The Kardashians (Hulu) – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review

I’d never imagined I’d get to see the Day

Episode 8 from The Kardashians Season 2 opens in Milan which is where Kourtney along with Travis is on a tour throughout Milan and visiting churches, among other locations before their wedding dress trial on the next day. Kourtney says she is planning on walking down the aisle with Travis to celebrate their wedding to show her love for him which Blink182’s drummer agrees with.

The couple snaps pictures in their typical pose and then takes private tours of one church. Kim is currently in Florida trying to locate the dress to take for a test run since she’s lost weight. Mom of 4 says that the owner of the dress wasn’t willing to let Kim test it on until her Momager, Kris called them and pulled the strings.

Kris laughs and reveals that she has a secret when someone refuses to accept her request she’s talking to someone else. Kim says she’ll wear the gown if it is suitable for her, she’ll be attending the MET Gala and if it doesn’t, she won’t attend at all. She tests on SKIMS formalwear and then tries the dress on with people who push her butt into the dress.

Kim has finally managed to wear the majority of the dress, with her bra hanging out. Kim says she’ll be capable of covering it with an animal fur coat. Kim snaps a few pictures in her dress before heading back to her home in time to attend a Blac Chyna test. While in Milan, Travis and Kourtney are getting ready for their wedding ceremony. The couple makes it to their destination at the Dolce & Gabanna head office and discusses how nervous they are regarding the dress test.

Domenico Dolce himself arrives and meets Kourtney along with her personal entourage. Kourtney says she has a close relationship with the designer. Domenico begins to share his thoughts regarding the wedding plans he is planning. The couple finally split up for their respective experiences. The story follows Kourtney’s dress as she attempts on her dress.

The Kourtney family is emotional when they watch her in her dress and the designer Dolce starts to work magical magic with the gown while Kourtney has it on. Travis is testing his dress, which he also loves. Kourtney wears her veil, and Facebook’s Kris is crying at the sight of her son wearing her wedding dress. Mother of 3 tells that she had no idea she would have a day that she was trying on a wedding gown.

Then, back in America USA, Khloe is trying to perfect the MET Gala dress from Moschino. Kim claims that Khloe is”model-like” as well as “skinnier more than she has ever been” so she must attend this year’s, MET Gala. Khloe claims she was pressured into going to the gala and Kim says she was the one who determined that Khloe should go so she was the third Kardashian sister to go.

Kim allows Khloe to use her glam squad to help Khloe feel confident about herself. Khloe claims that she’s unable to breathe through the dress and Kim declares that she doesn’t need to breathe. Kris attends the event and begins to hype Khloe to get ready for the dress fitting. Kris admits that, although she’s exhausted from her long day she’s taking some time to relax by being present for her children.

Khloe discusses how beautiful she feels in her dress and how she’s beginning to feel more eager for the big event. In Milan, Kourtney and Travis together with their pals are enjoying dinner with their friends. Kourtney says they had a busy day. She also explains the fact that Travis is overwhelmed with Kourtney’s schedules.

Simon Hick, Kourtney’s friend says that Kourtney’s absence from the contest is so normal because she always isn’t involved in drama. Then, in California, Kim is working out despite not being able to wear the dress as she’s still watching her weight. Kim says that this is to her to be a movie character where actors lose weight and gain weight to play an appearance and says that Kim is portraying Marilyn Monroe.

After a short time, Kim gets a text before she heads off to attend the trial. She mentions that she needs to be present to hear closing arguments since she was preparing for to participate in the Blac Chyna defamation case for her future career as an attorney. Khloe as well as Kris are taking a flight to NYC and are joined by Kylie.

Khloe says that the trial is a source of anxiety for her since she has to be able to trust the jury of 12 for her personal life. Kris states that nothing surprises her anymore. While driving towards NYC, Khloe mentions how she’s grown bored of Kris the same old New York stories but humors her mother. The two are in Milan, Kourtney and Travis are getting ready for their flight home to New York.

When they arrive in America the couple head straight to the mall to try on the MET Gala outfits with Thom Browne. The clothes they’ll wear are in pairs and Kourtney’s reconstructed ensemble is complemented by Travis the entire suit. Kim is currently in her hotel room while she bleaches her hair to allow Marilyn Monroe to look down.

Kim tells her hair team about how important the gown will have for her during the ceremony. Kim is still working on her hair bleach as Kylie, Khloe, and Kendall arrive at the same hotel. Kylie wears her gown in a separate room. Kim arrives with the sisters and begins taking pictures for Kylie. The sisters discuss how the trial was draining them, and Kim suggests that they be focusing on the MET and draw their attention away from the decision.

The Episode Review

In light of how, the Blac Chyna case played out, the whole story about the sisters worried about the trial appears unsettling. We know for certain that the Kardashians prevailed in the trial and that all five sisters were scheduled to attend the MET Gala.

It’s understandable that Kim has to share the weight-loss journey of Kim to be able to wear Marilyn Monroe’s Marilyn Monroe dress but the other MET Gala fits from the other sisters aren’t very effective to serve the purpose of the event.

The fans want to know more about the life of the KarJenner sisters that are difficult to discover online, and the perfect fictionalized version of events from the perspective of Hulu’s original series fails to accomplish the job. The show only shows only one side of the story and, unlike the premiere episode, the show has nothing to anticipate apart from Kourtney’s wedding.

We’re in Episode 8 and there’s no clip featuring Pete Davidson but the makers ensured that they would make a splash this season by featuring Kim’s ex-wife and the comedian in the trailer for the show. This creates the impression like the whole show is clickbait that entices viewers to watch the show, only to make the promotional seem as if it’s a hollow promise.


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