The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 6 “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” Recap & Review

Treehouse of Horror XXXIII

Episode 6 from Season 34 of The Simpsons starts with Marge trying to find the perfect book to read for Maggie. In the end, she chooses The Pookadook, a book that has nothing typical about it. It’s so bizarre, Marge does not want to continue reading, however, Maggie insists on continuing. In the evening, Maggie screams in fear as she realizes that the Pookadook book somehow made it into her bed. Marge runs into the room and tears it into pieces.

It’s not long until Marge becomes a monster, proving the rumors about her fears from the book are accurate.

Marge is about to cut Maggie to death, but she is interrupted by her family. The following same day Marge is seen following Maggie with an unwieldy knife in her palm. But, Maggie outsmarts Marge and is able to tie her up. After a few tries, Marge finally gets hold of Maggie. But when Maggie affectionately touches her cheeks, Marge realizes she was controlled by the Pookadook monster. The monster apologizes to Maggie for her actions. When the demon appears in his form as smoke Marge takes him in through an air purifier.

The next sequence leads us back to Tokyo where Lisa discovers a Death Tome which is the diary of the god of death. Anyone whose name appears listed in the diary will be destined for their demise. But, there’s one rule: The reason for death cannot be replicated. While not convinced of the book’s power, Lisa keeps it with her. In her home, she sees a tv news report that the cute cat has been taken hostage by a corrupt man who has an assault weapon. She decides to determine whether the diary could actually use to help bring someone to the end of the road. She writes down the man’s name in her diary and also a heart attack as the reason behind his death. Voila! In a matter of minutes, the man is dead of a heart attack.

Shinigami, the god of death appears before Lisa and tells her Shinigami is also known by his nickname Steve Johnson. Lisa is willing to give him his Death Tome, however, she suggests that the journal is hers because she’s previously used the diary. As she knows, she’s the one who is in charge of death, Lisa is determined to kill anyone with any connection with evil. Even Shinigami is astonished by how she’s doing her duties. She comes up with some amazing strategies to kill individuals. One of them is the toilet alligator.

L Detective L, who is highly regarded is able to explain the reason for the mysterious death that takes within the town. Lisa decides to murder L however, she needs to be aware of his full name to take him down using the Death Tome. In a bizarre twist of things, Lisa kills Shinigami and transforms into Shinigami, and then leaves with Bart who is aware of her secret.

The next scene is set several years further into the future when Homer is talking about Monorails and his friends. Two robots perform reset the computer on Homer and transport him to the cyber-experiment unit. A lady informs Homer that, even though Homer may appear to be an adult, he’s in reality an intellectual property that is expensive. Homer has become a computer.

Homer is able to escape and seeks to locate his family. He eventually discovers Marge as well as everyone else and heads away to escape the oppression of robots. The family disguises themselves as robots to deflect suspicions.

After that, they are confronted by a horde of tiny robots that continue to multiply. The family attempts to stop them by shooting T-shirts. They take down the robots by using their car to get away. Safe and sound The Simpsons finish their meal in Bob’s Burgers.

The Episode Review

Another time, another parody – that is devoid of humor or fun. In simple terms, the show isn’t going to make much sense to those who haven’t watched the shows they mock. Do you think it’s worth watching? There’s nothing to be admired but the popular stories that the show is based on make it enjoyable to watch.


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