The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 2 “Labor Day” Recap & Review

Labor Day

Episode 2 from The Rookie Season 5 starts with Lucy returning home with her boyfriend Chris who is thankfully alive after Rosalind cut his arms and left him to die lying on the couch Lucy. Before they have an opportunity to settle an instructor from the Undercover Academy shows up to take her on as a student at the school. Lucy states that she’ll need time to sort out certain things that have happened in her private life. She is a bit embarrassed by the things that transpired to Chris and has unresolved feelings she has towards Bradford but she isn’t willing to admit it.

Chris is concerned that Lucy could reject the invitation because she blames herself for what happened to her. Chris contacts Bradford and requests Bradford to persuade Lucy to accept the offer. Bradford talks to Lucy and encourages her to pursue the opportunity as it is beneficial for her career.

In the meantime, Bradford’s sister is visiting town to help get their childhood home prepared for an open house. Bradford is eager to put his painful childhood behind him after he sold the home. His sister is currently going through a divorce and is thrilled that she has the funds to help pay the legal costs.

Wesley is reporting for his debut day of work as a prosecutor in the D.A office. It’s not running as smoothly as he thought it would. The boss is demanding that he stop giving everyone a free hand and select a case to be able to go to trial. The day is saved by Lopez who phoned him to solicit assistance in their corrupt police investigation.

Nolan gets the chance to run a trial as a trainer by taking over the role during the time that Harper is taking maternity leave to work with Officer Thorsen. He is thrilled to have the chance, and at his end in the program, Thorsen declares him the most excellent trainer he’s been able to work with in the past. I believe Nolan could be a great instructor, as he’s an easy candidate and has been well-seasoned by his experience in his life.

Nolan as well as Thorsen take on a welfare check request and discover that a police officer is believed to have committed suicide. A quick examination reveals that the officer was shot dead. Lopez and Bradford discuss the murder and the evidence leads them to the corrupt police officers.

Harper on contrary is in pre-labor. She as well as James are moving into their new house and are preparing to have a home birth. Harper is a bit skeptical about having a baby in a hospital after her previous experience. The couple has a plan, and in the event of complications, the hospital is just two minute drive away. James believes that he is in control of everything, however, it’s an unexpected surprise when Harper becomes interested in their noisy neighbors.

In the end, their new neighbors aren’t the kind of law-abiding neighbors. It began when they started listening to loud music, which led to a confrontation. Harper was forced to engage in an exchange with the neighbors. This ended with gunshots, but Smitty appeared when Harper phoned the police. It is evident that Smitty like the lazy officer, believed in the neighbors when they claimed that they had been watching Dirt Harry. I’m amazed Smitty is kept in his position for this time.

Harper does not believe in their ridiculous excuse and continues to watch them from her home. She observes them putting something that resembles human bodies in the car’s boot. She contacts Sergeant Wade and requests him to conduct an background check on her neighbors. A group of neighbors plan to enter their house and assault them, but they weren’t aware of who they would be dealing with.

Harper magically shoots the trespasser and then is born simultaneously. This scene is supposed to prove that she’s a tough girl, but because it was so ridiculous, it turned out to be hilarious!

The Episode Review

Lucy and Bradford have to decide if they will be honest with themselves, one another as well as their spouses. The back and forth between them is becoming a bit messy. Chris and Ashley could end up getting injured if this tension goes on.

I am very excited to meet Nolan as a trainee officer, however. He’s been wanting this position for a long time and put in so much effort for it.

However I am of the opinion that Wesley is delusional, it’s wonderful that he’s seeking to reform the system internally, but not every situation deserves ostracism. There has to be a balance, and I’m hoping he can find it quickly.

James Harper and James Harper are a very cute couple, and I’m hoping we’ll still watch them this season!



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