The Owl House – Season 3 Episode 1 “Thanks to Them”

Thank You to These

In the episode, The Owl House In The Owl House, Season 3 Episode 1 Luz, Amity, Hunter, Willow, and Gus are dragged through a portal to the world of human beings. The portal is closed. Luz is now at home. However, she’s not able to say the same thing about her friends.

Luz’s mother Camila as well as the basilisk Vee invite everyone to their home. A video montage depicts the passing of the months in which everyone is as at ease and at ease as possible in the modern world. However, Luz and her companions will not give up on finding ways to return to the Boiling Isles.

One day when Luz is in the school Amity is convinced that they must be more active in looking for ways to open a portal. They are curious about whether other witches have walked into the world of humans before their time, and if they’ve left anything of value.

With the aid of Flapjack With the help of Flapjack, they find the secret code/map under the flooring of their garage. It appears to have something to have to do with the portal doors.

While at school Luz receives an invitation to a Haunted Hayride Event for Halloween. As her mother drives to her home, they go by a vehicle accident. A little girl claims that it was the monster who caused the crash. The film unfolds towards the road’s side which is where we can find a skull that looks like Belos the monstrous figure (and his mask, which was worn the time he was Emperor). Green sludge ll.



While at home, Gus introduces Hunter to the book he discovered in Camila’s basement titled “Cosmic Frontier.” The sci-fi book has a protagonist who is the clone of a. It’s quite likely that Gus already has knowledge of Hunter as a Grimwalker since he was able to peer into Belos the Grimwalker’s mind during season 2. Then, he’s trying to create Hunter an identity that he can be able to relate to.

Luz struggles with guilt for helping Belos in her return to the same time as Lilith. She believes she was the one to cause the whole mess. Camila is struggling with guilt over the decision to send Luz to camp but not allowing her to be herself in how she was supposed to be.

Amity, Willow, Gus Willow, Gus, Amity, and Vee set out to figure out the significance of the code they discovered. They head to the Gravesfield Historical Society, where Masha is working. She says that the map appears to be an enigma. They solve the puzzle and find out that the code has led them to the blood of Titan, precisely what they require to make an entrance.

Amity decides to be patient and wait to tell Luz the news of their findings. They’ll delight her during the Haunted Hayride.

Hunter believes he has seen Belos with the help of green sludge. When Luz returns home, she gives him a search, but they just discover rats. As they leave and head out from the basement, Hunter creates a shadow in front of him, and it appears like Belos.

At the Halloween party, Masha takes them on the spooky hayride and tells them Gravesfield stories in the 1600s. When she speaks of the Wittebane brothers the ears of the audience swell.

The legend goes it that Caleb along with Phillip Wittebane had been witch-hunters in Gravesfield. They later met an actual witch named Evelyn who snatched away Caleb to another dimension. Phillip continued to save Caleb but neither brother was ever seen once more.

Masha humorously sums it up by saying that it “sounds like big bro got a hot witch girlfriend and little bro got upset.” It’s funny, but this could very well be the scenario (that is in light of Evelyn’s similarity to Eda Clawthorne in Masha’s tale and the Wittebane’s apparent connections with the family of Cawthorne).

Then, Hunter sees Belos in the woods. He reveals to Luz the things he saw and also Amity’s plan to shock her with his Titan’s blood. He believes Belos is seeking the blood too. By using the secret code Belos and Luz enter the woods.

In the meantime, Camila comes across Luz’s video diary at her home. She watches her version of the video Luz recorded the night before. In the video, Luz sadly confesses that she’s planning to inform her friends that she’s not returning back to Boiling Isles. Being aware of how devastated Luz has become, Camila knows she can’t allow this to occur.

She attends the Haunted Hayride, in which she discovers Luz’s pals. They aren’t sure exactly where Luz and Hunter left off and so Vee begins tracking Luz’s mobile.

The woods are ablaze, Luz realizes she can make magic when she gets to Titan’s blood. Hunter is able to catch her. When she finally catches up with Hunter, she spots Flapjack hidden from him in terror. Hunter isn’t the same. Hunter is possessed by Belos.

Below discovers the Titan’s blood, buried in the soil (it’s particularly stopped by an Owl’s head) at the same time that Luz’s mom and other friends come to meet them. Before their faces, Belo thanks Luz for helping him to meet the Collector. With her help, she can help him finish his job as the witch hunter.

In the course of their fight, Belos grabs Flapjack. “Goodbye, Evelyn,” Belos says. Then he cuts his claws on the bird. The bird then breaks free from his grasp.

Hunter and Belos begin fighting in an identical bodies. Hunter throws the bloody vial into the lake, and Belos is able to chase it. It’s Camila who rescues Hunter from drowning.

Then Belos splits off from Hunter and assumes his monstrous appearance. By smashing the blood vial into an arched opening, the slayer makes an entrance and walks through.

Once he’s gone Flapjack is able to approach the unconscious Hunter. The plasma emits light which is absorbed into Hunter’s body. In the end, Flapjack disappears and Hunter awakes, his eyes turning brown instead of the usual pink.

Luz acknowledges her entire part in aiding Belos to discover the Collector. She begins to declare that she’ll not be returning to the Boiling Isles together however, Camila interrupts. She informs Luz she’s going along with her into the realm of demons. It’s their responsibility to aid their companions.

Luz’s family and friends are all united around her and assure her that they’re not angry. Below could have fooled anyone. Each time they enter the portal.

When Amity is allowed to enter she informs Luz she truly wants Luz to be part of her life in the future. She also makes a promise not to be a snob anymore. Amity smiles Luz in the cheek prior to walking through.

When Vee decides to remain in the human realm to maintain her appearance, Camila and Luz take their hands. They proceed along the path together.


The episode Review

It’s hard to match the things Dana Terrace and her creative team have achieved in this particular episode. The show was scheduled for just three episodes to end the show after Disney abruptly ended the popular show for children, Terrace pulls off an amazing feat in the season premiere.

The way it could have been rushed was smooth and natural. While it’s not ideal to have the montage technique, it made it clear the way each character was developing as they adapted to the world (it also instantly brought Camila my heart).

As we expected Luz’s return was met with an emotional mix. We’ve grown accustomed to her as an exuberant woman of light and wisdom it was clear the direction that writers took for the character’s storyline in this one. An emotional arc unfolds about the character of Luz and Camila’s guilt. The episode wraps in a sweet ending that instructs about moving forward and accepting oneself.

It’s clear that things will improve for Luz however, they’ll be still challenging. It’s a wonderful way to close the episode.

The story is now getting more complex with the two characters Belos along with The Collector’s battle with the realm of the demon. There is intrigue too.

What is Evelyn and what’s her relationship to Flapjack?

The evidence suggests that she’s one of Eda’s ancestral ancestors, and Flapjack was originally Caleb’s talisman. But we’ll find out how the last two episodes tie the dots. We’d love to hear any theories you may have!






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