The People We Hate at the Wedding (2022) Ending Explained – Is there a happy ending?

Our People Whom We hate at the Wedding (2022) Plot Synopsis

The family drama film The People We Hate at the Wedding’ has been created by Amazon Studios and revolves around three kids: Eloise, Paul, and Alice.

The family is gradually growing apart as time passes. Paul is irritated with his mom because Paul believes that Bill his father, who died wasn’t well-treated by her. Eloise has had an unorthodox upbringing compared to Alice and Paul is living an enviable existence in the UK and consequently has a difficult relationship with her siblings.

Along with their mother, Donna, Alice, and Paul reluctantly agree to attend the wedding of their wealthy and dispersed half-sister Eloise after being invited. What follows are hours of laughter interspersed with heartwarming moments.

What is the inspiration behind the movie?

This film is a reworking of the novel by Grant Ginder that has an identical title. Filmmaker Claire Scanlon complimented Ginder’s novel in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, noting how it felt so relatable to her.

The movie’s plot is based on the rom-com of Grant Ginder the film version incorporates certain significant modifications which give the book’s resolution a different version. The fates of many prominent characters are also shown in the film.

How do we know the real story?

Donna got married to Henrique in Britain in the 1980s. They plan to have Eloise as an unintended couple. After that, Donna catches him having an affair with the babysitter and they break up.

When she moves to Indianapolis, Donna decides to be married to Bill. Paul and Alice are born in the following year. Eloise is sent to Indianapolis to stay with Donna’s family for a half year. But as the children get older, the family is beginning to break up.

In the present, Eloise, is extremely rich as a result of the wealth of Henrique’s and is engaged to Ollie, and is inviting her entire family members to London. Donna calls Paul and Alice however, they don’t react to her. Paul believes that after the death of Bill and her departure, she moved on too fast.

Despite her boss’s wedding, Alice has been having an affair with Jonathan and he continually promises to divorce his wife since they parted ways.

Paul is currently dating Dominic and Dominic is a totally different person from Paul. Paul is constantly being told about issues such as polyamorous relationships, and he doesn’t want to engage in the same activities that his partner is keen to do.

What unfolds after the siblings travel to England?

The entire family decides to fly to London for the nuptials that are scheduled to take place. Jonathan advises Alice that he will not be able to attend the wedding ceremony. Alice meets a very pleasant Dennis Bottoms during her trip to the countryside , and they eventually share a room.

Dominic is a thorn in the side of Paul by abruptly canceling their reservations and relocating with an old man by the name of Alcott. Dominic’s objective is to persuade Paul to accept his offer in a trio. When things go south, Paul accuses Dominic of not making him feel that he is worth it. In addition, to find out more about Alcott Paul breaks up with Paul however it transpires that Alcott likes Paul attractive.

As long as Alice receives a call from Jonathan informing him that he will attend the ceremony, Alice along with Dennis are getting along very well. When they receive the text, Alice attempts to back off from Dennis and he expresses displeasure and warns him, saying that she’s looking for an unclean man as she believes she’s trash and she is worthy of being trash.

Eloise is seeking reconciliation with Alice but Alice is discontented that she did not show up to see her a year ago. However, Henrique continues to engage in affairs with younger women, despite Donna and him having an intimate relationship.

What happens at the rehearsal dinner?

In the dinner rehearsal, Paul informs Eloise that Alice is unhappy with her because Eloise didn’t show up in the previous year after suffering an unforgiving miscarriage. As Paul continues to slam Henrique, Eloise informs him about how Bill was actually against his being gay. Eloise then tells Paul the truth that Donna is the sole person who fought for him, and she warns Bill not to cause him to feel guilty. Paul did not support his mother despite the fact she was the one who had loved him unconditionally.

Paul is furious when he spots Henrique engaged in an affair with another woman and then later pees on his shoe. Henrique pursues him and Paul is able to punch him.

Alice discovers that the person who texts her under the name of Jonathan is actually his spouse, Marissa, who confronts and slaps her during her rehearsal meal. Donna arrives to save her son and attacks Marissa. In the following days, Donna, Alice, and Paul are sent to prison.

The People We Hate at the Wedding (2022)

Who is the person who frees the three prisoners?

The group receives a letter from Eloise when they are in prison telling the trio that she is not trying to repair things since they don’t want to. Furthermore, she informs them that she isn’t going to help them escape from prison.

What sets the plot in motion?

The People We Hate at the Wedding (2022)

Henrique is held accountable for destroying Donna’s life yet again when she confronts him. Henrique responds by saying that because she was a compassionate person who truly cared for her, she ruined his life and he’s just filled the void that was left in his heart as the result of his mistake with Donna.

Eloise is beginning to panic over her wedding day and disappears. Ollie notices Donna, Paul, and Alice when they are about to leave town. He then solicits their assistance to locate Eloise.

How does the conflict get resolved?

The trio knows exactly the location Eloise will be at Taco Bell. When they arrive, Alice asks to speak to her by herself. Eloise regrets not having visited her earlier in the year. However, she did have a valid motive. It was recently revealed that she was not in a position to have children and she was reluctant to be faced with Alice. Eloise is then able to tell Alice she’s not even Ollie doesn’t know about the situation.

Alice is embarrassed by her decision to not accept Eloise’s attempts to help her get a job in architecture because she had always placed her on a morally high ground and felt unworthy when she was in her presence. They get together and Alice asks Eloise to inform Ollie of the truth.

Henrique tells Donna that everything she stated to him was true when the trio of Alice Paul, and Paul led Eloise through the aisle of her wedding. The family members are able to come to terms with their mistakes and then bond during the wedding ceremony.

Do you have an ending that is happy?

The People We Hate at the Wedding (2022)

In the current timeline, Dennis And Alice are now officially married. Although there’s no happy-ever-after, the story declares that the family was returned to their home at the conclusion of the story.

People who didn’t stick around until the end credits might not have been able to see Donna’s inspiring resolution. The closing sequences feature the image that shows Donna in the Eat, Pray, Loving it through Greece journey. The photo and the note that refer to the book Eat, Pray, Love suggests that Donna is likely to have moved on from her failed relationships and is now focusing on her health.

Donna realizes that she does not require a companion to be in love with someone for life. Following this, Donna uses the opportunity to travel the world around her and realize that she is the only one who can find herself.

The resolution of the film depicts Eloise as well as Ollie adopting a girl straight from the beginning, removing a stigma that is often connected with adoption.

The surprising happy ending for Paul’s character is revealed in the credits that end. “True Loving!” is written on the note, which is displayed with a photo of Paul with a new love interest at what appears like a wedding.


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