The Midnight Club – Season 1 Episode 7 “Anya” Recap & Review


Episode 7 from The Midnight Club begins with Anya getting a glimpse of a new reality. She has a job that isn’t too bad as a cashier in an upscale supermarket. She lives in her own home and she cooks in a microwave. In the night, she’s awakened by the baby of her neighbor upstairs. Does she have goals in her life? She still wants to become a ballerina, but obviously, that’s more difficult to achieve due to her circumstances.

Anya attempts to call her old friend Rhett after finding his phone number in the phonebook. He’s quite aloof towards her, however, as Anya insists on him telling her that things will turn out fine. Eyes glazed, she informs him that he ought to have been there to assist her rather than disappearing. Rhett hangs up.

The radio in Anya’s house is always on at midnight. Each moment, a voice appears to be soaring through the air, talking to static. One time we hear Spence’s voice. Evidently, these are all ghosts from the past it is revealed that Anya attends therapy and confesses that her entire group of acquaintances (from Brightcliffe) are dead and have been for over an entire year.

The stories of Midnight Club all seem to connect, and Anya discovers there’s something wrong. The reality is completely shattered and eventually leads to Anya being hit by a bullet in her head. She then falls forwards and ends up on her mattress. The shadow of before transforms into a baby sitting on the ceiling. It then transforms into a skeletal figure and reaches out to her from the ceiling.

Even as everything looks grim, Anya receives a glimmer of hope through the help of Midnight Club. They communicate via the intercom and Anya is at the other end. She appears to be in a state of unconsciousness but she can hear the conversation in her dream. The narrative this time is completely different, capturing an exact reality when the ritual goes well.

Following this, Ilonka promises that she’s not all alone and that they’ll always be there to help her. Ilonka promises to make sure everything is alright and, as Anya closes her eyes we go back to Brightcliffe. Anya has passed away. Ilonka receives Anya’s possessions.

Dr. Stanton isn’t happy, however. She has questions for Ilonka asking precisely what was going on in her basement. She’s considering ejecting her from Brightcliffe. In the meantime, Ilonka heads over to visit Shasta and tells Shasta that the ritual was not successful. The symbol appears to be an ode to “as above, so below” and it’s a relic from the past. It appears that her family is as very gentle and is only aggressive “when they have to.”

The Midnight Club joins again and this time, Dr. Stanton is present. She confesses that she’s been hearing about their group for many years. They’ve heard their voices echoing through the walls, and who knows who is the one who brings in the wood for the fire? She’s been kind until now but they’ve gone too far in their ritual, and as of the moment, she’s separating the group until she’s able to figure out what else to do.

Although the majority of kids would like to return to their bedrooms, however, they head down to the lake to pay respects to the deceased and give Anya a proper farewell. They scatter her ashes into the water and then watch Cheri playing with them. Ilonka and Kevin each hug it out and when the latter is tempted to kiss Kevin He pulls away.

In Brightcliffe Ilonka is listening to Stanton talking on the phone. She talks about her children and the fact that one will go home. One of them is not fatal and it appears that the ceremony was actually a huge success. Which one, however? Was it truly a success? As Ilonka goes back to her room, the old lady from earlier is still there, snooping around and whispering about her hunger. Ilonka shuts herself up in the bathroom and then is able to go home.

the Episode Review

After the teaser of what’s to come at the conclusion of the final episode, we get twenty minutes of Anya wandering around in her paradise before witnessing the final scenes in Aer’s perfectly perfect existence. It’s, obviously, it’s a throwback back to Big Fish but this time there’s less emotion to it. However, I think it would have worked better for Anya to have a full and happy life only to realize in the end that it was just a dream but then move to die.

It’s a sad day for this show. Midnight Club and given the length of time the show has spent creating her character and establishing her character, this will be a devastating hit. We’re now down to 3 episodes left and, as I mentioned before that half of the youngsters have been severely neglected during the process. Do we see them rise out of the shadows? We’ll need to wait and watch.


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