The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 7 “Crossfire” Recap & Review


The Rookie season 5 episode 7 opens with Harper and Lopez exploring the scene of a crime following the death of a shop owner killed in his shop. According to a witness, a gang of women by Double R killed the shop owner. Double R killed him because he was not willing to pay the security cash.

In the meantime, Bailey is feeling off-centered after her engagement. Juarez recommends that she revisedecorate her house to reflect their passion. Nolan is skeptical that the home needs an overhaul, and he believes it’s due to the fact that Bailey has yet to move into the house with him. He discusses the issue with Bailey and they agree that she should relocate her belongings into their new home to make it feel like the home of both.

In the police station, Grey and Bradford have been in charge of the daily morning briefing when they are stopped and issued a court order. Elijah has filed a lawsuit against Wesley, Grey, and Lopez and seeks to Lopez’s personal file. Nolan is willing to assist as a Union Rep. It was our understanding that knew that Elijah’s return would be negative, but we didn’t anticipate him to go down this route to get his revenge.

Lopez believes in Wesley as a lawyer and decides to concentrate on their case rather. They want Grey to grant the green light to an undercover mission directed by Chen. They request Chen to join the female gang and determine who was behind the snare on the store’s owner. It happens that, Bradford and Thorsen are already friends with one of the families of members.

The next morning, they were called to the residence to investigate a noise issue and Thorsen was a good friend to Tabin (a brother of one of the members of the gang.). Harper and Lopez are able to ask Thorsen to persuade Tabin to bring Chen with his sibling and allow her to join the group.

The introduction does not run as smoothly as Thorsen would have liked and Thorsen becomes anxious and warns Bradford that he’s ignoring Chen’s safety in order to advance his career. Bradford is shocked by this assertion and quickly denies the claim.

Chen is an absolute undercover character and totally immerses herself in her role. Chen soon realizes that the murderer is Tabin’s sister and they take action to bring her to justice. Tabin isn’t pleased with how the situation turned out and cut Thorsen off because he feels victimized and fooled.

In another location, Nolan and Juarez are investigating an unusual situation in which a man has been shot right in front of them. They quickly arrest the shooter, only for Juarez to find out that the victim was dead prior to being shot. They believe that he died of a stabbing, however, further investigations confirm that it was poisoned. The case eventually results in the victim’s wife who died when she realized that he had been in denial of her and ended up killing the man.

Elijah’s request to view Lopez and Grey’s personnel files is denied, but this doesn’t discourage him. He informs Wesley that he’ll use every and each legal loophole to take on the people he is concerned about. He states that the only way to end his rant is the moment that Wesley makes an apology public in an event in the press.

Being shackled, Wesley agrees to do the press conference and apologizes to Elijah. Elijah is a clever Fox and he’s trying to get Wesley to answer for his actions even though the truth is that he shouldn’t. Elijah is also receiving a settlement by the town and the freedom to roam.

The Episode Review

It was an error to allow Wesley to make a public apology to Elijah. This could end his career and we don’t know what Elijah will be planning the next time around. Wesley believes he’s protecting his family, but we are aware that Elijah will not let this issue be forgotten. At present, they are unable to touch Elijah and don’t have any proof of his illicit dealings. It may take some time before they are able to get him in the dock.

The moment that Thorsen and Bradford arrived to arrest Tabin’s sister, was an intense moment. Thorsen was a master at in calming the situation, but we’ve seen the way that most situations come to an end. Thorsen is an expert in community police work and Bradford could learn a few things from his experience.


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