. The two younger couple enjoys their time enjoying themselves while their mother and boyfriend are waiting for them. When they eat meals, Kourtney talks about her new method of becoming pregnant and the fact that they are returning to IVF in the near future for one more time.

She says she’s looking forward to having an unborn baby with Travis. Later that day Khloe, as well as Kendall, are having a brain scan for Khloe. The doctor informs Kendall that Khloe may require assistance in accordance with her scan. After removing her scan Khloe says to the doctor she was involved injured in an accident that knocked her off at the age of 16.

She states that she was head-first into a car’s windshield and hit her head a few times in the aftermath. Kendall quits Khloe on her own while the older sister discusses the trauma she experienced regarding her father’s death as well as her marriage with Lamar Odom and then her relationship with Tristan.


Khloe informs her doctor that she was only able to be able to go through this due to her connection to her family. Kim is thrilled about Kendall being selected to walk in the Prada show. However, Kendall has ginger hair and she informs Kim she’ll be getting a spray tan. Kim advises Kendall about tanning marks on the seats made of cashmere of her private jet, and Kendall assures her that she will be cautious about it.

The following day Kim, as well as Kendall, are departing for Milan. Kendall notes how cautious she had been in hiding her hair’s color during the show to ensure paparazzi wouldn’t get her shot before the event. After arriving they arrive in Italy, Kim and Kendall travel to their respective hotel. Kim is asking Kendall whether it’s appropriate for her to be cheering at the model. Kendall decides to stop with her request to be calm.

Kendall declares that she would like Kim to be cheering from the inside of her, but not to make her uncomfortable in the course of the show. Kim is currently at her hotel Armani Hotel situated in Milan. She says that her present life is good and her love life with her boyfriend is flourishing, whereas she has several new projects to work on in her professional life.

The Episode Review

The show was an uninteresting episode. People who know the family and follow the family on social media are aware that Kylie was the mother of her son. They also know the problem regarding her son’s name and the fact that she and Travis are unable to think of an appropriate name for the infant. People have witnessed Kourtney as well as Travis Barker make out a dozen times, so it’s not something new.

The wedding plans aren’t immediately revealed on the program. Kim and Kendall being the new owners of Milan seem to be outdated news. Khloe’s concerns have also been examined throughout the last seasons. Likewise, Kris discussing Blac Chyna’s lawsuit against the family is also a matter that is well-known.

The program does nothing to provide viewers with a fresh perspective of well-known facts and appears to be a repetition of the information that is readily available online.

If Kylie had chosen to reveal the actual name of her child (which has yet to be announced on the Internet also) there could be something fresh that would have come from this episode. We hope to see more episodes to come and I personally look at Pete Davidson making an appearance on the show in the near future.

Expect A Full Season Write-Up Once The Season Ends!


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