The Peripheral – Episode 3 “Haptic Drift” Recap & Review

Haptic Drift

Episode 3 from The Peripheral starts with a flashback to Clanton in 2015. A biker gang arrives at Corbell Pickett’s garage in order to purchase automobiles. Once they’ve gotten into the vehicles to try their capabilities, Corbell locks them in from the outside, which means that they will be sucked into the temperatures. Numerous huge wooden crosses as well as bucket of nails sit close by. His son, a little Jasper has been watching.

In the present, the older Corbell Pickett is contemplating what he should do about the request to kill the Fishers. His wife suggests he employ Jasper the husband of Billy Ann for a deeper understanding of the saga that the Fishers have been involved in.

Flynne notices her mother reading a newspaper, and smiles. She runs into Billy Ann and tells her everything as Burton and his companions’ drones hovers over them.

In the print shop, Burton uses printers to create more guns. Burton reveals to Flynne that he purchased the shop using the money they got. Flynne is shocked and upset when she realizes that the car he rented was his. She explains to him that they have to work as a team and come to decisions together. Conner arrives and is ready to help.

While driving to home, the children discuss the amount of information they should share with the others. Burton is angry when he realizes that Flynne has told Billy Ann everything. Flynne claims she’s her only friend. Burton says the claim that his uncle Jasper has been identified as Corbell Pickett.

In the future, London, Lev, and Wilf discuss Wilf’s past and refer to an incident where Wilf was responsible for the murder of certain lives. Lev states that there’s no shame in this and he ought to embrace the fact that it happened. They awaken Flynne’s peripheral that is kept in a container even when it is not being used.

Flynne connects to the peripherals and informs them of the entire story of what transpired with Aelita. They discover Mariel Raphael was an Assistant Security Manager for R.I. In return, they inform her about Corbell Pickett’s involvement in recruiting to attack them.

Wilf is sitting in a car and looks at the house. We are treated to a flashback to the moment when Wilf, as well as Aelita, received adoption from their parents. They both wanted Aelita but she would not be without Wilf the boy, then called Wolfgang. When he is able to agree to change his moniker to Wilfred and the couple chooses to have him adopted as well.

He walks into the house and sees Aelita singing, but she’s a computer who has her appearance and her voice. He sees his adoptive mother who informs him that she last met Aelita one month ago in St.James. In her usual way of speaking, Aelita said she was in the area “where snow last fell in London”. When Wilf as well as his mom converse clearly, there’s a bit of discord between them.

Flynne and Burton discuss the current situation with Corbell. Burton is determined to kill Corbell however Flynne persists in finding a different method.

She logs back in but this time in a car along with Wilf. They travel through Buckingham Palace, trying to follow Flynne’s footsteps from the night. They decide to walk around, and Wilf connects them, so they are able to share their sensory experiences two of them Flynne is able to hear and see every sound and sight Wilf can hear, and is also able to feel the effects of his hangover.

While they are there, Burton meets Corbell and tells him about the cult. He gives Corbell two options One being 200,000 USD a week, to let them be. When asked about the second, Burton talks about the interactions that were used in the Marine Corps to connect him with his fellow soldiers. He describes his group as a single group and how he nearly killed a person because of the memory of one sergeant who was part of his group. If Corbell decide to smack the group, he’d be wary of all the men Burton was a part of. Corbell discusses how he was able to get rid of the filth that was a part of this town and turned it into an enjoyable place. He explains that it was his hometown. Burton makes a gesture at the glass that Corbell is holding and a bullet instantly smashes the glass. He offers his first deal and again. While the two men hug, Tommy watches.

Cherise Nuland informs her hitman Daniel that he’s taking way too long to rid himself of Flynne. She threatens him with being more efficient. He informs her that Aelita attended college with one employee at RI, Grace Hoggart. Cherise assures her that she will take care of the issue.

When Wilf and Flynne take a walk together, she asks him what the reason is for why Aelita called her an ‘about. He claims it’s a short form for poltergeists, which is the name they use to describe people from another era who utilize peripherals. A police robotic begins by following Flynne and Wilf discovers that the peripheral isn’t registered properly. After being confronted, by the robot, Wilf makes up a story of the device being utilized by a woman from Canada. Then, he makes an unintentional confession of love to get around the issue of the woman’s visa. Flynne requests to go home and is taken out of the “peri”.

Cherise Nuland has a visit with Grace Hoggart in a garden with beehives close by. They have tea together and Cherise informs Grace that her research on the stub is crucial work. She inquires about Aelita. Grace admits she brought Aelita into her at the Stub Research Department. When the bees begin to converge around the glass enclosure, Cherise discovers there is some chemical in the tea which makes her sweat resemble the hormone released by the Hornets. She ignores Grace’s pleas and unlocks the door, and the bees begin to attack Grace.

Jasper delivers Billy Ann at home and informs her that he has to deliver a bag to his uncle’s house, which was given to him by burton Fisher. She opens the bag to find many cash-filled bags and asks the man to learn more about the details.

In the warehouse of his father, Jasper gives Corbell the bag. Corbell lures him into buying some of the money bundles and asks for an exchange of services. Burton wants Jasper to discover who Burton is getting this cash from.

Flynne talks with Burton about the experience of feeling entangled with one another. He says it can be a romantic feeling however it’s not. The feeling of being lost in the world of another is called a haptic drift.

When Flynne is next in the room, Wilf tells her about Aelita’s clue. She suggests that snow could refer to someone else. Wilf discovers that the person was her inspirational hero and locates the location where she was staying.

In the apartment of Aelita, the place is filthy like a house that was ransacked by a criminal. They discover a broken grandfather clock that appears identical to the broken clock at his house of Flynne. Wilf inquires about the time that her clock is stuck. After they change the clock’s hands according to this time, a hidden door is opened. They discover the surgical room in which Flynne was treated for her eye replacement. Also, there are two damaged peripherals. Flynne also has that white house model in her home as well as the surrounding area.

They are just about to leave when the main entrance is opened. Daniel and a robotic attacker attack the two, Daniel using his sonic gun that appears to affect Flynne’s body as well. They defeat each other. Daniel admits that Cherise is looking for Flynne due to her taking something. Before Daniel can say further, Cherise remotely controls the robot and is killed by Daniel.

The Episode Review

Although The Peripheral continues to be somewhat longer and slower than it should be, this episode explores the dynamics of relationships quite well. The show focuses on the conflict for control that is fought in the relationship between Flynne as well as her younger brother, as well as the conflict between Wilf as well as his mother who adopted him. There are also interesting details about Wilf and his family background is the forced name change and Aelita’s displeasure at his choice. It will be fascinating to learn how the show handles the issue of race in the next century.

In fact, Cherise is more fascinating on this show, specifically when she compares her actions with the behavior of a mother. You can’t help but be amazed by her slick and easy method of killing, while T’Nia Miller depicts her smiles as well as threats with truly terrifying energy. An admirable adversary.

Overall, it’s an interesting but not particularly exciting episode.


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