The Midnight Club – Season 1 Episode 2

The Two Danas

The second episode of The Midnight Club starts with the attention shifting to Anya. She wakes up from a terrible night only to discover Ilonka asleep, sitting at her desk with the light in the middle. She’s not sleeping, clinging to the hope of this treatment and believing that she’s at the right place.

Anya is able to keep her anger hidden from her… till the end of the episode when it spills out in a fury of anger. However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves in this episode.

A conversation with Dr. Stanton leads Dr. Stanton and Ilonka together to discuss Julia Jayne again. She appears to be scared and agitated when she is asked, shakes the issue off, and claims it was something that occurred “a long time ago”. Stanton asserts that patient records are private. She also explains the ways in which Julia was misdiagnosed and that is the reason she was healed. And she does not know anything about the cult that was in Brightcliffe prior to her. From her swaying eyes and her manner of talking, she’s absolutely lying!

In group therapy, children talk about their problems. Dr. Stanton is on hand to remind them that there’s nothing such as a simple or sloppy answer. There are tensions in the relationship between Anya and Ilonka but Ilonka points out that Ilonka’s in therapy, and is required to follow the regimen. Ilonka is taking it on the chin and heads towards the room.

Ilonka informs Anya that she’s trying to make contact with her and doesn’t intend to cause any hatred between the two. She packs up her herbal remedies before heading to the woods. After arriving, she runs into a lady named Shasta who is named well in addition to Ancient Greeks too. “I hope to see you around, bright girl.” She adds then galivants off into the woods a few times again after their brief conversation.

In the case of Ilonka Elle picks out some flowers, but is struck by a peculiar design carved into the tree, which appears very much similar to an hourglass. When she finally returns with the rest of her group at the right time for mass origami. There are several paper cranes, but when Spence starts talking about their tasks, the guillotine that he’s working on suddenly stops and cuts him severely.

Everyone is freaked out, and it’s because Spencer is suffering from AIDs. When Ilonka is told that she has AIDs, she’s shocked and unsure of what to do. Anya immediately jumps onto Ilonka’s face is wide-eyed and she is reminded of her appearance on the outside. “We don’t do that here.” She says before she goes off in a rage.

Stanton is the one who will meet her up with she will share some wisdom. After she has left there’s a mysterious shadow that appears in the corner of the room. It’s and then a black cloud that swarms inside the bathroom. It appears to be a person who then is able to open their eyes and reveal a terrifying red. It’s a nightmarish flickering image, but it’s a reminder of the dangers that are lurking in Brightcliffe.

The next night the group meets to have a night-time social, (I will not continue by quoting the Are You Afraid of The Dark jokes I promise!) Anya is the one who tells an interesting story this time. She recounts the tale of Dana the perfect girl who was born in Ireland and received an opportunity to study at a major Ballet company. Bill was anxious about Dana as he was aware that perfection comes with an expense.

In typical Black Swan fashion, Dana is caught between two aspects of her personality. The first one wants her to indulge in delicious cheeseburgers, and then let loose and dance. The second wants to be like other girls and strive towards the title of being the most talented dancer ever.

The next night, the Devil comes out and provides a great solution. A doppelganger. She can have dessert and enjoy it same simultaneously. This way, she gets the most beneficial combination of the two. “I’m not so great at putting things back together,” The Devil laughs as she reminds her this arrangement is a permanent one. It cannot be reversed should she decide to keep this deal. If she chooses to go ahead, she will. She shakes hands with the Devil and the deed is accomplished.

The Danas are aware of what they’re going to say, and as we’re discussing Midnight It’s exactly like the episode from Doctor Who called Midnight as they converse in sync. Dana 2. (the new Dana 2) uses a pager and goes about their respective ways, one being a party-going addict, taking pills while the other is studying and dancing. However that Dana 2 and Dana Prime be exactly like each other the case when Dana 2 is involved in sexual relations with a musician, Dana Prime ends up feeling exactly the same.

Of course, any deal with the devil comes with consequences, and this is evident in Dana Prime’s audition. In the course of Dana 2 falling in love with heroin and spiraling beyond control, Dana Prime completely messes her way through every move, and she even is injured on the stage.

In the wake of Dana 2 learning to shut out Dana Prime and Dana Prime, it is the sole way to stop the nightmare would be for Dana to be killed by her Doppelganger. With a tunnel in the background and her father’s gun and the two Danas are both shot simultaneously.

The Devil is waiting to visit Dana in the hospital, and the one who survived is awakened with her leg missing as a reminder that she provided a vehicle to show “This is the you that you chose.” The Devil makes fun of. Since then, she’s been wrestling with this…but what Dana did she survive? Of course, because this Dana is in fact Anya within the tale, it’s difficult to determine if this is actually her story or fiction.

In the evening, Ilonka breaks into Stanton’s office along with Kevin and gets Julia’s file. The lights then turn on which prompts Ilonka to retreat around the corner, while Kevin pretends to be suffering from pain, and he’s gone at the end of the hour. If Ilonka moves forward, she is transported to a surreal film-film style. The picture splits open and out of it hundreds of spiders spill.

The strange old lady who before appeared and grips her arm saying she’s hungry. Then, after screaming Ilonka goes back to the hall of Brightcliffe in the present time.

The Episode Review

This means that each episode will embark on the form of a new story that is based on the background of this mystery within the timeline of 1994. On the surface, this may seem like a good concept, but in contrast to the last chapter of the meta-story, we see the moral story of not concluding a deal with the devil. The story isn’t particularly terrifying or terrifying but it does break up the story in a pleasing way.

It’s likely to be one of the most controversial shows from Flanagan but there’s plenty to enjoy about this show. The characters are interesting and make you want to find out more about the history of their family and their place in the house. Cheri appears to be the key to all of this, and the imagery – particularly the bright red eyes in the room of Anya – is a great way to keep things in a tense state.


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