The Kardashians (Hulu) – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

One Night in Miami

Episode 5 of The Kardashians Season 2 begins with Kris’ hip replacement surgery. It ends on a high note. Kim and Corey are waiting for Kris to get out of surgery. The episode ends a few weeks later when Khloe visits her mom. Khloe is told by Kris that she feels much better and that she tried to walk with a tiny walker.

Khloe calls Kylie, who greets her mother as they talk about their deaths. Khloe says she would like to be cremated, while Kylie and Kris insist on being buried. Kris says that Kim asked her doctors for Kris’ hip bone to be saved from surgery so she could make an ornament of it. Khloe & Kylie feel that this is a terrible idea and decide to leave their mother alone.

The episode moves on to Kendall visiting Kylie in her office. A two-year-old mom two tells us that she’s been experiencing depressive episodes after giving birth. She calls them baby blues. She shared that she was crying non-stop for three consecutive weeks, and now accepts her post-partum body as it is.

Kylie informs Kendall that it is almost one year since she became pregnant and she is ready for her first day out. Kendall informs Kylie that she will host a party in Las Vegas to promote her alcohol brand 818. She invites her youngest sister to join her. Kourtney and Travis Barker will also be attending the Grammy Awards, making it a trip for three sisters.

Kylie is thrilled about this and asks Kendall what she will wear to the party. Kendall tells Kylie to forget about her body and just have fun. Kim and Khloe are next at Kris’s house, where Kim invites the Good American Owner for a night out to Miami. Kim says that after the past few weeks she has been through, she needs to take some time off just like Khloe.

Kris says that she can’t travel because of the surgery and will stay home to care for the children. Khloe hesitates at first but says that she will consider it. Kim attempts to sweeten the deal by inviting Khloe’s closest friends Malika and Khadijah. Kris tells them that they will soon part ways and she will be focusing on work. She will also be following the Blac Chyna trial.

Khloe mentions Rob’s deposition when Kris asks Khloe to stop talking about it because the cameras were watching. Malika visits Khloe to convince her to join her on the girls’ trip to Miami to see Kim’s swimwear collection, SKIMS. Malika eventually coerces Khloe into agreeing to the trip.

Khloe is upset that the paparazzi went to such lengths to try to catch them falling. Malika assures Khloe that similar things could happen in California and convinces her not to think about it, and she will just go on the trip. Kendall boarded the private Kylie Air flight to Las Vegas together with her friends, including Hailey Bieber, a model.

Kylie decided to cancel the trip due to personal reasons. Kendall admits that Kylie will not be able to spend any time with her sister. Hailey is told by Kendall that they’re built to fulfill commitments.

Khloe and Kim take the private flight on Kim Air with her girl gang to Miami. Kim Air’s extended range means they can make it in 4 hours, instead of the usual 5.5. As they fly to Miami, Khloe prays for them. Khloe calls True her daughter, and Kim calls Chicago her daughter via Facetime after they land in Miami.

Khloe calls Kourtney, telling her that she’s having flashbacks to when the sisters lived in Miami. Kourtney reveals that she wasn’t invited to Kim’s Swimwear Launch and Kim says that she didn’t think Kourtney would ever come. She mentions that she would like to go back to the days before there were any paparazzi.

Kim and Khloe suddenly get harassed daily by paparazzi who bang on the windows of their cars, which makes Khloe anxious. The sisters and their girl’s friends have fun at the hotel while Kim panics about how many things she has to supervise before the launch.

The episode returns to California, where Kris is reunited with her doctor and physical trainer. They help her establish a routine that will allow her to heal faster. Kris seems to be doing well, even without taking any narcotics. Kris laughs and says that Kris has too many papers to handle to be drugged.

Next Kendall will be appearing at the Tao beach club in Las Vegas. Kendall says that big crowds can overwhelm her and that she gets hateful online for anything she does. Kendall thanked her friends for being there to support her at the club. She tells producers that the one thing that bothers her most about Kendall is the way people portray her as a mean girl. She says that people will only learn more about her when they get to know her.

Scott Disick (Kendall’s halfbrother), Brody Jenner (Winnie Harlow) join her at the club. She shares with them that an ideal night for her would be spent in Wyoming on a farm, surrounded by animals, and getting lost. Khloe in Miami is having the time and Kim is taking pictures for her Instagram, which she calls a business.

She shared that she struggles with the pressure to do so many things that she doesn’t have time for herself. Khloe, Kim, and their friends were at the launch. Khloe shared how annoying the paparazzi are as they follow them everywhere. Kim also discusses her feelings about the pop-up store while in Vegas. Kendall is ready for bed after dinner.

Kylie calls Kendall asking her to have some fun. Kendall replies that she is an introvert who would rather go back to her bedroom after dinner. Kendall mentions Kim as her sister who is the most outgoing. The episode then moves to Miami, with Kim greeting a large crowd. Malika hears Khloe describe how she feels out of place because Kim’s event seems more like a work event than a girl’s vacation.

Kim is enjoying drinks while Khloe shares that this is her mom’s night out with Khloe. Khloe praises Kim for her work ethic and family. Kim then raises a toast. Kim, who is working in a corner, is returned to the girl’s room. Khloe hurls a rager at Kim and warns her to get up.

Kim says that she is working to keep the good photos up so that the girls don’t look bad and do not have the poor ones printed. Khloe makes Kim leave and starts throwing abuses at her sister in an attempt to get her out of the room. Khloe, Kim, and the other girls don’t like the atmosphere at the club and decide to end the night.

Khloe feels that her trip was wonderful and she is ready to return home to her baby. Kendall is also finishing up with a private dinner with friends. Kendall says that although it’s been a decade as a model, Kendall still feels more inclined to be an entrepreneur.

A shocking twist occurs when news reports claim that Travis Barker and Kourtney were married in secret in Las Vegas. Kourtney leaves the episode unanswered when producers ask her if she was married there.

The Episode Review

Original fans would expect a lot more drama from the show than we see. The whole Hulu original seems much more interesting with the drama removed. Kim prefers to keep quiet about Kanye’s drama with Pete online.

The Kardashians try to avoid controversy by portraying the Kardashian family in the most positive light. This can make it seem biased. Kris is clear that she is a spy on Khloe and keeps Rob’s lawsuit against Chyna under wraps. This could be an attempt by the hosts to avoid future damage. However, televising the show as Reality-TV is a lie.

The makers won’t address the issue of Kylie and Kim leaving a large carbon footprint, as well as other celebrities. The episode does not mention the private planes that the sisters own, as though there was no guilt about what they do to the planet.

Kourtney’s wedding was the only thing I really wanted to see in this episode. However, that will be happening next week.



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