The People We Hate at the Wedding (2022) Movie Review – A comforting feel-good flick

A relaxing feel-good film

The family drama film The People We Hate at the Wedding’ was created by Amazon Studios and revolves around three kids: Eloise, Paul, and Alice. The family slowly grows apart as time passes. Paul is angry with his mother because Paul believes that Bill his father, who died wasn’t well-treated by her. Eloise has had an unorthodox upbringing compared to Alice and Paul and has had an enviable living in the UK consequently is in a relationship that’s not as good as her siblings.

Additionally, Alice is secretly dating her boss Jonathan whose wife is expecting a baby. Paul’s life is completely out of hand due to his self-centered and obnoxious lover, Dominic. Alongside their mother, Donna, Alice, and Paul are hesitantly invited to the wedding of their rich and far-off half-sister Eloise after being invited. What follows are hours of laughter and several heartwarming moments.

It’s not realistic to think that romantic comedy will develop or experiment with humor. In some ways, it is successful in the sense of being basic, enjoyable entertainment. While there are some plot twists, it is clear the direction of this story is right from the start. The film is filled with heartfelt moments which distinguish it from other films of similar style.

Also, the script is alive when every character is joined by the person who they disagree with the least. These situations provide the protagonists with real depth and are far more than the typical stereotypes of the wealthy sister and her rival siblings.

The comedy-drama film offers an intimate look at the complicated dynamics of family life in a parody of unresolved family tensions and the theatrical ways that they may be triggered. The film also explores the impact of aging in the family and the ways in which self- or other methods of protection can be viewed as issues of motivation versus consequences which are often neglected.

The plot is inspiring and highlights the bond that exists between Donna and her children. The main characters show an unwavering devotion to one another, and this aspect is well presented despite their physical and mental disconnection as well as their feelings of anger and resentment toward one another. Additionally, the dialogue in the film is funny and easy to follow, while the writing is crisp and authentic.

Bell is, without a doubt, the star of the film in terms of comedy and heart. Bell delivers all of her one-liners with aplomb in addition to her characterization of Alice’s sharp and grim manner of speaking is a great way to build the character of Kristen Bell Kristen Bell accomplishes a seamless transition.

The most significant flaw however lies in the inability to dedicate enough amount of time and attention to Eloise. Cynthia Addai-Robinson’s performance is amazing and her innate ability to read the clock is undervalued. The main issue that Eloise has with her large family is the fact that she has always wanted to be included. unfortunately, she’s an unidentified satellite orbiting around the small family unit and the film makes her character appear less than.

The cast of the supporting characters in the film is chaotic because of the amount of action and, consequently, the character arcs of their characters aren’t sufficiently developed to make viewers feel a genuine interest in their characters in any way

It’s a shame because the film has some entertaining appearances from some comedians, most notably D’Arcy Carpen, and a stunning performance by Lizzy Caplan in her scene. It’s always great to watch Tony Goldwyn, he portrays Paul’s employer. Also, the background of Paul’s job seems as if it was added as it’s part of the topic which was then made into a film, it doesn’t help the story in any way.

The People We Hate at the Wedding is a jolly film however, despite its warm tone, it isn’t doing anything that’s particularly innovative. The story is obvious, but nevertheless enjoyable to watch. A majority of actors are decent but Kristen Bell in particular shines. Overall, it’s an enjoyable and lighthearted romantic comedy that is ideal to relax after a long day.


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