The Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 7 “Countdown” Recap & Review


The Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 7

The Rookie episode 7 of The Feds with a researcher on his own in the forest. As is the norm, he winds up regretting the decision after the forest is invaded by an evil force and then dragged away.

When she wakes up in the morning Simone gets up only to find her former foe, Greg at her home. Her father, Cutty hired him to assist in his accounts for business. While they flirt and tease one another and she receives a phone email from her boss, asking her to visit the forest to look into their case. A man is missing, and Garza is performing a favor to “Senator Smith” by investigating the case of missing Wallace. They suspect that someone could be trying to kidnap him to gain access to the most secret technologies developed by him to protect national security. They spot evidence of an altercation in the woods and Laura discovers a camera. It’s cracked, and they decide to take it to the lab to retrieve the video.

After returning to work, Brendon surprises Laura with gifts for her birthday. Brendon is disappointed when Laura thinks she has guessed the gift and decides to return the gift back and give her something other than a pen. However, Brendon gets offended with Antoinette when he admits to having re-gifted her present to another person.

Carter and Simone remain in the woods looking for evidence and find an unwell-looking man who is carrying Wallace’s backpack. Man collapses just before they are able to interview him. The doctors claim that they believe he has been exposed to radiation. Simone along with Carter is concerned about the possibility that they were exposed to radiation, however, they’re protected. They return to the forest, but this time with protective gear, and attempt to locate the source of radiation. They discover an unidentified Wallace in an old bunker and it appears somebody was working on an unclean bomb.

They ask for a presentation about the investigation with Sergeant Grey from The Rookie assisting in the investigation. They immediately start an investigation and develop a list of suspects. Carter and Simone take off into the hospital to interview Jagger who has finally regained consciousness. Jagger denies having any knowledge of an explosive device but confesses that to leaving the forest. He informs them of an untrustworthy man he noticed who would bring things into the woods.

The fingerprints are examined at the bunker and find their suspect is Orson Mettle, an infamous eco-terrorist. Orson Mettle is wanted and Garza dispatches Simone along with Carter to speak with Orson’s son. The letter that his father left on his doorstep to warn his son about the possibility of a bombing. The letter assists them in narrowing the possible targets. Simone would like to inform her father, but Carter says it’s against the law.

They reach their site and spot Orson carrying the bomb. They swiftly leave the park and Simone is trying to persuade Orson off of following through with his plans. They manage to get him down prior to triggering the explosive.

As the case progresses, matter, Greg calls Simone and informs her that he has found something that was suspicious while helping her father in his accounts for business. Greg believes that a previously in-prison man who runs the business could be stealing funds from Cutty. He wants Simone to contact Cutty because he’s had difficulty getting Cutty’s attention.

In the next investigation, they find out that Orson took the radioactive material that he used to make this bomb out of an industrial facility. After interrogating the boss of this plant, the investigators learn that Orson created an additional bomb. But he is unable to divulge the exact location where the bomb was made. Simone suggests they employ Orson’s son as a way to force him to reveal the exact location where the bomb was placed. Orson is adamantly refusing to relent, however, they learn from his angry rant.

Their guess is correct, but Simone and Carter have to switch off the timer of the bomb because the bomb team is ahead of schedule.

Following the conclusion of their shift, Carter takes on Simone with a warning of violating protocol and warns her father regarding the explosion. Brendon acknowledges to Antoinette that he’s an alcohol addict who has recovered and she is able to understand why he wasn’t drinking the wine she presented him with.

The Episode Review

Carter is entitled to be furious because Simone didn’t follow the protocol and attempted to warn her father of the imminent danger. It’s surely a stressful situation, but the rules exist to be followed.

At the moment, it is not likely to be the case that Antoinette and Brendon are more than just friends… at least for the moment. It is our hope that we get to know more about their relationship as it develops.

Carter is trying to be a great dad after his divorce, and it is pleasing to witness his care and affection to his young son. Carter is doing his best to be a good dad.



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