The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 4 “The King of Nice” Recap & Review

“The King” of Nice

Episode 4 from The Simpsons season 34 starts with Krusty the Clown fighting with his boss on the phone. He isn’t keen on entertaining the children during Kelly Clarkson’s home warming celebration. Evidently, he has lost everything on NFTs (Non-funny television shows) and, therefore, he sort of has to do things he doesn’t enjoy.

At Kelly’s home, kids are glued to their phones and Krusty suffers from being ignored. In the bathroom, Krusty is able to have a chat in the bathroom with Lindsey Neagle, a daytime producer. She offers him a job but insists that he prove he is a good fit by inviting the mothers to their party dancing. Unhappy with his job, Krusty reluctantly goes ahead to try it. He delights her with his dancing abilities.

In a supermarket, the dog wrote questions for dogs Marge about her choices for lifestyle. Marge joins the group that is moderated by Lindsey. Marge delights Lindsey with her wacky ideas for TV shows. Some of her crazy ideas include unboxing candles and the smell of candles, hilarious bed-making mistakes, and teens explaining TikTok to mothers of carpools. She’s appointed as a Segment producer. She is told by an ex-worker who was fired that she’s trading her soul to get the job and will not leave the company without a scratch.

Marge is excited and is excited to start her work. She’s loving her new home and eating meals with salad dressing. In the meantime, Krusty is being prepared to perform flawlessly on the talk show as host. When Krusty insists that he doesn’t have humor in the script Lindsey informs him that his role is to be pleasant. And, that’s all.

Intuitively unsure, Krusty notices people are completely enthralled by just about everything, and they are prone to laughing and clapping at insignificant things. Marge is receiving praise for her work, however, she begins to sense the negative atmosphere that exists at the workplace.

Marge is seen leaving Homer while eating dinner in a restaurant due to her work. She’s overwhelmed by tasks to eventually finds herself in an endless cycle of production and expectations. The slapstick continues. Homer voiced his concern, telling Marge that she was getting lost because of the work. Marge is unable to cover up her feelings and continues to work on the show.

In the foreseeable course of events, Krusty’s program is in the news for its toxic workplace. In the aftermath, Krusty delivers an apology-less apology written by the show’s writers. Marge’s conscience takes over and she stands up to speak her mind to reveal details about what happened to the show. Krusty assumes responsibility for everything that goes wrong. However, he later tells Marge that he took responsibility because he’s on another show. At home, Marge lovingly tells her family members that her favorite job is caring for her family.

The Episode Review

There’s a shocking lack of humor in this most recent Simpsons episode. In addition, the moments of humor that are present are a bit cliche and tired. The story tries to make use of an old-fashioned plot that’s been played numerous times before but it fails in this case. The possibility of seeing a new story fail would be better than this. I would only suggest watching this movie if have nothing else to go to.

The Simpsons is a far way from the lofty levels it once reached, but this season’s episode is the lowest point in the history of The Simpsons and we’re really dissatisfied with where the show is going!



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