The Kardashians (Hulu) – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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The sixth episode of The Kardashians Season 2 starts with the producers asking Kourtney to confirm if she was already married to Travis after they went on the trip to Vegas to attend The Grammy awards. The mom of three tells that following a drunken rant with her fiance, Travis Barker decided that they would go ahead with the plans of getting married.

Kourtney states that she’s always wanted a low-key wedding only for herself and Travis. She displays her friends’ photos from the ceremony that occurred at 2 am. Kourtney admits she had she was the Elvis Presley look-alike who officiated their wedding, but she claims that because they were extremely drunk, the couple does not have a formal certificate of the wedding.

She claims they had sushi that was vegan and believes that the dish is authentic, whereas the makers aren’t convinced. Kourtney and Travis are in a photo shoot for the launch of a chicken brand that is vegan to their friend Simon. The show then shifts to Kris who is recuperating after her operation. Kris is frustrated and wants to be back to the way she was before the procedure.

Her doctor informs her she will require four more weeks to allow the bones of her to recover. Kris is having her stitches removed that day as it’s taken two weeks to recover from she had her operation. The cameras are turned away from her while the doctor takes her out of her stitches. We hear loud moans and screams coming from Kris who is suffering. When the surgery is finished, Kris breaks down talking to the camera crew about how exhausted she was and felt emotional after the procedure.

Corey kisses her to help her feel better, while the doctor assures her that she’s doing well already. Then, Kris joins Kim for her SKIMS meeting and shares with her the procedure to remove her stitches. Kris speaks with her daughter about the way Kourtney and Travis actually eloped, but Kim says that the marriage wasn’t true. Kim affirms that they’ve already done it at least once. Kris remembers how Kim was married in Vegas several years back.

The meeting begins with a meeting, and Kim says she would like to have her most loved models’ lingerie be featured on SKIMS Swimwear as a campaign. Kim names models like Tyra Banks Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio, and Heidi Klu for the campaign and says that she has already made contact with some of these models.

The mother of four fears that she won’t be able to bring Tyra to join her due to the model’s hectic schedule. She is hoping to work it out somehow. Kim is the spokesperson for ICONS and explains to the producers that working is something she enjoys, rather than being idle and unproductive.

Then, the sisters and Kris appear appearing on The Jimmy Kimmel show to promote their Hulu original show, The Kardashians before the debut of Season 1. Kris has an updated bob haircut, while Kylie has the sole sister to be missing from the five. Khloe considers getting an ob-do due to the way her dress enhances her look, but Kris assures her that she’s amazing in her own way.

The sisters are snapping photos and Kim talks about how their boyfriend of hers “Aladin” (Pete Davidson’s character from their SNL skit) gave her a bouquet of flowers to make her feel better. Kris says it was her first appearance on SNL and describes how wonderful it felt doing it as a whole family. Kim has convinced models to participate for an ICONS photo shoot with SKIMS Swimwear.

She remembers being a lover of Victoria’s Secret models years ago and is grateful to Alessandra along with Candice for letting them do this for her. Kim declares that this was a memorable moment for her because the models she loved are now working with her on the brand she has created. Tyra and Heidi are able to force Kim to take part in the photo shoot however Kim is terrified and overwhelmed.

She claims that she isn’t the type of a model, but then concedes, even if it’s just one photograph with four models. The models take several photographs with Kim as the main focus. Kim provides the models with food following the shoot.

The sisters are prepping for the debut of their show. Kim and Kourtney are getting their hair completed together. Khloe is trapped with Kris. Kris is fighting against Apple AI – Siri on how to spell “zhuzh” while every ounce of Khloe’s endurance is put to the test. The producers inquire about Kim’s “plus one” to be present at the premiere, and she reveals that it’s Pete.

She says that Pete is part of her, but she appreciates his decision of staying out of her life. Khloe is worried about the camera crews that are in her presence. Travis, as well as Kourtney, are discussing their wedding invitations while Kylie discusses how it’s her first major event since having her second baby. Kendall is the one sibling who hasn’t attended the red carpet as she’s unwell.

Khloe believes her red carpet gives people more reason to discuss them, while they are already dealing with plenty as it was. Scott Disick is on the red carpet as well. The family is delighted to see viewers watch their show first. the sister says how encouraging it was to watch the audience react toward their own lives.

In the premiere, which is accompanied by a video of Tristan in Episode One of the debut season Khloe shouts ‘Liar, and the room bursts with laughter. The entire family gathers at the party afterward, and extended family and friends felicitate on the two sisters as well as Kris.

The Episode Review

Each episode of The Kardashians really seems to be the family’s attempt to correct wrongs in the world of the internet. We’ve seen the drama on the internet, and they’re trying to clean up the mess through media like the shows. People come to the show in search of the drama, but they are met with arcs and clarifications to help to make sense of the chaos of the family. If this isn’t total irony, I don’t understand what it is.

The show proved that the models and Kim aren’t actors, and the way they believed that fans would be convinced of their plans was out of my realm. Kim claims she didn’t imagine being a part of the show but nevertheless, she was in the middle for every photo, and not a single picture that was taken without her.

We’re sure this was made up and Kim always wanted to be part of the photoshoot but we’ll let the creators believe they fooled us by using this fake story. It appears that Kylie was in a state of relaxation during the filming of the premiere, but wanted to be part of the production. We are sure she wasn’t present at the event and the images were taken on a different date.

The episode didn’t offer anything other than that Kourtney had gotten married at 40, but Khloe was an inspiration to me when she confronted her feelings with a straight face and declared Tristan a Liar at the beginning instead of sulking. Six episodes later, and still not Pete? I’m sure they’re making use of him to keep viewers in the air and that single footage of the trailer is all the comedian and, now Kim’s ex appeared present on the show.


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