The Midnight Club – Season 1 Episode 5 “See You Later”

See You Later

Episode 5 from The Midnight Club starts with Ilonka giving Anya CPR. Luckily, she wakes up and throws up in the air. But there’s still a shadow in the ceiling. This could be the result of the medication she was taking too much.

We’ve heard from the season that she’s been popping more pills and taking the pills out. Anya, She’s currently in the hospital and she evades Ilonka’s questions about the things she saw, insisting that it’s not a problem.

Did you remember the book we came across the last time? This is, according to the book’s author, it. It’s the Paragon Diary and it belonged to a girl named Athena. She was able to escape from the cult known as the Paragon. The group was started at the end of 1931 was Regina Ballad, who went under Aceso. Her children died, so she began the group as a means to try and find ways to recover.

When Aceso initiated blood rituals in honor of Greek Gods, Athena escaped along with the children, and the other members of the cult were dead in the underground room. She was sacrificed by blood for her to prolong her life. It is not known much about her following this, however. So, how does Julia Jayne slot into this?

Ilonka believes that Julia discovered the book of rituals, and found herself with a healed body, presumably reenacting the same rituals as Aceso did years ago.

Then, back in Brightcliffe, Cheri gets Ilonka an amazing present: the wig. Since she’s been thinking about her desire for long hair, while making Kevin prepare for prom, the wig is a lovely gesture.

As the night gets closer (I’m guessing it’s before 10 pm since the strict time limit) the group gets together to celebrate the passing of Amesh. They even have a plethora of brownies made from hash… along with a PlayStation for him from Cheri.

Natsuki is also seen. She talks to Amesh and confesses to Amesh that she suffers from clinical depression. Her mother would always write that she was hyper-adrenaline, but the events that occurred with Anya and Tris caused her to react in the most horrible way.

In their bedrooms, Ilonka walks into the basement to find an odd old woman who is watching Anya as she sleeps. Elle decides to go with her, and head through the hallway, which changes back to the old film footage that we have seen before.

She wanders through the rooms before ending herself in the Midnight Club. The video disappears and we are back with the group. However, this time, Spence and Ilonka both discuss their frightening experiences.

Now that we’ve cleared that up and we’re now on to the story of today which is named See You Later. Amesh is our story’s narrator and he acknowledges that there are things in this story that he is passionate about.

Luke is our main character and he is the name of a girl Becky on the counter. If she doesn’t like him, Billy Butcher happens to confront him, and ask about his gaming experiences. It’s not Butcher who is from The Boys but it’s an affordable version of him named Vincent.

He’s a part of V-Com and is developing a future strategy game known as Decision which is based on the real world. The game is too real and each decision appears to be destined for catastrophe. But, if Luke is able to crack the formula and win over his opponent, Vincent is willing to divide the profits he earns from it with him.

Then, Luke appears to have cracked it, leaving the world empty and demolished, with the main character is able to survive, hiding within the ISS. A mysterious white light flash ends the game.

What’s going on here? The white light sources are Alumni alien race who transports humans back to an earlier time in time to attempt to alter the course of events. It’s true that the whole globe was destroyed and that scene Luke has been creating ends with the ISS precisely the way he got here.

It turns out that Kara may actually be Becky who is from the past, while Vincent appears to be Luke in the present! Instead of trying to change the situation, the timeline is altered after Becky is killed after being hit by an automobile. This, in turn, will remove Kara from the past. This means that the timeline gets altered and Luke decides to not create the code to play also.

After the Midnight Club is over, and with a very solid narrative I’d add Ilonka returns to her room, where she sees Anya awake and trying to get her sheets off. She’s soaked on the bed, and it’s because of the trauma she’s endured.

This is the moment that Anya is revealing that she has killed her parents. The truth is that it was not literal, but they were involved in a car crash that resulted in them colliding with black ice on the road. When they passed away the heroin addict began to take her as well as her acquaintance Rhett tried to convince her to go to rehab. He gave her an image of a ballerina. She hit him with it. The incident also caused him to quit. After a few months, the doctor diagnosed her.

“I don’t want to die,” Anya tears, as Ilonka helps her. She glances at her roommate’s shoulder and is struck by her Paragon Book on the table. What if that book could somehow be the key to saving the entire group?

The Episode Review

While there’s nothing particularly scary this time around, that’s not to say that there’s nothing to enjoy. The story Amesh comes up with is enjoyable, with a lovely small twist and a Back to the Future vibe to it. But, Vincent is very much like Billy Butcher from The Boys which I discussed in my recap earlier which is quite distracting.

Anya remains the most memorable character in the entire group, and even though I am awed by her story, I find it somewhat disappointing that we haven’t delved into the other children’s backstories as extensively as she has.


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