The Mosquito Coast – Season 2 Episode 1 “The Damage Done” Recap & Review

The Damage Done

Episode one of The Mosquito Coast season 2 opens with a captivating glimpse of the future. Allie and her family are on an inflatable boat. Margot is looking at her husband looking worried over her face. “We need to tell them the truth.” Margot declares.

We stopped 13 years ago. Allie is on the job at UBU however, he’s anxious and reading his notes along with his assistant Pavani close by. He talks about his bird migrations and is advised to speak less about pandemics, specifically avian influenza, and to focus more on topics that are upbeat.

Allie decides to not go to rehearsals and then returns to her hotel room on her own. Things with Margot aren’t so great and she’s in fact seeing an individual named Richard who has a shadowy past and has had many conversations regarding the future.

Allie attends his big presentation… however, it doesn’t go as planned. Investors are concerned about the predictive intelligence gathering system that he’s created and why they will be “disruptive in this space”. Instead, they’d like him to test the technology through a partnership that is in collaboration with the NSA.

Allie is not pleased, however, Pavani insists to say that it’s just an aspect of the business. Then, Allie heads home and decides to break into the system and discover all the information available about Richard as well as an obscure story about a laboratory explosion. However, Allie flags up on the system, but by the time a team arrives at UCU the suspect is gone. It’s important to point at this point that Allie did not wear gloves during the entire incident, and the simple act of dusting could identify the culprit instantly. We do know that Allie isn’t the sharpest of people and was actually spotted in the street and taken into the building to be questioned.

This particular story, which involved Allie having access to the Metadata that was compiled against American citizens was the reason for Allie being chased by police and risking the safety of the whole family. Why then did Margot give up everything? She claims to Dina that it’s because she “loves her father” but there’s more to it beyond this.

It’s been revealed that Margot and Richard are actually both domestic terrorists. Margot was arrested several times in the past but she’s now on track for the biggest task ever. As she leaves after creating a bomb, Allie gets a chance to work with authorities, rather than fight them. In the end, she decides to think about it she is allowed to leave.

Outside, Allie hurriedly calls Margot and demands that she stop doing what she’s doing. She doesn’t. Then Allie gets to get back in the system and recognizes the jig is in. He gives his neighbor $500 to play the role of decoy and then drives the police away from his house and then he tries to locate Margot. Before he can do that, Allie completely locks up the system and blocks any other person to access it even the NSA.

As Margot and Richard put their bombs in the Biotech lab disguised as cleaners, Marot is able to spot an employee going back to the building after hours. She immediately advises her to stop and then attempts to pursue her as she does not want to be responsible for the murder of an innocent.

Richard runs away, and Allie is on the other side of the fence, captured on CCTV obviously, and then tries to get to the inside. As he does he is shocked to see the explosion go off and causes the scientist to die. Margot is in shock when she realizes that Richard has lied to them, and in desperate need of a way out to escape, the two of them go in search of a way out.

In the present, Margot reflects on her decisions and asks Allie whether they should tell the children their side of what transpired. They decide for the moment to keep the story a secret.

The Episode Review

While Netflix has a reputation for canceling more shows than it ought to, Apple has built a reputation for renewing shows more than it ought to. Mosquito Coast Mosquito Coast did absolutely nothing to entice people when it debuted the year before and featured a series of episodes that made heads-scratching decisions that the family took. The main characters seemed to be particularly appealing and the action sequences ended up being the chase scene in the name of progress.

Season 2 tries to mix things up, but the flashback-based episode does nothing to ease the burden. The fact about reality that Margot was a terrorist in the US and was responsible for killing one of her victims isn’t a good way to create empathy or to get viewers to her cause The sluggish pace of this slow episode isn’t likely to convince viewers to follow this for the duration of. It’s an extremely long time.

The release of the one episode is a week later, The Mosquito Coast has a few snarls and struggles to move forward. We hope next week’s episode will be an improvement


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