Titans – Season 4 Episode 2 “Mother Mayhem” Recap & Review

Mother Mayhem

Episode 2 in Titans Season 4 starts with another bizarre murder. A peaceful suburban home is rocked by an unknown figure appearing, as if out of thin air wearing the identical bird mask that was seen before. The mother is killed and for the daughter, this supernatural being is there to help her, and screams are heard before we know what transpires.

In the meantime, Conner is arrested for the murder of Lex Luthor. Conner agrees and is taken to the Detention Center and is greeted by an alarming green light hovering above him, maintaining his power. Dick and Kory offer to help however Conner is furious and says he’s never experienced such power before. Conner is resigned to his fate after that he was found red-handed in the scene, however, Kory attempts to assure Conner that the situation isn’t all over. They’ll be able to gather evidence to get him out of the prison.

Kory, as well as Dick, decide to collaborate to uncover the hidden secrets Lex Luthor may be hiding in hopes that it will reveal who exactly killed him.

Kory is following a trail to Lex’s house which leads her to the name of Nelson Blake, who confirms that it wasn’t just Lex Luthor who died that night. In reality, the entire inner circle of Luthor’s close and dearest also perished. Blake was the sole one who is still alive He also breaks the information that Luthor was in the process of researching Kory prior to the change of his mind and decided to go up death, forming a cult with a variety of religious cultists, among them the “archeologist woman” (potentially Mrs. Bennett. They were playing with things they shouldn’t have. Then, Nelson hears strange chanting and then begins to pour blood out of his mouth. Then an elongated snake appears out of Nelson’s mouth exactly like Luthor. Kory is quick to get rid of it.

Rachel and Dick investigate LexCorp to find clues, focusing on the crime scene and trying to figure out the connection to the cultists that we’ve previously seen. Rachel is able to experience visions, which bring them to the same home in the opening that begins the story. The radio continues to be ominously played in the kitchen as the members separate and search for clues in the rooms. Dick discovers a bloody fruit on the floor. Rachel happens to be the person to find the dead body of the mother in the kitchen, placed on top of the island.

The girl who was born in the year 2000 is alive in her bedroom and is trapped in a dream. Rachel decides to assist and utilizes her abilities to save the girl, encroaching on her dream to do so. We learn that her name: is Arya and Rachel is able to protect her from the spooky religious cultist wearing a bird mask that is stalking her.

We also get to see more of Sebastian in this episode as well as he takes off for an epic gaming event, however, the players aren’t too thrilled about his ideas. Sebastian makes a presentation about his game that’s community-driven but his enthusiasm doesn’t convince the crowd. They smile and tell him that it’s the market is competitive and they think he’s “not a good fit.” Following this, Sebastian experiences visions, seeing the entire group of people and women who have blood streaming onto their faces. It’s not an isolated case since we witnessed him experience similar things in the last episode, where blood was protruding from the taxidermist the fox’s mouth.

Bloody, indeed, and blood, the Titans discover a plethora of bodies buried in a warehouse that has been abandoned. The good news is that they’re alive. Rachel is assaulted by the bird-mask-wearing man, and is able in stopping him… however, the effort isn’t enough. Rachel senses the echoes of something hiding in the shadows, but it disappears as swiftly as it appears. Whatever the case, it seems like enough to drive Conner out.

Dick Grayson speaks to Arya from his back book and talks to her about his feelings since he knows something or two about losing his parents. He speaks about Bruce and how the passage of time will help her feel more comfortable, much like it did for him. Dick passes his jacket to Arya she lets her take the jacket.

With Conner free of the shackles and given the horrific crime scene and the police’s investigation into more details about this case Dick talks to Conner about the evidence they’ve uncovered and the horrific crime scene. When he sees the bodies as well as the horrific situation, Conner grumbles and says he will never return to Metropolis ever again.

While they’re on their way out they’re greeted by a sorceress, who takes advantage of Conner and then sends Conner flying across the road. Rachel also gets knocked out and suddenly loses her strength too and the gem that resembles a chakra on her forehead vanishes and her hair becoming into a white color. However, Kory is able to salvage the day and stop her villain who then explodes into incomprehensible oblivion.

The cultist turns up along with the other members in the basement, exactly the same one we witnessed Luthor studying in the last episode. They begin to chant and prepare for the next step of their scheme. When they’re done chanting, their voices echo to Sebastian who continues to suffer hallucinations and is somehow connected to this.

The Episode Review

The second episode begins to strengthen the ties to the cultist group, and it’s apparent that Rachel’s powers may be linked to this, though it’s not new given what we know regarding her as well as her connection to a dark art. The first season so far hasn’t been quite at an equal level to the episodes we’ve seen in the past as characters such as Gar have very little to do. I hope that’s changed in the next episode, however.

In the wake of Lex Luthor’s dead and many doubts surrounding our characters as well as the motivations of the cult, it’s to be seen what’s to come next.


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