The Midnight Club – Season 1 Episode 6 “Witch” Recap & Review


The sixth episode of The Midnight Club begins with Kevin continuing the story he told in the previous episode, this time, with more gore with bloody details. Dusty is back at it again with an axe to his own brother. He didn’t intend to however, given the screams the man has been hearing, Dusty, is compelled to take action by the voices that are screaming “Harmony.”

The Detective investigating the investigation continues to probe into this and asks about Einstein the chatroom Kevin is using to stalk his target. Kevin is bribed into divulging his username, which the sly claim is that the username is only his own. She’s interested in knowing more, but Dusty is a bit reticent.

The voices return the next night, calling “Sheila” as the next victim they’re looking for… however, obviously, it’s going to be repeated again!

When they are about to leave in the evening, Ilonka perks up and decides to write a story about her personal story. The story is known as “Witch”; a story about love, magic, and fate. This is mostly about a girl who is determined to save someone, even though.

The main character in this story is Imani. Imani and her mother are healers who have the ability that they can use to “scry” which essentially projects images onto the lake using their mental spheres. What exactly do these images mean? They’re actually images of the near future. Imani’s mother informs her daughter to be cautious when using the device.

In the case of Imani’s mom, she is blessed with the most amazing gift she can actually heal people and save them from death’s edge. As a result, she drains the life force from her. While she aids an injured woman who died reviving her body falls to the floor just as Imani is seen to appear.

In the midst of her sorrow, Imani ends up scrying at night – one of my mother’s instructions. She is there when she observes an innocent boy being killed. The victim is named Ben and he’s scheduled to meet with Imani the night before for an opportunity to have a date. With their other friends, they head out to get a drink… And then pass by the liquor store. The same store Imani observed through her eyes.

The future will be different, thanks to Imani’s close friend Scottie being shot in place of Ben. Imani’s family and friends are suspicious about how she managed to pull it off. And, not only that, Imani is embarrassed for going on a dinner date with Ben and knowing that he could have been the one who was wounded. Before she can tell the story, however, Anya suddenly collapses on the table and breaks the story.

Anya is suffering from sepsis and is in a bad way. A majority of children accept themselves to this fate, however, Ilonka refuses to give up and lets cancer kill her. Instead, she’s determined to do her best to save them all regardless of the price. “I’d take the world down. That’s how we admire her.” She declares. Dr. Stanton however is quick to say that should she continue to fight this way and the inevitable happens, then when it does occur, it will be a lot more brutal than it normally is.

Ilonka talks to Anya She tells her she loves her and is determined to do what is right. As she slowly closes her eyes, she says “I want to live.” This is enough for Ilonka to do all she can to save her friend.

A large part of this is due to using an entire Paragon Book into the woods to meet Shasta. As they sit with her, Ilonka brings up what’s going on with Anya and then asks Shasta to help her try to help her. Shasta accepts.

To do this for them to be able to do that, they have to be “The five sisters”, which means Cheri, Natsuki and Sandra must join in this. It is interesting to note that Shasta also wears that hourglass on her wrist. It appears that this symbol is more ancient than the Paragon. To save Anya the Paragon, she must follow through with what she has said. Following a cut on her hand, and then letting the blood run into the slit, we cut it back to Brightcliffe.

After some debate, members have decided to take the plunge and smack the devil with their teeth. Sandra however isn’t so certain. She thinks they’re playing with spiritual things that aren’t part of the physical body. It shouldn’t be played with. Sandra decides to skip out.

Natsuki is there to speak to her, reminding her that they’re family, and she must be there for the family – for the sake of Anya. The fateful moment comes and Anya is thrown out in the middle of the night. They make their way into the shady underground of Brightcliffe. The sheets down there are organized around the word “DONT” which should be the largest warning flag…but it doesn’t deter all of them from continuing.

The group gathers on a circular table, singing the Goddesses of old while offering sacrifices to honor their names. The lift suddenly rises up, and the children are stranded on their own, frightened they’ll never be able to climb back up. Remember, the kids were stuck to this spot earlier in the season, and we cut off to the nightclub, so this could be plot holes!

It’s really Sandra and she’s there to supervise things. She’s not involved, however. Every child has an item to offer to the fire, something that’s significant to them. Their hands are cut, and then drop blood into the flame. Each child does the same thing, dropping a thumbprint of blood across her forehead from Anya during the process. While they begin chanting the familiar black shadow appears from the flame and appears to reach for Anya.


The Episode Review

The Midnight Club has been – in the true style of Mike Flanagan very slow-moving. The blood ritual at the conclusion is a hint that we’re increasing the speed (and the scares) in the final three episodes, but it’s certainly going to be something that isn’t for everyone.

It is possible it was the case that Haunting of Hill House was an isolated instance of the concept of “horror mastery” as very that is the only thing Flanagan has released in the past and has received mixed reactions from fans.

Midnight Club is arguably the shakiest of the bunch, along with Bly Manor but there’s still the chance to finish off a terrifying finale


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