The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 5 “The Fugitive” Recap & Review

The Fugitive

Episode 5 in The Rookie Season 5 starts with Nolan Bailey and Bailey discussing if it’s the right time for them to go working. Nolan feels it’s too early, considering it’s just been just a week. Bailey knows where he’s thinking, but she also knows that Nolan appreciates her decision to go back to work.

While they wait, Lopez as well as Wesley are in a hurry as they wait for Lopez’s mother to arrive to take care of the baby. Their nanny is taking a vacation. After she has given up and left, Lopez finds her mom bleeding at her doorstep. She bleeding. She immediately dials an ambulance.

Lopez’s mother isn’t badly injured, so she gets to try to convince the hospital staff to get her to date her sons. What’s the need for Tinder and Grinder while your mum is cupid’s personal assistant? Lopez has a written statement from her mother regarding the incident. She claims that a man of size came up to her, pushed her to the ground, and ordered her should, “tell her son that he’s out of line.” Lopez has four children, and they have to determine who the criminal is.

Lopez is able to call Harper to help her solve the case. She also brings her siblings to the police station for an interview. The first one is a smoking hot priest, Father Damien. The second is Benjamin an entrepreneur and the third is Cruz The black family sheep. We didn’t get to meet Bruno the youngest of the three living currently in New York. However, we can be sure that good looks are a part of the family.

Lopez takes a hard line on her brothers because she is determined to find out who’s doing something shady and putting their family in danger. Wesley prefers to stand up for her brothers in order to be in their favor with them. Through the investigation, we find out an interesting family drama, such as Damien the priest who is engaged to a wife of a friend. We are all a bit short of glory.

The most important thing to know is that Benjamin has been in money problems and took out a loan from a loan shark. The loan shark was able to collect when he slowed the payment which meant that Mama Lopez got the brunt of the. The loan shark is arrested and he is taught the hard way to never interfere with the Lopez women.

In the afternoon, Nolan and Juarez handle an incident involving an accident in a car. Bailey is one of the initial helpers and rides with the injured person in the ambulance to the hospital. While she treats the patient in the ambulance, she notices that he’s suffering from an open wound from a gunshot and transmits the wound to her. The patient awakes when he arrives at the hospital. He tries to escape, causing the hospital to enter lockdown.

Bradford is injured in the back when the police are attempting to arrest a suspect, and Chen transports him to the hospital. The doctors tell Bradford that a piece of an earlier gunshot injury is moving closer to his spine, and the patient will require surgery. Bradford being the tough guy will undergo the operation without ever discussing the risk. Chen however is quick to inquire for information and there’s a chance that the surgery could cause Bradford crippled. Sometimes, I am left wondering what Bradford could do without Chen!

He is with Sergeant Grey, who has food poisoning. This means that Smitty is the boss while Grey and Bradford worry about the worst, so they assign Chen to assume the reins. Chen shows she has abilities to lead however she is happy to transfer the reigns to Grey after he has recovered.

Ashley Visits Bradford who is in hospital, and she talks about the many possibilities that might occur in the event that Bradford retires. She is contemplating the possibility and has already decided on her next vacation destination with a sense of joy.

The hospital is in lockdown the hospital’s police and security are working overtime to catch the culprit. Bradford is involved in a fight with him when he unintentionally encounters him in the corridor and the fight ends up with his having an emergency surgery however, he demands everyone keeps the information confidential from Chen. In the end, Juarez is able to save the day by narcotics to the suspect as he holds her during the ride to the hospital.

Following his operation, Ashley breaks up with Bradford when he informs her that the truth about his plans to retire. She says she witnessed her mom worry about her father, who was a police officer, and she doesn’t believe she’ll ever be able to do the same thing. Chen returns to the hospital at the conclusion of her shift and keeps Bradford at bay. He doesn’t inform Chen that he’s been dumped by Ashley and he isn’t able to hesitate to imagine her being with him the way he normally would.

In the evening, Nolan and Bailey celebrate her first day back at work following her recovery from the Rosalind incident. Bailey has engaged in the proposal with Nolan and he agrees.

the Episode Review

Lopez was the star of this episode and it was great that the writers explored her character more and expanded her backstory. We were able to witness Lopez as both a girl as well as a sister, but she’s an outstanding guardian of her family, and we are proud of her for it.

Bradford and Ashley ending their relationship was not a distant dream. It’s like she disappeared into the cracks, but I am happy she’s gone. It’s worth noting that Bradford advised everyone not to inform Chen about her emergency surgery since he didn’t want her to be worried. He wanted her to perform well as an interim commander. He was about to be put under the knife and may end up in a wheelchair, but his main preoccupation was Chen.

In regards to Bailey and Nolan, I am extremely satisfied with both of them. Bailey admits that she and Nolan have an excellent relationship and they’re happy. It’s only natural that they would want to live the remaining years of their days together. I would that Nolan didn’t respond with “try for me to get away.” After all, man has witnessed and suffered through Why would he want to risk challenging the universe?



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