The Patient Episode 9 Preview

The Patient, Episode 9,

The Patient The Patient, a brand fresh FX limited series available on Hulu examines the unusual relationship between therapist and patient.

The psychological thriller written by the co-creators Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg ( The Americans) follows Jewish psychotherapist Dr. Alan Strauss (Steve Carell) as he starts treating the most difficult patient he has ever seen. The issue? The patient is a serial killer that wants to change his ways and he requires an escapee named Alan to aid him.

If a show with a psychological angle is something that grabs your attention then you’ll want to know the date of release of the next season.

Here’s everything you should be aware of The PatientEpisode 9 including the release date, its time, and the best place to watch it.

Where can I watch the Patient?

The Patient episodes will be broadcast on FX for U.S. residents to stream and then be available on Hulu afterward. The show will also be available through Disney Plus in select regions.

The Patient 9 Episode Release Date

The Patient Episode 9 will be released on Hulu on the 18th of October from 12 am (ET) as well as 4:00 am (GMT).

Episode 9 is called “Auschwitz,” and will take about 25 minutes to complete.

The number of Episodes A Patient Be Having?

The Patient will be a 10-episode limited series. The show aired two episodes during its premiere week and is now releasing one episode per week. In that light, there is only one episode to go after this one.

Does there exist a trailer for the Patient?

Yes, it is! There are trailers of the film below:

What happened during Episode 8?

In the episode “The Patient, “Episode 8 of The PatientEpisode, Sam is killed by another person His supervisor, Kyle. Alan regretted his decision to Ezra and Ezra continues to search for her father.

We’ve reviewed the entire episode and have long recaps that touch on the main plot points and review the chapter in an associated review. Find the link below.

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What do you want to see unfold as the series advances? What’s your most memorable moment in The Patient thus far? Tell us via the comment section below!



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