The Sex Lives of College Girls – Season 2 Episode 1 “Winter is Coming” Recap & Review

Winter is Here

In the premiere episode of The Sexual Lives of College Girls Season 2 Leighton, Whitney, Bela as well as Kimberly make a return visit to Essex. Leighton discloses that Nico was kicked out as did a number of others from the senior Thetas who were involved in the scandal of cheating.

After lunch, Theta members throw a milk carton on their table to make them whistleblowers. They inform the members that they are allowed to ever enter Theta ever again.

However, Kimberly has more issues. She has never informed her parents about the possibility of losing her scholarship. Now, she has to devise her own method of paying for her education. Leighton assists her in the application for a loan. The loan is approved however she isn’t able to take it as she needs her parents to co-sign.

The sole solution Kimberly could find to solve her financial issues is to take on another job as a transcriber for the script of an Australian reality television show.

While at the same time, Whitney worries she hasn’t filled her schedule with enough activities when she finds out what the soccer players are up to during their off-season. She decides to sign up for water polo however, she isn’t selected for the team. She tells Canaan she is feeling like she has nothing more than soccer. He attempts to motivate her.

Bela invests all of her heart to create an all-female magazine of comedy. However, her hopes are shattered when the writers she is submitting are funny. She turns to Eric to get help He encourages her to not just sit and wait around, but explore the writers’ market for themselves.

Bela, Leighton, and Whitney are getting ready for Leighton, Bela, and Whitney get ready for the Annual Snow Run. The event is an Essex tradition that everyone is only wearing their underwear to compete through the winter snow. Kimberly initially opts to stay in her home, however, the difficult-to-translate Australian accents and the raucous sex of her new neighbor Jackson are trying to persuade Kimberly to move out.

The girls take part in the snow run and then attend Omega Pi’s Winter Party to try to get involved in the new frat. At the event, Bela realizes Lili is hilarious and asks her to create a listicle for the magazine of comedy.

Another girl is flirting avec Leighton at the party and Kimberly insists on dancing with her, however, Leighton gets scared.

Kimberly is then forced to confront Jackson at the party over the loud noise he creates. Jackson offers his number and says she’s free to text him any time because he’s too loud. In the meantime, Whitney overhears Canaan talking about how she has soccer only for her.

After the celebration, Omega Pi and Theta members inform the guests that this is their last night together. The word about their whistleblowing has gone viral. In essence, they’ve been barred from frats.

When they come back at the end of the night, Leighton works up the confidence to reveal to Whitney as well as Bela they’re gay. They convince Leighton to DM the girl who was at the party and Leighton accepts.

The show concludes with Bela returning to Eric’s home to express her gratitude to Eric for his guidance. She is then seen kissing Eric. He then takes her to his home, closing the door behind them.

The Episode Review

The Sex Lives of College Girls returns for a second season, as are many of the actions from season one.

In the majority of cases, the comedy-drama seems to be moving its characters in a new direction. I’m especially excited about Bela’s storyline, which will draw on two themes from the first season which were the theme of gender discrimination and Bela’s intense relationship with Eric.

If there’s a storyline that I’m concerned about, it’s Leighton’s. For a person who is committed to not making her sexuality her sole identity, I’m hoping she doesn’t get stuck by writers who create her arcs solely about sexuality. However, I’m also excited. Her sexuality has been made all the way through this season. I’m hoping, therefore, for a fresh season where she will be able to explore the person she is, inside and outside of her sexuality.


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