The Kardashians (Hulu) – Season 2 Episode 5

One Night in Miami

The fifth episode of The Kardashians Season 2 starts with Kris having hip replacement surgery that ends on a positive note. Kim and Corey are waiting for Kris to recover from surgery. The episode extends to a few weeks later when Khloe goes to visit her mother. Kris says to Khloe that she’s more comfortable and she has also tried to walk on a tiny walking stick.

Khloe calls Kylie and Kylie’s mother, who is greeting them while they discuss their final death. Khloe says that she’d like to be cremated, whereas Kylie and Kris insist on getting a burial. Kris declares she believes Kim had pleaded with her doctors to save Kris the hip bone she lost during the procedure in order for her to design an ornament with it. Khloe and Kylie are horrified and decide to let their mother lie down.

The story then switches to Kendall visiting Kylie in her office. The newly-wed mom confesses that she’s been experiencing depressive episodes post-partum, which she describes as baby blues. She says that she’s had the habit of crying continuously for three weeks and has begun to accept her post-partum body as it is.

Kylie informs Kendall she’s excited to go on her first public appearance almost a year after she became pregnant. Kendall says to Kylie that she’ll be hosting a celebration in Las Vegas for her alcohol brand 818. The model asks her younger sister to attend with her. The model further states that Kourtney will attend along with Travis Barker attend the Grammy Awards which makes it an all-sister trip.

Kylie is delighted and unsure of what she will wear to the party. Kendall encourages her to not worry about her appearance and concentrate on having fun. In the next episode, Khloe and Kim are at Kris the house of Kris. Kim asks her Good American owner for a night out in Miami. Kim says that due to the last couple of weeks she’s been through and is in desperate need of relaxation time, much like Khloe.

Kris says that because she’s not able to travel due to her surgery, she’ll remain at home and take care of the children. Khloe is initially hesitant and tells Kris that she’ll consider the idea. Kim is trying to make it sweeter by inviting their friends from the same circle, as well as Khloe’s top friends Malika as well as Khadijah. When they’re about to split, Kris mentions that she will be focusing on getting back to work and keeping an eye on the Blac Chyna defamation case.

Khloe refers to Rob’s deposition after Kris demands that she not talk about it since cameras were watching them. The story shifts toward Malika visiting Khloe to persuade her to take part in the trip with her to Miami to see Kim’s swimwear collection for her company, SKIMS. Khloe eventually caves into the pressure of Malika and agrees to go on the trip.

Khloe expresses her anger at the paparazzi that go to shocking measures to capture them in the act. Malika is reassuring Khloe by saying that events such as this can occur in California also and she encourages her to not think about it anymore and simply go for the trip. Kendall takes off on her Kylie Air private flight to Las Vegas with her friends including model Hailey Bieber.

In the end, Kylie is unable to attend the trip due to personal reasons related to having two children. Kendall confesses how she’s disappointed that she will not get any time with her sister Kylie. Kendall says to Hailey that it’s always the two who appear because they’re built to keep promises after they’ve made them.

Khloe opts to take her Kim Air private flight with Kim and her gang of girls for a trip to Miami. She also says that since Kim Air has an ER (extended range) which means they can be able to complete the trip within less than four hours rather than 5.5 hours. Khloe says a prayer for their journey as they depart toward Miami. When they arrive in Miami, Khloe calls her daughter True and Kim calls her daughter Chicago via FaceTime.

Khloe later calls Kourtney and tells her that she’s having flashbacks to when the sisters were living together in Miami. Kourtney admits that she was not allowed to attend Kim’s Swimwear launch, and Kim says she didn’t think Kourtney would ever attend. She reveals that she would love to be transported back to the days when there were no paparazzi.

Then Kim and Khloe are snatched by the paparazzi when they bang on their car windows, which makes Khloe nervous. After arriving at the hotel the sisters as well as their girlfriends are back to having fun, while Kim is worried about the many things she must oversee prior to the launch.

The story then takes her back to California where Kris is with her trainer and doctor who assists her to establish her routine to allow her to get back to normal quicker. The doctor explains the fact that Kris is doing great and is not using any drugs. Kris laughs and says she has lots of documents to be taken care of in order to get her taken narcotics.

The next time Kendall is scheduled to appear in her favorite place, the Tao resort located in Las Vegas. Kendall admits that large crowds can overwhelm her. She says that whatever she does is viewed as a threat to her reputation regardless of what she does. Kendall acknowledges her pals for standing up to support her at the bar. She also tells the producers that one story about her that bothers her most is the fact that people think she’s a sexist girl. She claims that once people meet her, they’ll understand who she truly is.

Scott Disick and Brody Jenner (Kendall’s half-brother) are with her along with the model Winnie Harlow to the bar. She states that her ideal night for her is to be in the midst of animals on a farm in Wyoming while getting lost. In Miami, Khloe is having the best time of her life, while Kim shoots pictures wearing a bikini on Instagram. Instagram which she describes as”business.

She admits that she’s having a difficult time getting enough done that she does not have an hour to herself. Khloe, Kim, and their companions are on the day of the launch, and Khloe says that paparazzi can be annoying since they stalk them all over the place. Kim mentions that she feels about the pop-up store during her visit to Vegas, Kendall is ready to end her night after dinner.

Kylie contacts Kendall and requests her to be fun, but Kendall confesses that she’s an introvert and would prefer to go back to her home after eating. Kendall states she thinks Kim has the highest outgoing sister, and it is apparent as the episode returns to Miami with Kim greeting a group of people. Khloe talks to Malika that she is feeling out of place since Kim’s appearance is like a work event, not their daughter’s excursion.

Khloe is enjoying drinks while Kim tells her about her mom’s evening out with Khloe. After some time, Kim raises a toast to her family and to her dedication to her job, which Khloe says she is proud of. The girls’ trip is then taken back to the room where the girls are having amusing, however, Kim remains in the corner, working. Khloe makes a scene around her room, and then warns Kim and asks her to be up.

Kim states that she’s working to keep the top photos so that the girls all look nice instead of having the negative ones printed. print. Khloe is able to get Kim to leave the room as she begins yelling abuse at her sister, attempting to persuade her out of the room so that she can go to an evening club. In the club, Khloe, Kim, and the other girls don’t enjoy the atmosphere and decide to end the night.

Khloe decides that the trip was a success for her and it’s time to leave and go to her home with her child. Kendall is also closing in with a romantic dinner with her pals. Kendall says that, even though it’s been a decade since she started as a model, she prefers to become an executive.

The episode takes a surprising twist when a number of reports claim the fact that Kourtney along with Travis Barker had gotten married at a secret wedding ceremony in Las Vegas. The producers inquire about Kourtney and whether she was married there, and she leaves the show on an unresolved note.

Episode Review Episode Review

The show is in an era where the original viewers could have expected more drama than we’re getting. The whole Hulu original show is a dull and less tame model from Keeping Up With The Kardashians and it doesn’t appear to be as engaging without the drama. Kim prefers to keep her mouth shut regarding Kanye and his online drama with her boyfriend Pete.

The Kardashians try to keep the controversy from being a distraction by painting their family in the best way possible, which is why it may appear biased. Kris is clear that is apprehensive about Khloe discussing Rob’s suit with Chyna. This could be a strategy to shield their reputation from further damage by broadcasting the show as “Reality- Television” then is a smear.

I’m certain that the creators are not going to address the issue regarding Kim as well as Kylie leaving a large amount of carbon footprint with other famous celebs. But, the show highlights the private planes that the sisters own as if they don’t have any sense of guilt over the things they do to devastate the earth.

The only thing I was anticipating in the episode is Kourtney’s surprise wedding, but we’ll need to wait another week before we see that completed.


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