The Peripheral – Episode 5 “What About Bob?” Recap & Review

What’s up with Bob?

Episode 5 from The Peripheral begins a year prior to Aelita’s disappearance. In The Research Institute, Aelita meets Grace Hoggart. Grace is shocked to meet her after contacting her before but was then sent an unkind letter from Aelita in reply.

Grace declares she’s currently married to a man and has two children. Aelita claims that she broke her heart. The two have a drink and discuss what went wrong in their relationship. Grace is asking Aelita whether she would like an apology, but she does not. However, Aelita wants to know about her work and the work she conducts in R.I.

Grace leads her to the room that has a reversed pyramid, calling this”the” God font. She informs Aelita about the security in the room and explains that they can access Stubs that they can use to conduct the research they conduct on their own. 8000 studies, she claims from different areas. She specifically focuses on the department’s study on Behavioral Mod that they established an unincorporated company within the stub, and signed an arrangement with the military, offering them haptic implants to their staff.

The implants were adjusted to influence the brain’s compassionate center. The wall depicts Aelita and a group of soldiers on a battlefield who were told that the enemy plans employ wounded animals to force them out. A wounded dog is shown. The implant entices them to make an alternative to the obvious choice. Instead of shooting the dog one of them runs toward it. They are then shot in the process. Aelita is stunned and declares that the individuals are actually real. Grace is scolding her for being a perfectionist.

When the two return to their respective homes the door, they’re confronted by Mariel. Mariel asks Aelita what she’s doing as she’s not allowed access. Grace manages the situation by telling her that Aelita will be her guest they came in because Grace forgot her jacket. Aelita is sly and informs Mariel she has beautiful eyes.

In Key West, 2032, an elderly man returns home to find a box in his mailbox. The parcel contains a cellphone and a sonic gun. He tests it and is stunned by the damage it causes. He receives a call from the brand-new peripheral Daniel. He is Robert O’Connell and he has an uncanny history of killings in his past, but it is believed that he was living under a different name. Daniel promises him 10 million dollars in exchange for his help to eliminate the Fishers. If Bob does not accept, Daniel threatens his daughter.

In a bowling alley, an individual identified as Frank is there with their three children. When he spots Bob who is at the bar, he comes up to him. After a brief conversation, Bob says he knows that it was Frank who disclosed details concerning his son to Daniel. Frank is trying to defend himself, but Bob shoots him as well as 3 of his brothers.

In his vehicle, Frank asks for details regarding the assassination. Daniel informs him that the Fishers are scheduled for an operation that is medical and he shows him the route they’ll take to return home. One of Frank’s sons is determined to murder Frank however, he makes use of the sonic gun to kill the victim and then drives the victim over with his vehicle.

Billy Ann wakes up and starts her chores when she discovers a bag of money in Jasper’s coat. She accuses him of taking funds from the backpack Burton has given to Corbell. If he claims Corbell handed it over to him she inquires about what Corbell is looking for to return it. Jasper denies it and says it was just an expression of appreciation.

Dee Dee, the local doctor, informs Flynne that her tests have revealed the presence of bacteria in her occipital lobe, which is that part of the brain connected to vision. She employs an instrument called a spinal tap that removes the body fluids of Flynne to further study the issue.

In the meantime, Bob calls his daughter. They converse in code, with Bob acting as if he was a spokesperson for one of the companies that insure. The code is used to tell his daughter that they have to break ties as his existence might come to an end. The crying daughter informs him that she’s pregnant.

Billy Ann is crossing a bridge when she spots Bob standing near his vehicle, with the hood up. She offers to help him with the engine, and despite his refusal, she gets down from her vehicle. When she gets closer to the vehicle, Burton and Flynne’s car arrives on the bridge. While they are talking, Bob casually picks up the sonic gun and walks toward their vehicle. Flynne notices the gun and warns Burton by pushing both their heads to the side prior to Bob shoots. The fight escalates, which ends in Bob trying to smack Flynne. Billy Ann gets a shotgun from her truck and shoots Bob and manages to kill him despite the fact that he was wearing the vest.

Burton is able to call Tommy who is arrested by Bob. He then calls Flynne and tries to determine what’s going on. She assures him that they haven’t done any wrong. He shares with her his first memory of her when they were students and a little Flynne had taken earthworms in the science department and dumped them in the woods because she could not take the thought of them being cut up. Tommy claims that the little girl is still Flynne. He is determined to keep her safe but needs help from her to figure out what to do. Flynne apologizes for being unable to speak more.

As they head back home, Flynne and Burton talk but Burton doesn’t want to talk about things with Billy Ann. Billy Ann says she knows everything. She assures them that Jasper will never hurt them.

At home, their mother is aware of the bodies that were found in the backyard. The kids inform her about everything, and she warns them about becoming dependent on these strangers. She inquires about what will happen after these future people stop sending her medication. Also, when Burton stopped giving Corbell money. Flynne decides to reconnect to the peripheral.

She logs back in and complains to Wilf for not alerting them of the assassination plot. She explains what transpired and asks whether Wilf tried to fool her by linking the two and if their shared feelings were intended to trick her. She asks if putting her trust in Wilf is an error. Wilf says no.

Tommy is returning to the Police Station along with Bob Bob when the latter starts talking about how the tranquil town isn’t going to be peaceful for long. He confesses the fact that he was threatened and rewarded 2.5 million dollars to try to murder the Fishers. Because the people who hired him would like to be rid of any open, he gives cash to Tommy in order to let him go. As Tommy will react to the offer, a force invisible hits the car, causing it slides over. In the distance, a car becomes visible from the roadside. Someone pulls Bob from the wreckage and drags the car away. Tommy is able to hear the car but is unable to see anything.

Wilf and Flynne sit next to each other at the R.I. Flynne claim she would like Cherise to understand the feeling of being pursued. Wilf suggests against it, stating that being the victim is a bigger burden. He relates an incident that happened when he was 12 and at the boarding school. A group of people referred to as Neoprims were unhappy with the power distribution system in the country, and took on the school to deliver an ultimatum to the children and their parents. Wilf was ordered to serve them food. He took a knife, cut the throat of the leader by using it, and shot four others in the process. He warns her not to take action until she’s satisfied with what she’s likely to have to perform.

Flynne is seen entering the R.I. Cherise comes down to greet her. Flynne is curious about the reason is behind why Cherise is always trying to take her life. Cherise claims that she took something. Flynne says she doesn’t possess it, but Cherise claims that Flynne is still a valuable resource. In the event that Flynne threatens to murder the woman, Cherise reveals she’s in an internal part of herself. They fight and this result in Flynne breaking the neck of her peripheral. She walks away with her head elevated.

The Episode Review

The Peripheral is on episode 5 and it’s still unable to get rid of the feeling of spinning around. Cherise and Flynne’s game of cat and mouse is continuing, however, there’s no freshness to the story. But to be fair their fight in the final scene of the episode is thrilling. It was thrilling to see Flynne cut Cherise’s neck and leave triumphantly regardless of Wilf’s warnings regarding the toll that it might cause. Tania Miller as always is a delight to watch on the screen.

Aelita is a mysterious character whose motives remain to be unsolved, however, It was nice to discover the human side of her, when she resisted Grace’s involvement in the touch sensors.

Thanks to Billy Ann stepping up to assist the fishermen and Tommy providing assistance time, it’s refreshing to see the locals come out to support the Fishers. As we discover more about the ways in which the future will exploit our pasts, it’s obvious that there’s a gap developing between both.

Following this episode, I’m curious whether we’ll see the classic small town uniting against an even bigger threat later on in the series. In the context of science-fiction in The Peripheral, it’d be fascinating to see how it happens!


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