The Sex Lives of College Girls – Season 2 Episode 2 “Frat Problems” Recap & Review

Frat Problems

In T the Sexual Lives in College Girls Season 2, Episode 2 Bela is able to come up with a method of getting Theta back on their positive side. After the girls fail to host a party on their own, they discover that they require Theta’s support for them to be able to enjoy a social existence at Essex. Therefore, Bela decides to help Theta out by hosting a fundraising party. If it is successful in getting Theta free of any difficulties with the administration the boys will allow them to have parties.

While Kimberly is at work, Kimberly is invited to an event at the house of Professor Hennessey. Kimberly takes this opportunity to inquire from her professor if she’d like to be able to cosign the loan.

Luckily professor Hennessey is in agreement. However, later in the evening at the dinner, her husband suggests that Kimberly ought to have a sexual encounter with him. Kimberly is too stunned to declare “no” without hesitation.

Bela hosts a great male strip-show party for the Theta fundraising event. The event is almost closed by the dean who is happy when she learns of the amount of money they’re earning.

Theta is thankful for the girls who made their prom outfits charitable, which means that the suitemates’ social lives are returning.

The girls are having fun at parties and having fun, however, Leighton is a bit embarrassed to split the group with a girl because of being too intimate. However, Willow informs her that she’s now one of the hottest females on campus, which makes Leighton feel more confident about herself.

In the meantime, Whitney admits to Canaan that she’s been feeling jealous about the new colleague Zoe. Whitney also admits that she was listening to him discuss her lack of anything happening right now.

Canaan promises her she doesn’t need to be jealous of Zoe. Whitney is his perfect girl. He apologizes for the things the man-made earlier. However, both are of the opinion that Whitney has plenty of time to spend.

The show ends with Kimberly thanking Prof. Hennessey at her desk. Hennessy however, has refused to cosign for the loan.

In the belief that this is related to her husband, Kimberly apologizes and promises her that she will never do anything sexually explicit with him. However, that’s not what the professor was discussing. While Hennessy shouts at her husband on the phone for slamming into an uninitiated pupil, Kimberly quietly ducks out of the room.

The Episode Review

It’s always fun to witness Bela’s charm on display and her clever quips are evident during this particular episode. The task of saving Theta was an enormous task and Bela was able to accomplish it in a manner that was entertaining, funny, and just plausible enough.

The rest of the show seemed a bit out of sync However, it was a bit off-kilter. It swept under the carpet Leighton’s well-known struggle with coming out, as well as the insensitive nature of the abuse Kimberly encountered from her husband’s professor. Also, it seems to quickly solve the issue of Canaan’s snarky comments in front of Whitney’s face.


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