The Resident – Season 6 Episode 8 “The Better Part of Valor” Recap & Review

The Resident

Valor is the Better Part of Valor

Episode 8 in The Resident season 6 starts with the doctors attending an awards gala in which Randolph receives The Lifetime Of Service award. Randolph arrives at his podium for the ceremony. However, an individual sneaks up on him and gives Randolph legal papers.

The next day, Conrad and Cade discuss dinner plans, and Cade is eager to have a real date with her boyfriend. Their coffee date in the morning is interrupted by an unexpected visit from a little boy named Malik whom they suspect has been a victim of an overdose of drugs. The boy’s friend Tally provides Conrad with opiate drugs the boy consumed and informs Conrad they know that Malik is a brother that is also taking drugs.

Conrad is trying to get Malik’s brother to pick up the phone to inform him against taking the drugs, while Cade attempts to reach out to the parents. Malik’s brother has a problem and isn’t picking up the phone, so Conrad attends school. On arrival, he spots two pupils who have fainted and gives first aid but one of the boys isn’t able to survive. He finds Malik’s brother, who fell off the stairs and struck his head. They hurry the two boys to Chastain Malik’s brother’s health is grave.

While this is happening, Randolph is preparing for the suit, and Kit wants him to put off the deposition. She’s worried about the governor’s visit ruining Randolph’s career, however, Randolph believes he’s got the ability to take the situation. Randolph isn’t going to let go and assures her that they did not make a mistake in the case of Claire and he isn’t one to be scared easily.

In the deposition, it becomes obvious that Costigan the Governor’s brother and the attorney in charge of the case is engaged in the run in a witch hunt. He is able to agitate the two lawyers Pravesh, as well as Randolph as well as the Board of Directors, who believe it’s best that he settles the matter. Costigan declines their offer to settle, and Kit meets with Governor Costigan in the hope of an agreement. After her meeting with the Governor, she finds out she is intent on destroying Randolph and is not willing to concede. Randolph discovers the fact that Donald has become the governor’s snitch.

The Governor has plans to make use of Randolph’s health issue to justify his role in Claire’s death. He also appointed private investigators to talk with Randolph’s former patient in order to gain more leverage for his plan to retaliate.

On the other side, Dr. Sullivan struggles with addiction and is trying to steal the pills from children brought in because of an overdose. However, he fails and decides to steal the medication from the OR and is captured by nurses. He realizes that he’s hit the bottom and texts, Cade, to meet him at his office.

He confesses to her that the drugs he is taking are addictive and attempts to justify and justify his addiction. Cade insists that he stop his excuses, and he attempts to convince her to allow and force her to write his prescriptions. Cade offers the man an ultimatum and informs him that he must attend rehab or she’ll report him. After a few quarrels, Sullivan agrees to go, however, with one condition: she isn’t allowed to tell anyone, not even Conrad. Cade is willing to lie to him one more time. She promises to Conrad and decides to cancel their dinner plans to allow her to drive her father to a rehab center.

And, AJ and Billie rush against the clock for the sake of saving Malik’s twin. He falls and was able to sustain head injuries, and the procedure can be quite difficult. After the lengthy surgery, AJ and Conrad bond over the reality that it is difficult to raise children and how they feel when they are parents.

Then, Randolph asks Conrad for a favor but is denied. Randolph wanted Conrad for him to give medication since he was experiencing an increase in his symptoms. Conrad is known to be a firm follower of rules at times and requests to wait for the doctor to return from his meeting.

The Episode Review

It’s great it is Sullivan is seeking assistance and that Cade will get help for him. In the last few months, his addiction has been deteriorating leaving viewers worried. He’s fortunate that he didn’t injure people when he was high.

The Governor is an uncaring man in this witch-hunt, but he did not realize the extent to which Kit will take to help save Randolph’s career. It will be fascinating to see what villainous charms Kit brings to the table, and what strategies Randolph and Kit deal with another issue. What did happen to the phrase “And They lived happily ever since What happened to ‘And they lived happily ever after’? !


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