The Rise of Thailand’s Boy Love Series

The Rising of Thailand’s Boy Love Series

Thailand is the current king of the hill in the production of boy love shows (BLs) exceeding Japan. Thailand BLs are gradually gaining recognition and popularity since 2013.

There is a huge demand for Thailand BLs in the last several years has risen dramatically. Shows such as Kinnporsche, Not me, Cutie Pie, and Bad Buddy are hugely popular both locally and internationally. They have dominated the marketplace as of late and currently are Thailand’s top export of entertainment.

Where did it all begin?

The boy-love culture of Thailand was largely influenced by the increasing popularity of Japanese manga in Asia. The initial discussions about adapting the drama genre to Thailand were viewed as controversial. Numerous entertainment companies were not keen to include a homoerotic romance as the primary plot of an episode. That’s why they decided to create subplots that were secondary and observe what reactions their audiences have.

Channel 9 network, however, took an opportunity in 2014 when it launched Love Sick: The series and transformed the game. It was the beginning of the queer Thai media onto a major platform.

The show was well-received and showed that the public was prepared to accept homoerotic content that isn’t a part of the heteronormative storyline.

Following the popularity that was Love Sick, other Thailand entertainment companies started paying closer attention to this brand-new type of media.

GMMTV which is one of the subsidiaries of Thailand’s largest entertainment conglomerate launched SOTUS in the year 2000 and was a huge success. The effect of this series’ popularity is visible now. SOTUS was the model for the BL industry. It paved the way and paved the way for the BL series. It also was an alarm to entertainment firms that the BL series could be very profitable.

The growth of this genre

In the past few years, there has been a dramatic shift in attitudes in society toward homosexuality. Many young people are embracing LGBTQ rights, and they are seeking out LGBTQ-friendly representations on the TV shows they are watching.

The shows are changing and discussing the social issues LGBTQ people have to face daily. Cutie Pie Cutie Pie brought up the issue of gay marriage in Thailand.

Another show that was a hit Not Me addressed LGBTQ activism and viewers are able to be able to relate to these issues. The shows have learned how to address issues such as LGBTQ discrimination as well as the issue of being open with parents as well as the process of understanding and exploring sexuality. The characters present these themes in a manner that viewers are able to not only comprehend but also empathize with.

The pandemic helped to popularize its Thai Bl series too. The worldwide lockdowns provided viewers with the chance to consume a wide range of shows and also discover new shows. One of the most efficient methods of finding out what is trending on TV is to use social media.

Shows such as 2gether: The Series, have a large online following and were released in the midst of the pandemic which greatly helped. While it was airing, it topped the global trend charts on Twitter. Many people were intrigued by the BL show and quickly fell into the literary rabbit hole.

There’s also a link in K-pop with Thailand Blissful; it’s similar to butter and bread. There’s a common joke between fans that you cannot be a fan of one without knowing the other.

A majority of fans have said they were enthralled by K-pop and K-dramas but then ended up viewing the Asian BL series and vice-versa. Both fandoms seamlessly cross paths and interact positively.

The appeal to Thailand Boy Love. Thailand Boy Love series

The BL industry has mastered the art of providing its target audience with precisely what they desire. The largest consumers in the Thailand BL range are women in the young age bracket from all over the world.

One of the main reasons the majority of young people are interested in BL shows is because of the beautiful males. These actors aren’t just beautiful, they also exercise and look exactly like the hot male characters depicted in manga.

The second is the on-screen chemistry between two beautiful leads. There’s something very appealing about the chemistry on screen between actors on the screen. It allows viewers to root for their character and helps to make their brand more marketable. Thai BL actors are adored by fans due to their incredible interactions.

Take an overview of the most well-known Thailand couples from the BL: MileApo, BibleBuild, Zeenew, Offgun, and YinWar. Their chemistry in and out of the screen is something fans want to witness.

The need for them is so high that it lets them create strong brands that both fans and businesses are eager to put their money into. The huge popularity of the shows they show on social networks has contributed to Thailand’s recovery from its declining tourism industry.

Fans would like to visit Thailand to see the locations used to film famous films, and they would like to attend fan gatherings to meet their favorite stars. They would like to attend shows hosted by their favorite actors and also get to know other fans.

Fandom’s power

The popularity of these shows also pushes the actors to global fame and they have millions of followers across the world who will do anything to help the actors and their upcoming projects. After the debut of KinnPorsche actors like Bible, Build, Mile and Jeff Satur became instantly famous and enjoy one of the biggest fan bases on the internet. This is an era of soft power you should never play with.

The dedicated fandoms have played an essential part in spreading “BL culture .” They have created a safe environment on the internet where members can feel confident in their support of BL shows and share their thoughts. They can freely interact with one another and have discussions about the series. Of sure, there are certain negative elements within the fandom particularly online, however, every market has its own madman.

The love and storytelling scene in the drama are designed in a manner that makes the audience want to stand behind the couple.

KinnPorsche revolutionized KinnPorsche’s standing in the Thailand BL industry by straying from the standard themes of the university and high school, and their distinct way of portraying love scenes. KinnPorsche showed that a strong plot and casting make a show truly memorable. The love scenes on the show are still trending in TikTok and Twitter months after the show’s conclusion.

They also offer the ideal fantasy, and many critics have argued for years over the issue that the series isn’t able to accurately depict the realities of the queer community in Thailand. A majority of these shows are set in a setting in which queer people aren’t an ethnic minority, and they don’t have to deal with the challenges faced by many in the LGBTQ community have to face.

Some have even argued that sometimes getting away from reality can be a positive thing. It is also a dream of finding that perfect companion who will be with you through the lows and highs. A gorgeous, hot, and stunning man who will cherish you until the end of time. The actors in these films make their viewers believe that they can experience this kind of love. At all times, it’s all about fantasy. is escapist and that is what makes it so appealing.

Closing Thoughts

It is obvious it is evident that the Thailand Boy Love series are gradually taking over the world and a lot of people are eager to see this. The worldwide demand has created new markets and possibilities for this genre, and it’s exciting to watch how far this genre can take us.

It’s a brand new media era with the potential to impact shifts in society, specifically in attitudes toward queer communities.

What are your thoughts on the Thailand BL series and the current push for inclusivity? Do you think this is a good thing? Do let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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