The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 7 “From Beer to Paternity” Recap & Review

The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 7

From Paternity to Beer”

Episode 7 from The Simpsons Season 34 starts with the top executives of Duff Beer discussing the potential replacement for Duffman as the main mascot. The voting has been held to select which mascot will replace Duffman. But, Homer doesn’t want to watch Duffman depart as he wishes to see him at the end of his last drink.

Duffman is in the lowest of the polls. In a quest to make people aware of his past and gain his spot back, Duffman tries to do the best he can to grab the attention of people. But, he begins with a bad start. Some women are misinformed about his bizarre sexism and the media follows his trail.

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In the end, however, convinces people that he isn’t sexually sexist by claiming that they are the “father of an adorable daughter.” When a television reporter inquires if there’s a picture of his child on the phone Duffman displays the photo of Lisa. The Simpson family that is watching the hilarious prank on the television are shocked to see him making use of Lisa as a prop.

Homer, as well as Lisa, confront Duffman over using Lisa’s photo to win acceptance. Duffman admits that he was wrong. He confesses to having one daughter, named Amber however, he’s no longer in contact with Amber. The former mascot asks Homer to assist him in becoming more of a “daughter father” as he is. Homer forms a group of fathers of daughters to start the process of bringing Duffman the daughter he lost back. The group asks Duffman to reach out to his daughter.

Duffman with Homer along with Homer and Lisa is on his way for a meeting with Amber. In a restaurant, Duffman exposes the reasons for the tension between his daughter and him. On their way, the two stop at a convention center to garner votes for the campaign. Lisa is unable to visit the museum and becomes angry at Homer for claiming to be a perfect dad. Homer confesses that he didn’t wish for her to go with him on the excursion at all. Incredulous and furious, Lisa asks Homer never to speak with her once more.

Watching Homer fall as a father, Huffman leaves without Homer. While on their way back, Lisa finds an old sketch of Duffman along with Amber on the way home. Homer along with Lisa meets Amber and she is sad that her father did not show up. Lisa attempts try to convince Amber that Huffman is a different father.

Amber leaves when she sees Duffman performing his typical Duff trick with women. A bottle of Duff beer spills out of the van, and it rolls in Amber’s direction. Duffman is able to stop it by using his chick magnet, which saves his little girl’s life. This is the first time in a long time that Amber has witnessed the fatherly aspect of Duffman. Huffman displays the drawing to Amber and their relationship becomes a new one of feelings of love. The Duffman’s agent contacts his informing him that they have won the election. To his daughter’s delight and amazement, Duffman hangs up the phone.

The Episode Review

The episode is an enormous improvement over previous seasons. The plot is intriguing with a touch of humor, but with an important message. Duffman’s transformation from an attention-seeking character to a caring father is a joy to see. It’s even better when he solicits Homer to help him. We’d have loved to see more jokes. However, overall this is a great episode that is sure to keep you entertained.


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