The Kardashians (Hulu) – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

What’s more American than This?

The Kardashians Season 2 Episode 7 begins in the form of Khloe celebrating True’s 4th birthday celebration. The sisters, with the exception of Kourtney and Kim, wear pastel outfits that match the theme. Two sisters have an argument about not knowing what the theme is of the celebration, and Khloe ridicules them, saying that it was on the invitation.

Khloe shares with her guests how Tristan gave True an engagement ring made of diamonds and informs the hosts that he wasn’t able to attend the event due to an event the day. Kris arrives at the event with a limp following her operation. Kris, a mother of 6, relates a tale of Khloe as a young girl. She recalls how as a child, Khloe used to think it was her dog, and she would bark at people and would lick their legs from time to time.

Kris says to Khloe she was told that Tristan was calling her and informed her that he’d paid for all of the costs for the party, without Khloe’s permission. Khloe replies that she will not let this happen and says that she was thrilled to host a celebration for her daughter. she will not let Tristan take care of the bill.

The story then shifts to Kim talking to her designer about getting invited to attend the MET Gala that year. Kim tells her designer that she would like to wear the dress of 1962 Marilyn Monroe gown which the actress was wearing to wish then-president John F. Kennedy a happy birthday “what’s better American than this?”

Kim calls the shop which bought the dress from an auction to schedule an appointment to test it out before on the red carpet. Khloe is joined by Kim in discussing the dress idea. Khloe says that she’s received invitations to attend the MET Gala before but claims that she had to stay away from the event due to her fear. Kim says that she will be taking along Pete who will portray J. F. Kennedy by wearing a suit.

Kylie is currently trying on her dress in preparation for her MET Gala. Kylie claims she decided that she would attend at the last moment and also mentions that she wore late designer Virgil Albot’s gowns to honor him following his tragic passing. Kylie will wear one of his final designs, which includes an ivory wedding dress that comes with a baseball cap and an embroidered veil.

Kris is with her at the fitting, and they joke that she might get married in that dress. Kendall is also part of the group and offers her opinion on Kylie’s look. Kendall confirms that she will attend the MET Gala as a Prada model and will wear one of the brand’s costumes for the event. Kim has a replica of the Marilyn dress to try and claims to be an aspiring shape-shifter and can easily wear any dress she likes. However, since the original dress doesn’t feature any stretch at all, she’s concerned about fitting in it.

The mother of 4 reveals that she does not have a backup plan, so her only strategy is to go back home in SKIMS and PJs. Kim wears the exact dress and then fits in. Kim is thrilled and confident that she will fit in the original dress in this particular instance. Kim says that for her she believes that it’s important to know that MET Gala is more than simply looking beautiful and says that her outfits must be accompanied by a story in order to be considered MET-worthy.

Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim are having lunch with Kim and Khloe. They discuss recent events, one being that Kim took a photo of True onto Stormi’s body to post on Instagram. Kim states that she would like to share a photo with Chicago and Stormi however Kylie didn’t want photos of her daughter posted online and she refused to post any photos. Mom of 4 says that she manipulated True’s face onto Stormi’s in order to preserve their Instagram grid.

The sisters inquire about Kim regarding Kim’s MET Gala outfit. Kim states she was unable to wear the dress which was extremely painful for her. She says she has to shed 10 pounds before she can try the dress. Kim says that if she can’t fit into her dress will not be attending the MET Gala.

Khloe is adamant about going to the show and says that questions about Tristan make her nervous. Kourtney, who is the opposite is looking forward to going with Travis since it’s their first time attending the show. Kim contacts her lawyer regarding their Blac Chyna defamation lawsuit that will be heard in the near future.

The sisters are concerned about juries because in these cases there’s usually no way to know which side will prevail. Kim asserts she is confident that with facts in their favor it’s not certain which side the jury will take. Khloe says she’s concerned about leaving her fate to 12 people who might be averse to them.

The sisters are together in Palm Springs for Easters where Kourtney and Travis are opening the gifts of Kris. Kourtney admits that she as well as Travis are putting their IVF process on hold in order to concentrate on their wedding, as the procedure is lots of hormones. Kim, Khloe, and Kylie are joined by Kourtney along with Kris and the whole family for Easter in the same place.

The story then switches to Kourtney leaving for Italy to attend her wedding dress fitting. Khloe, Kylie, Kim, and Kris are not able to attend the fitting as they will be in defamation court. Kim is on a mission to shed weight in just three weeks so that she can be able to wear Marilyn’s Marilyn dress. Kim says that she will eat healthily and will do her best to shed some weight to have the opportunity to attend the MET Gala.

Kourtney as well as Travis are on their way to Milan and then get their rooms. The couple is at the privately-owned office inside Milan where they can enjoy refreshments and coffee, as well as exchange pleasantries prior to testing their wedding dresses the next day.

The Episode Review

What started out as a reality program has moved away from the genre it was originally intended for and is now something unappealing. The Kardashians were a popular brand that thrived on drama, but this Hulu show is determined on presenting their family members in the most positive image it can.

It’s regrettable that the show and its producers no longer wish to speak about the real drama that takes place within the actual world.

There’s not a single mention of the Astroworld Tragedy or the follow-up to Kylie’s response to the incident. We don’t also know anything about Kanye’s recent public rants about Kim and Pete’s relationship.

The show also deletes footage of Pete and removes him from the main program to prevent more drama, which results in a very bland episode and not something that fans want to anticipate.


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