The Peripheral – Episode 4 “Jackpot” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of The Peripheral opens in a run-down and destroyed London in 2075. Young Wilf, who still goes by the title Wolf, and Aelita, are two homeless children living in a bus while they search for food with other children.

Wolf is bullied by the group when he does not bring enough food. Wolf is sent to inspect the van and people outside distributing food. Wolf leaves despite Aelita’s warnings that children could be snatched. The whole setup vanishes when Wolf throws a rock at the people. Instead, two men in yellow suits and masks chase Wolf and Aelita and capture them.

In the future, Wilf shows Lev Zubov the things they found at Aelita’s house — her implant as well as the chips from the two peripherals. Lev thinks that this is not enough. He wonders how long Aelita can survive without her immunity booster.

Flynne in Clanton notices blood in her right eye. Her right-hand start to spasm again, and she can see the blood gone when she looks up. Tommy arrives with some beer. He informs his siblings that something is wrong and offers his assistance, but not as a cop. He is assured that everything is fine. Flynn doesn’t like lying to him, but Burton claims she may not be rational and reveals that he knows all about his crush. Flynne reveals that Burton had to keep everything together after her dad’s death and that Flynne was the only one who had any. She becomes more upset and suddenly has a seizure.

Cherise asks her people to make a peripheral for Daniel’s image. Daniel died in the previous episode. He then gives her some information about Wilf, and she discovers his connection with Lev Zubov.

Flynne and Burton argue about their health. They visit Dee dee, Tommy’s local doctor. Flynne is told by her that she suffered a tonic-clonic seizure, but that there are no aftereffects. She wants to do more scans and tells Flynne not to use the headset.

Flynn, who is at home with Burton and their father, uses a different headset to view an old home movie. Burton comes to apologize for all the difficulties he has caused her. Flynne tells Burton not to apologize, saying that being in London in the future is a magical experience.

Burton tells his friends that he would like to log in to the peripheral to bring Flynne back in line. Conner is interested in the possibility of controlling a body.

Wilf meets a woman in Lev’s home who accuses Wilf of constantly falling for her. She forces him to dance with her. Lev is watching them but is soon interrupted when Cherise arrives. He is accused of taking something. She talks to him about their world’s structure and three major forces. He is accused of being ignorant. She states that each one of these should not go beyond its limits. She refers to Yuri Samsonov as an example of someone who strayed from his limits and suffered a terrible fate. She claims that R.I. used an assembly swarm to search for his DNA and subtly threatened Lev with doing the same. Lev realizes that his teacup is gone when she leaves.

Conner logs in to the peripheral and attempts to flee, but Ash stops him from doing so.

Flynne watches the memory again with her father when Wilf arrives. He tells Flynne about Conner’s actions. They discuss her father and the jacket she wears. Wilf says he has a brother. Flynne says she researched Lev Zubov’s history and found one in her timeline. This was a mafia-related man whose entire family had been brutally murdered. Wilf denies any connection. He reveals that Aelita is his sister before he leaves.

Wilf meets Lev, and he tells Flynne what Flynne discovered about his family. Lev doesn’t seem surprised. Aelita was hired by Lev because he needed a stub. Wilf asks why. He says that it could be used to test a pharmaceutical medication. Lev claims that he was disturbed by the idea of different versions of himself and had his family killed in other stubs.

Flynne’s hands continue to spasm. She meets Burton and Conner, and they tell them about Aelita and their model of their home and tiny models of themselves. Burton questions her about how she deals with sims. She tells Burton that she often does the opposite of what she is supposed to, but ends up learning and taking control. Burton suggests that she do the same thing in this situation.

Flynne logs back in and decides to explore. Ash tries to stop her, but Burton convinces Mac and Edward to hack into the connection and stop them from canceling it. Flynne also wants bodies for Burton, Conner, and others. Flynne wants to know why there are so few people in the future.

Ash calls Wilf. They meet at a cemetery. She suddenly notices strange objects floating above some graves. Wilf calls it a museum. These objects depict the various phases of what is called the Jackpot. The first opens to reveal an American complete electrical blackout that occurred in 2039. This is seven years after Flynne’s time. This phenomenon continued to occur worldwide. The second image shows the filovirus pandemic they called “the blood plague”. The third object shows an environmental disaster that saw seven billion deaths in four decades. Ash calls the fourth “the end”. This image shows a domestic terror attack, in which a nuclear missile silo collapsed. Flynne shouts at them to stop as dust, ash, and flames surround her.

Flynne awakes in her present. Burton and Conner question Flynne about the bodies. She said she is working on it.

Episode Review

The Peripheral is currently more interested in exploring the connection between the two worlds. It’s not difficult to find a new information and historical contexts. It’s a fascinating show, thanks to its high production value. It also gives the impression that there is more talk and discussion than there is plot movement. This can be evident by the fact we don’t know anything about Aelita or what she did in the first episode.

This is the fourth episode. It is fascinating but also creates a sense of urgency that is wonderful. Flynne’s health problems seem to place the right amount of pressure on their characters. Corbell has not made an appearance since, which is quite surprising. Flynne would probably not be pleased to hear about Burton’s meeting. There are other pressing matters.

Flynne’s revelation of the jackpot and how close it is to Flynne’s world answers many questions, but also raises the stakes.


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