The Midnight Club – Season 1 Episode 4

Gimme a Kiss

The fourth episode of The Midnight Club starts with Ilonka in the basement. The games are over. She fumbles around to light another quickly. The woman has gone. Kevin goes back to retrieve Ilonka and then alerts all the other kids and requests them to check out the room.

With flashlights at their disposal and flashlights in their hands, they can see the ceiling, walls, and floors are all painted. Also, there’s a book as well, written by Julia Jayne. Midnight Club Midnight Club was actually founded by Julia who, it turns out and the mantra they repeat at the beginning of every meeting is written there as well.

Sandra discovers a ritual dagger and hoods for religious cultists. They are able to frighten the majority of the children. All of them leave, with the exception of Ilonka, Anya, and Kevin. In the book, they discover a variety of stories from different authors as well as the symbol of an hourglass… that’s written with blood. The children climb up the lift, leaving the trio in the darkness… in the next moment is group therapy. What did the trio do to leave the basement, with the lift gone? Didn’t they know that it was established before they had to go in the basement?

An awkward group therapy session follows The session ends and Sandra speaks to everyone in an indirect way that they must find other options to deal with the grief of Tristan instead of poking about issues that are best left to their own devices.

Ilonka walks into the woods when she meets the strange woman Shasta She is back. She offers Ilonka her contact number and urges Ilonka to read in the library. Section 600 is medical, and 619 refers to Experimental Medicine, to be specific. It could be an answer to the cure for her condition.

If Ilonka is gone, she’s told to return whenever she wants, by pointing at a camera that’s up in the trees, where she’s been watching the proceedings.

As Kevin dresses and is heading to prom Spence gets checked by Mark who draws blood. As he enters the hall and into the recovery room, the comms to the recovery room start to ring and there’s a whisper that says “hello.” Despite the room initially being locked at the time Spence is able to get Mark to look it over and find nothing, it’s empty.

Kevin is eventually back from prom and gushing about how everyone deemed him brave and declared him prom king it feels like an unjust gesture. But, Kevin is back just at the right time to get ready for the Midnight Club to start up.

The tensions remain in the air between Spence and Sandra The former’s medications aren’t effective anymore. The story continues with Sandra who recounts her story in Give me a kiss.

It’s a crime story featuring a black and white noir shine along with Detective Fisher played by Dr. Stanton. Alice speaks about her time in school, which includes the best of her friends Jake.

In school, Jake is snatched by a bully. He’s discovered to be kissing Kirk in the school’s stands, and the news about it is all over the school, ruining his reputation. In the aftermath, Jake decides to cover up his suicide. A large part of this stems from a major fight with Kirk who was thrown off the boat into the water. With the help of scuba gear, Jake is able to make it across to land and stays at the home of Sharon’s parents. There’s an additional twist. Kirk was also drowned.

We learn later that Kirk was murdered by Alice our insecure narration. She also wrote the journal and attempted to take out Kirk by burning his cabin. The reason for this is her jealousy. She was killed by Kirk due to the fact that he gave her oral herpes. In the end, the story ends with Alice being murdered in the story.

When it gets dark and the Midnight Club is clear for the night, Kevin and Ilonka figure out the numbers they have drawn from the sketches. This is it’s the Dewey Decimal System in the library. When they check the numbers and then go to 292.13 They discover an odd book that has an hourglass symbol on its front. This is the thing they’re looking for.

When they return to the room where Ilonka is They find the wheelchair tilted over as well as Anya in a strange manner. A few minutes prior to that, Anya checked the wall and saw her shadow, which was unnerving. moved up and reached out with her long fingers that were skeletal. Is she dead? We’ll need to wait and check.

It’s a good sign for the show getting back on track. There’s an underlying trend in these episodes in which the final 5 minutes are truly terrifying and there’s a story that showcases the artistic talent of the series but isn’t a great deal of fear.

The overall mystery surrounding the cultists is pretty good but Anya is by far the most compelling persona of the bunch. There is no doubt that she has many demons in her life, while the conclusion of her being hunted by the shadows is definitely an allusion to the earlier story of her dual different sides.


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