The Winchesters – Season 1 Episode 1


The Pilot of the Supernatural prequel The Winchesters starts with a flashback to the demon-summoning ritual. The story then shifts toward John Winchester who is going back to his home after serving in the Vietnam War in 1972. John holds a note in his palm that bears a Devil’s Trap symbol on it. Dean Winchester, John’s older son recounts the tale of how his father came across Mary Campbell-Winchester and his mother just after returning from War.

John and Mary encounter one another for the first time in the movie theater and engage in a flirtatious exchange. John returns back to his home to meet his mother who is overwhelmed by being with John for the first time in the space of two years. Mrs. Winchester manages a car repair shop and she’s still furious at John for entering the military without her approval.

He fled home in search of his father, who was absent for a long period. His mother tells him to let him go and let history go. The next night, John meets a demon (possessing a human) while in the street in the street with his notes and the key. The demon is after John to get the key. While the demon is beating John to death, Mary intervenes.

John attempts to take control of the fight that is raging between Mary and the demonic and is able to hit Mary in the process. Mary eventually forces the demon into a pit filled with holy water and inquires about what happened to her dad. The demon tells Mary that it was done for her father and that Maggie was in hell.

Mary is able to exorcise the evil spirit and John gets overwhelmed by the whole procedure. Mary helps calm John down and talks to him about demons that possess human beings, holy water, and exorcism. John talks to Mary about the note which was handed to him by the father of his father.

Because that’s the only time John hears from his father for 15 years, he went to search for the man. He claims that since Mary was also searching for her father it’s probable that both dads who hunt were hunting together.

Mary will take John along. Mary is on a mission to assist her father, who needs assistance with his hunt. Mary utilizes the key John that she found in the letter to gain access to the basement. The two are talking about hunting when Mary switches on the lights and discovers they are inside The Men of Letters bunker.

John discovers Henry Winchester’s (his father’s) locker and finds a family photo inside. John remembers his father in his youth. Mary discovers a record that her father was searching for and brings it with her. She is about to search for her father and John continues to follow her around with questions.

Mary warns John and asks him to steer away from the demon hunter’s life and leave him without giving her name. In the evening the demon walks into the library via an opening and takes possession of a woman whose name is Ada Monroe. Ada is the one Mary’s father commanded her to find.

The next day, John finds Mary and informs her about Ada Monroe going missing. Mary advises John to put aside the demon-hunting lifestyle and she asks John to take care of himself. John believes that searching for Ada can help him move closer to finding his father.

Mary is willing to work along with John and they go to their friend’s library. Latika (Lata) has been a hunter-in-the-making and Mary informs her about her dad, Samuel Campbell going hunting on his own. Lata would like to be a part of John and Mary as well, but Mary insists that she remain behind.

Mary is concerned about her son John John suffers the PTSD anxiety incident in the vehicle and John talks to her about his experience during the Vietnam War and his friend who passed away there. Mary informs her about the EMF (electromagnetic field) reader and assures the man that there aren’t any ghosts to fret about.

The two visit the library of Ada and discover clues to Samuel. Then they notice a sound and hurry to leave the library. They meet the demon while they are heading out, but they meet Carlos Cervantez, a queer hunter. He instructs John on the art of exorcism by using holy salt, water, and a Latin spell.

John performs his first exorcism, with Carlos’s help. In the library of Ada, Mary shares her worries over her father’s decision to go on an adventure hunting by herself. Lata discovers Samuel’s notes and shares with the group the story of the rune box that was built by The Men of Letters.

The four locate the coordinates of a place located in New Orleans and take a journey to locate Samuel. In Carlos the van, Mary asks Lata to leave the world of demon hunting. Lata assures Mary that what occurred to Maggie was not her fault of Maggie.

In the back seat in the back of the vehicle, Carlos and John have an exchange of ideas about what it’s like to be a hunter. In the evening, four of them head out to hunt. John assists Lata to overcome her fear.

Mary and John discuss Maggie and Mary tells John that Maggie had been her cousin. Maggie had been killed by the vampire on an adventure hunt. Maggie claims that her family brought her into the world and says she’s been wanting to be free of the hunter lifestyle from the beginning.

She also informs John that finding her father is her final goal before she leaves. The four go to the dungeon, which is near a cemetery, where Mary discovers Samuel’s lighter.

John and Mary take the trail underground and hear a terrifying growl. The trail is not underground, however, Carols disappears while Lata is on her own and terrified. In the underground, John and Mary find the rune box built by the Men of Letters.

The two are pursued by a loup-garou, a werewolf that came to guard the box. John is able to chase the werewolf away by shooting a silver bullet that was found in his arm after having been shot in the War.

Outside, Lata is met with Ada who is controlled by the demon. Carlos arrives just at the right time and is able to attack Ada by securing holy water, Lata. Ada awakes and is able to stab Carlos to unconsciousness. In the meantime, the loup-garou is delivered close to John and Mary.

John employs the silver to temporarily hurt an animal and Mary is able to throw him a knife made of silver as she walks away. She requests Lata to figure out how to open the box and she fights Ada.

John killed the loup-garou by using the silver knife, and Lata is able to trap the demon who is in possession of Ada within the rane container. The following day John discusses with his mother the letters which he was given by his father. The letter says that Henry has passed away.

The mother of his son warns John against taking the path of demon hunting, but John is determined. John is reunited with Mary when they discuss the life of a hunter. Carlos and Lata are also present and they get to know Ada.

John talks to Ada who is recovering. The group is told by Ada that Samuel was in pursuit of an Akrida an animal that was found beyond the human realm. Mary finds out that her father could be hiding in Savannah and is forced to leave.

John requests that she stop and declares that John, Carlos, Lata, and Ada will join them, too. The episode concludes with Dean writing a note in his notebook while driving away in his 1975 Chevy Impala.

the Episode Review

It is apparent that the producers of this show, I’m looking at the names of Jensen and Daneel Ackles. They are really sucking up their share of the Supernatural legacy. In the manner that Supernatural ended, nobody in the fandom would have thought to create an upcoming prequel, but now we’re watching the premiere season of The Winchesters.

There’s nothing particularly memorable about the show, however, it’s not a complete disaster. We have seen the brief versions of John and Mary’s love story and we also witnessed an emotionally bitter moment in which the family was able to have some kind of reunion in Season 14 when Sam and Dean were able to summon John from the grave.

But, I think Mary’s character isn’t real. She appears to be a young but want-to-be good-looking teenager and this isn’t something that Supernatural did in her appearance as an adult during the program. There is a chance for an improvement in her character. John’s character was shocking, to put it mildly. There must be a good reason for him to have chosen to accompany Mary on her quest to find Samuel despite finding out that his father had died.

The first episode was uninteresting and I’m hoping the producers have a chance to come to terms with the fact that the fans would like to see something that is based on what’s in the Destiel Canon rather than a telling John and Mary’s romance, which we’ve had enough already.


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