The Winchesters – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

You’re the Lost Little Girl

Episode 3 from The Winchesters starts with a young girl called Carrie asking her mother to assist in looking for her favorite toy, Bernice. Her mother informs her that she’ll be returning home later that day and that she will assist her to find Bernice when she returns from work. When she wakes up, the girl is able to hear a rumble and discovers a bag containing the toy inside her bedroom. The toy is removed from the bag, and then goes to bed, happy, however, a monster soon emerges from the bag, and Carrie awakes screaming.

The story is then a continuation of Dean’s story about how hunters aren’t born but are transformed into the people they are through their instincts. In the library of Lata’s, Mary ends a call from her mother’s best friend. Lata and Mary discuss her being looking for Samuel and isn’t aware of the fact that Samuel has gone missing. Mary is unsure of the search for Samuel however John and Lata attempt to encourage her by encouraging her to keep seeking Samuel.

Lata suggests she knows that John Mary and John Mary had been at work all day and invites them out to see a film. John is willing to go, however, Mary isn’t sure why Lata suggested that John and Mary take a date. The group isn’t near to opening the rune box, and Ada believes that the demon who possessed her is the key to opening the box.

Then, Carlos joins them and informs Mary that the cops are all at Mary’s neighbor’s house. Mary and John depart to her home to investigate the situation. Mary asks Ada to find the person who was the demon’s friend who took her in and also asks Carlos to go with her. Mary, as well as John, shows up at the home where the eight-year-old Carrie who is Mary’s neighbor is missing. Carrie was at home by herself with her brother 12 years old, Ford.

The police officer in charge – Betty is John’s best friend and introduces her to Mary. Betty informs Mary about Carrie missing, and the hunter resigns to speak to Ford. John and Betty appear to be in a similar situation from the past when Betty confesses that she tried to contact John when he returned from the war.

Ford informs Mary about an animal grabbing Carrie and dragging her into the sack before they both vanished. Mary and John investigate the room of Carrie to find clues, as Mary is clearly irritated by John’s closeness to Betty. John and Mary discuss their respective childhood ambitions and Mary declares that she never had the chance to be anything more than a hunter.

He tries to convince her she can alter her mind and become who she desires to be. John says that when Mary discovers Samuel and is able to cease being a hunter after the right thing and begin to live the next stage of her life. Mary discovers a fragment of the sack with an inscription in Devanagari’s script. The episode features a creature who lives in a room filled with children’s toys.

The next morning, Mary appears to be demonic and is able to demon-proof Ford and Carrie’s homes. Ford declares that he would like to help them seek Carrie however John and Mary insist to stay at home and stay protected. Ford is determined as well. John and Mary attempt to soothe him by telling him about their skills as monster hunters who are able to take care of the situation.

Carlos along with Ada is out on a stakeout to watch out for the demon when he attacks them. Carlos fights the demon using his holy water gun, while Ada is pushing him to the rear in the back of the van. The demon is unable to escape the van since Ada has set up an evil trap. They have to take the demon out and John and Mary arrive at Lata to find clues regarding the creature.

She says that the creature is a native of North India – “Bori Baba” which translates into “Sack Man” similar to the bogeyman. Lata states that the monster is able to lure people into the sack in order to lure the owner to buy their highest-priced possession. Mary is puzzled by the creatures that they have encountered come from various parts of the globe and connects with the Akrida.

Lata declares that she doesn’t know anything about the monster, other than the information her family has given her, and she isn’t sure how to take it down. John hopes that she will talk to her parents about it after Mary tells him that her parents are no longer with us. She is still hoping to get in touch with her family members back home and attempts to help the pair. Ford notices a knock on his home and opens the bag with his hairclip of Carrie.

In a flash, the monster has captured Ford too, and Mary, as well as John, are shocked to return to an empty house. They are both worried and Mary begins to search for clues. Betty is in the house and John attempts to prevent the police from examining Ford whom he left alone and at home by his mother, despite Carrie’s disappearance.

The back door is where Mary uncovers another piece of the sack. She discovers that the beast has been able to take Ford too. Betty talks to John about their split and tells him how they ended things by promising to keep in touch. John informs Betty about the time he learned that his father had passed away and tells her the family was having difficulty processing that. Betty informs him that she’s here for him and that she was just an easy phone contact only a few minutes away.

John goes back to Ford’s home and notices Mary had gone missing. Mary utilizes Carrie and Ford’s cell phones to call him and inform Ford of Ford’s abduction. She’s in a rush and declares that she’ll go into Bori Baba’s sack to rescue her two brothers. John opposes Mary’s idea and claims that there is no way to bring her and her children outside. Mary insists that John along with Lata will figure out a way.

Mary attempts to recall her father’s hat that was lost. She summons the monster to take her away. Then she wakes up in an area filled with toys and items that are missing. She wore her father’s hat and is searching to find Ford or Carrie. Ada along with Carlos is trying to catch the demon for keeping him in captivity, and he is trying to mock her for attempting to be a witch.

Ada threats to put the demon in the bonsai tree to force him to discuss the ranebox. The demon catches on to Ada’s trick and claims Akrida did not ask him and his companion (the demon that was possessed by Ada) to search for the box. He says that the person asking them to look for the box was a demon who was hiding within the human body of a woman.

In lieu of purifying the evil, and leaving him, Ada follows along with her ritual and locks the demon inside the bonsai tree. John and Lata debate about not letting Mary leave the demon’s trap, and she attempts to contact one last family member. Inside the house of the monster, Mary is able to find both kids and temporarily stops the monster from attacking his legs and arms.

The monster starts healing and regaining her strength when she takes Ford and Carrie to hide. Lata receives the help she requires from her family, but it turns out that her mother’s still alive. She informs John that Bori Baba is not in danger inside his sack. should they call him, the bag and everything in it is destroyed.

Lata asserts that they’ll be required to first release Mary and her kids before calling the monster. She also states that for hostages to become free, they must accept the release of any items they’re keeping. John utilizes the radio signal on his mobile phone to relay the hostage this information to Mary. The children are determined to return home and don’t need any convincing to part with their beloved items.

Mary however is trying to ignite her father’s hat, but it fails. The beast begins to attack her, and John says that she must let go of the things she is most passionate about. She asks herself how she could be able to let go of her father and John says that maybe it’s hunting that she must let go of. She’s worried as hunting is all she can do, However, John’s words soothe her, and eventually, she’s in a position to throw away the hat.

The monster is able to catch her, but Mary can remove the hat and return to her real world. In the end, the monster gets away from its own world too, and goes out into an actual world. Because he is a threat when he is in the actual world, John is able to end the monster’s life by cutting its neck. Carrie and Ford reconnect with their mother, and Betty thanks John for his assistance in the case.

She hands John the ring that he gifted to her earlier in her life and then leaves him with an agreement to remain close friends. Mary and John begin to talk and she says she’ll take her hunter life slow. She heads out to the cinema and discovers someone to share the film with. John along with Lata are at the library discussing at the time Ada and Carlos arrive.

The two inform John and Lata that Akrida is an undead creature disguised as a human female who is summoning mysterious and dangerous monsters. A conclusion reveals how Akrida actually is an RJ known as Rocking Roxy and hosts a late-night radio program. After John burns the remains of Bori Baba”spider” in Akrida’s “spider” brings its essence that the demon stows away inside a tiny glass jar.

Episode Review Episode Review

The episode appeared a bit better than the previous two, now that we’re back to old-fashioned lore and old-fashioned monster hunting but it is apparent that the show is playing the focus on John’s previous love story and Mary’s side relationship. I’d like to see this story about John and Mary being in love as more natural and organic as we have seen it in the past. Also, it doesn’t include more plots and jealousies like we’re being told.

One possible result of John hunting but being unable to connect to hunting up until Mary’s passing could be due to the fact that Mary has erased his memory so that he has no memory of hunting. Carrie’s mom is missing for the whole time her kids were abducted, which appears to be a bit absurd.

Mary’s bond with her children isn’t foreshadowed, however, it is rather rushed, which makes her connection with them even more astonishing. It was hilarious to watch John and Mary communicate with each other through radio signals prior to when she went into the bag. This way, we can have the answer before the conflict is revealed. It is a credit to CW for having similar conflicts many years after. Way to go!

“You found me once I have faith you will do it again,” is sure become the slang line of the show, because it’s shockingly absurd the amount of confidence Mary is having in the guy she met a few weeks ago. It is only logical to hope for more organized chaos in the coming episodes.


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