The Patient Episode 10 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

The Patient Episode 10

The patient is a limited-series FX series that explores a unique patient/therapist relationship.

The psychological thriller by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg ( The Americans) is about Dr. Alan Strauss, a Jewish therapist (Steve Carell), as he starts treating his most difficult patient to date. What’s the problem? The problem?

If you are interested in a psychological drama, you will likely want to know when the next episode will be released.

This is all you need to know about PatientEpisode 10. Its release date, time, and where you can view it.

Where can I watch the patient?

The patient episodes will be streamed on FX and released on Hulu afterward. In select regions, the series will also be available on Disney Plus.

The Patient Episode 10 Release date

The patient Episode 10 will be available on Hulu Tuesday 25th October at 12:00 (ET) or 4:00 (GMT).

Episode 10 will run approximately 45 minutes and is entitled “Cantor’s Husband”.

How many episodes will the patient have?

The patient is a limited series of 10 episodes. In its premiere week, the show aired 2 episodes. Now, it releases 1 episode per week. This will be the final installment.

Is there a trailer for the patient?

Yes! Below is a trailer for the Patient.

Episode 9: What happened?

The PatientEpisode 9: Sam attempts and fails to rekindle a relationship with Mary. Alan also fails to carry out his plan to kill Sam. Sam makes a breakthrough with Sam in therapy, but it turns sour when Sam decides that he must kill his father.

The entire episode has been covered with a long recap that covers all key plot points. We also discuss the chapter with an accompanying review. That link is available below.

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