The Resident – Season 6 Episode 4 ”It Won’t Be Like This for Long” Review & Recap

It’s Not Similar to This for long

Episode 4 from The Resident Season 6 starts with a cute Gigi trying to create cold in order to avoid attending the Taekwondo belts ceremony. Conrad attempts to make her feel better so that she can go to the ceremony. He requests Pravesh to assist him at work to help him find the cause of the issue for Gigi. He then spends the remainder of working to help Gigi get ready for her big special event. Conrad is a wonderful father. Nic is very proud of the way Conrad is raising their girl.

However the doctor. Sullivan is reporting to work, but is experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Is he able to perform his duties? He’s due to take an upcoming drug test within the next 9 hours and the drug test will not be taken before the test. He’s acting out in a different way as well. Even his normal manner of interacting isn’t enough to cover his bizarre behavior. Billie invites him to participate in the delicate procedure of an infant, and he agrees.

He searches for methods of manipulating the results of a drug test on the internet and believes that fake urine might be the best option. He purchases one from the web! I’m worried that he’ll escape from his addiction if they manage to influence the test. Thankfully, the delivery of urine is delayed, and he’ll have to devise new strategies.

The baby’s condition becomes worse and Billie immediately calls Doctor. Sullivan to the O.R prior to him taking the drug test. Cade is the victim of his angry behavior when she attempts to find out what’s wrong with him. She decides that he should take a med and go for the O.R.

After the operation, it is still evident that he has signs of withdrawal. My heart was racing at a rapid pace during the scene I was at the edge of my chair waiting with my fingers for the baby’s survival. Thankfully, she made it from the surgical table. Thank heavens!

After surgery after surgery, he takes the urine of a patient and utilizes it for his drug test. The stigma of addiction is frightening due to the way it can look.

As withdrawal symptoms persist the patient is easily annoyed and engages in a fight with Cade regarding his patient Diana. Diana has a history of addiction and was just born to the child he’ll be treating. She is determined to clean up and become a mother to the baby she just gave birth to.

Diana’s health deteriorates and Cade must decide whether to undergo the Splenectomy. There’s the possibility that Diana’s body might not be able to handle the procedure, but she won’t be able to survive without it. Cade decides to undergo the procedure. The surgery goes well, however, Diana still has a long way to be cleared.

While this is happening, Pravesh is trying to determine if the patient’s diagnosis was incorrect by the previous doctor. Irving believes Pravesh treats his patient as “one of his little science experiments.” He believes Pravesh is deafened by his clinical trials as to the extent to which real harm for patients is.

Pravesh calls Conrad for advice. Pravesh discovers a clue from the conversation and can accurately determine the condition of his patient.

Padma and AJ are greeted with good news after they hear from Dr. Sullivan say he can release their parents later that afternoon. I am so glad that the twins are doing fine.

Episode Review Episode Review

This was a tense film to view. Watching Dr.Sullivan battle with addiction and still treat patients is what scared me the most. The addiction isn’t just impacting him, but he could be threatening those he treats too. I’m hoping they can provide him with the assistance needed before he causes harm to one patient. It affects their relationships with Cade and, based on what she said to Diana her father’s addiction was a major factor in her. I now understand the reason she has to hold herself back from relationships with Conrad. It’s heartbreaking to see the damage addiction does to people.



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