Titans – Season 4 Episode 3 “Jinx” Recap & Review


Episode 3 from Titans Season 4 begins with the Titans gang taking Rachel back to headquarters. Rachel is alive, but clearly not in good health. As Rachel, herself states it’s that her “soul and core essence” was taken away.

Dick decides to allow Tim to begin training while Tim and Kory go to Gotham to find someone for their cause. They hope that someone will assist. Jinx. She’s been locked up since her arrival however she swiftly causes chaos after she’s taken out of her cell. She then touches the ground and transforms into a human storm and disappears. Great work guards! How are they going to track her?

Given that Jinx is known for stealing precious trinkets and valuable objects, Dick deduces that she might be looking for a robust box that’s worth a penny.

In the meantime, the Blood magic is continuing to operate in mysterious ways, transforming into a spider who is bitten by two workers as they’re carrying barrels of blood. This is the work of May Bennett and she is Mother Mayhem which we established in the last episode. In her conversation with her fellow witches, she has set their sights on Sebastian to visit and observe them in the disguise of investors who accept the videogame pitch.

However, the moment Sebastian arrives, things go wrong. The investor pulls out the scissors and then stabs his face. Police arrive quickly and believe he’s the culprit and bring him downtown and ready to interrogate him. This is reflected on scanners together with Tim and Conner who recognizes he’s a key part of this and they are determined to track the culprit before the witches get him.

Gar talks to Rachel about his dreams as they’re walking together in the park, revealing that he’s been taken away to a place filled with red. He’s also heard voices as evidenced by his experience in the woods when he fell to the ground. He believes the skinwalkers are encouraging he should join in. They’re trying to convey to Gar something about witches who are attacking them. So, he’s determined to get in touch with them in some way.

Talking about communication, Kory and Dick intercept Jinx during a burglary. After snatching a flimsy box from them, her interest gets the better of her and she is able to open it up and reveal a heart beating and… the heart has changed to stone. Jinx isn’t able to reverse it and the only way to reverse it is to locate the dark elf whose magic this happens to be and reverse the spell. As of the moment, Dick has no choice other than to join Jinx.

The duo meet at the parking area and pay for their parking and then open a secret nightclub, where the dark elf is. Dick discovers the dark elf… The elf immediately demands to be killed.

Dick does more than hold his own, removing those hired toms and forcing this elf to take on herself. Dick does manage in knocking her down and quickly realizes that this is a con. It is revealed that Jinx took him there in a deliberate way, under the pretense of the dark elf being the sole one to reverse the curse… even though she’s not. It’s Jinx!

Dick is back in Jinx and discovers that she’s got a death mark giving her tips on how to play. She’s owed 5 million and this is the reason she is so determined to take risks and make big profits. Dick has the solution she needs to help her free Kory and will wire the money on her behalf.

After releasing Kory of her stone Tim and Conner are ringing with the news. They realize that this entire thing that is happening with Sebastian is a ploy that was initiated by May Bennett. Dick asks them to stay in a secluded spot for a while and warns them that this could be risky.

As they fight back and back and forth, Bennett shows up and observes Sebastian who decides that he’s going to make a difference in this world and she’s on hand to assist in making that dream an actual reality. She convinces him to accept the dark side of him and makes him repeat a set of statements.

But before he’s able to finish, Conner is on the scene and helps the man escape imminent doom. Bennett leaves and is watching them go laughing and thinking she’ll get a second chance to win this.

In the meantime, Gar and Rachel continue to wander around in the darkness and stumble upon the tree, which has human remains hanging on it. So, what do these Skinwalkers have to say to Gar as they speak to Gar and dance all around him? “When the blood moon is full, the world will fall.”

The Episode Review

Titans returns with yet another move forward in the storyline It appears that Sebastian is an integral element of the blood-related ritual and supernatural tale. The reason he’s there and the meaning behind this ritual will remain to be discovered, however, it is possible that Sebastian is a vehicle for an alien monster.

There’s also a bit more growth for Gar who’s out galivanting with Rachel who’s not able to harness her powers yet as Conner assists Tim to train.

Beyond that, it’s little happening with this episode that feels more like an unfinished episode, which is paving the way for bigger and better things in the near future. The next episode should pick up the speed!


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