The Law Cafe Episode 16 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

The Law Cafe Episode 16

The Law Cafe revolves around friends who have been friends for over 17 years, ever since they graduated from Seoyeon High. Jung-Ho owns the restaurant. He was previously known as the “Monster Genius” of the prosecution. Jung-Ho is a cool person with a mysterious charisma.

In addition, Yu-Ri is a quirky lawyer who won the last “Miss Korea” contest for her appearance. But, she decided to quit the firm and establish a law cafe of her own. When she inquires about the lease from the landlord she quickly discovers that her friend The landlord’s name is Jung Ho! What’s the chance? Naturally, a crazy love affair begins with friendship and then love.

If you’ve been watching this drama, you might be interested to know when the next episode will be coming out. Don’t worry about it!

This is all you should be aware of regarding The Law Cafe Episode 16 and the date of release, time, and where to stream this.

Where Can I Watch The Law Cafe?

The Law Cafe is available to stream on Viki and Viu in a few countries. For Koreans however, The Law Cafe is currently airing on KBS2 and is broadcast every night at 21.50 pm (KST).

The Law Cafe Episode 16 Release Date

The Law Cafe Episode 16 will be released on Tuesday, 25th October around 4 pm (GMT) at 11 pm (ET) The subtitle team at Viki may be a bit slow until the entire chapter is completely subdued. But, expect subtitles will be more detailed. As for Viu, expect less delay.

Be aware that this program has been shown a day after, on Viki If it’s not showing in the time frame listed above, it might be worth re-watching within 24 hours. In that case, the episode is typically completely transubbed.

Episode 16 is expected to be around one hour, and 12 minutes in length This is in line with the duration of the remaining episodes of the series.

How many episodes will The Law Cafe have?

The Law Cafe is a K-drama with 16 episodes, and two episodes being released each week. So now we’re on to the final chapter ladies! This is it, you can expect all things to come to an end in this chapter.

Is There A Trailer For The Law Cafe?

It is! The trailer from The Law Cafe Season 1 is below:

What do you expect to see unfold as the series develops? What’s been your favorite moment from The Law Cafe to date? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below!



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