The Patient – Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Husband of The Cantor

Does Sam murder His father?

The episode 10, The Patient, in episode 10, Alan frantically calls for Candace. Sam is about to kill his father and hopes to end the cycle of murders. However, Candace isn’t calling the police on her son.

When Sam arrives at his father’s home when he arrives, the father offers to prepare sandwiches for him. He is apparently in the same food preferences.

Sam isn’t going to take his life right away. Then, he inquires what prompted him to attack him and what it did to him. Sam’s father responds that they don’t know. He was a weird child and Candace always told him that it was his fault. “Sorry,” he says in a halfhearted way.

Sam is thrown into the air by Sam and then starts to choke him. He stops just before his dad’s death. “My therapist told me not to kill you,” He states.

Then, we find out, Sam is back at home and talking to Alan.

Can Dr. Strauss convince Sam to let Sam go?

In the basement of his mother’s house, Sam tells Alan how he prevented himself from murdering his father. He’s never had the ability to do it before and doesn’t know the reason. After all, he hates him so much.

Alan says this is a significant breakthrough. It indicates that he’s trying to be different. Also, Sam did not have the death of his father in order to end the cycle. He was required to keep him from killing his father. In having his dad not killed, Sam is demonstrating that he’s not the same as his father.

Sam smiles a little and is enthralled by the compliment. “Thanks,” he says.

Alan is then able to shift his gears. He tells him it’s time to take him back home. As Sam had to figure out issues together with the father of his child, Alan needs to work issues out with his son. Alan has promised not to give up on Sam into a criminal (as he doesn’t commit a crime again) and wants to visit him each day in his office for weekly therapy sessions.

Sam does not respond however, he does process the information. The next day, he departs the truck and comes back with a sofa as well as a mini refrigerator.

He informs Alan that he’s realized he’s pushing him. However, as he mentioned earlier, therapy can take some time, sometimes even for years. He’s going to stay in the hospital, but he’ll increase his comfort level.

Does Sam surrender himself to the authorities?

Alan must now rethink his plans. He speaks to Charlie in his head. Alan admits that he feels sympathy for Sam and is amazed that it is helping to an extent.

Charlie informs him that Sam is in search of a replacement father for Sam. However, Alan and Charlie are in agreement: Alan doesn’t want to be spending the rest of his 10 years of his existence locked to this place.

The doctor decides to take a chance and says to Sam that he will not treat him any longer. According to his professional view, Sam needs to physically restrain himself from acting out his desires. Then, he can have the ability to recover.

He attempts to convince Sam that it’s time to visit the police. Sam decides to stand in front of the police station however, he refuses to enter the building.

Does Alan kill Candace?

Then, Candace argues with Alan. She says that her son isn’t at the right age. Alan is focusing on Candace right now. He tells her that he didn’t take care to protect Sam from his father. It was not her fault, however, she didn’t take the time to defend him.

If Alan hands her the tissue, he uses the chance to hold her in his arms and hold her close to him. With the hard tub of cream for feet pressing into her throat, she makes a call for Sam.

He advises him to dial 911. Or, Alan will murder Candace. However, Sam does not want to decide. He believes Alan is lying.

Then Alan is able to push the gun further into her neck.

Does Dr. Strauss die?

Alan thinks of a gas-filled chamber. Beth stands close beside him.

When he arrives at his home, he’s with Ezra’s family. His son asks him whether he thought about the time he had been “away.” Alan says that he was. Alan will tell him about that experience within a couple of years.

Then, he sits with his family at the table. They sing and Alan is content. Then Alan meets Charlie.

At once, Alan’s family vanishes away. Sam is over Alan and is choking him. Candace demands that he stop.

However, Sam isn’t done. He murders Alan He then releases him from chains, and takes him to another room. He places his body into the grave that Alan has dug for himself, however, does not bury the body.

Near Alan’s bedside at his bedside, he discovers the note he left before his death.

Did Alan reconcile with Ezra?

The scene ends with Shoshana getting her mail. The mail pile is a letter written by Sam. He wrote the letter anonymously in a letter addressed to Alan and Alan’s kids.

Sam states in the letter that he understands the importance of Jews being able to keep a body when someone dies. Sam informs them Alan died and tells them where his burial place is. Also enclosed is Alan’s note.

Shoshana is the one who shares the note with Ezra. Alan says that he is so proud of each of them and the comforting thoughts about their families and them have brought to him. The man apologizes to Ezra for being a judge and for not allowing Beth to carry all the responsibility. He was not in the right and is so sorry.

In Candace’s house, Sam now has his own dead therapist inside of his head. The Alan in his head informs him that he’s planning to commit murder again.

Sam is seated on the bed, and he chains his body to the ground. He calls his mother and hands his mother the keys. He seems to have acknowledged the fact that Dr. Strauss was right. He must be physically put on the back foot.

What is the way ‘The patient” come to an end?

The show on Hulu’s The Patient closes on a bittersweet note. Ezra sits down with his own therapists. He’s had a lot of challenges and is now in a position in which he’s able to find healing also.

Ezra says to his therapist that he’s more worried about his family than he is about himself. The therapist advises him to speak about himself however he’s not sure where how to begin.

Episode Review Episode Review

Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields have created something original with the limited series. The show has a compelling premise that has a lot to discuss the nature of therapy as well as generations of trauma. Overall, the conclusion is a great way to bring these intriguing themes to an end.

Alan could have perished at the end of the day however, he had at least found significance through lots of reflection on himself (something was evident in his notes the extent of those relationships).

The stories of Sam and Ezra were more focused on the trauma of generations The finale, however, isn’t averse to this subject. Sam and Candace both faced a tough lesson after Alan’s passing. They are both doing the difficult thing following Alan’s guidance. Sam is stopping physically himself from murdering. And Candace let her son recover in the most difficult way.

However, I’m happy that the story concluded with Ezra. This psychological drama is all about breaking cycles and overcoming cycles, after all. The scene in which Ezra’s therapist is featured hopes to show that the trauma of generations could be a thing of the past.

Though dark and gruesome, The Patient concludes with a genuinely uplifting message and a call to the audience to reflect on their own lives and realize that change can be difficult however, it is doable.


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