Top 20 Books To Read In November 2022

The Lost Metal – Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn #7)

The prodigal child of fantasy is back. Brandon Sanderson is back with an entirely new storyline within his Mistborn world, with the promise of the world to an explosive conclusion.

For many years the frontier policeman who later became a senator from the big city Waxillium Ladrian was pursuing the shadowy group identified as Set. Set since they started abducting those who had the ability to activate allowance in their bloodlines.

When Marasi Colms, the police detective Marasi Colms, and her partner Wayne find weapons that are destined for the Outer City of Billing, it opens a new avenue. The war with Elendel as well as the ones within out of Outer Cities only favors the Set and their tendrils are now extending toward the Elendel Senate whose fraud Wax and Steris have sought to expose.

Release Date: 15th November 2022

The Prisoner – B.A. Paris

B.A Paris’s new novel is a sure hot read and definitely one of the top novels to read in November.

The story revolves around Amelie who has proven to be unstoppable in her fight. After losing her parents as a young in Paris and then reestablishing herself on the streets in London, Amelie has built an identity for herself and eventually was married to the stunning millionaire Jed Hawthorne.

The moment Amelie is found in an unlit, dark room, she is in a state of confusion over what she is doing, and she is taken into a gruesome investigation. What is the reason she is being detained? What are these mysterious individuals who have taken her? What makes her feel more secure in jail, as she did while together with her partner Jed?Release Date: 1st November 2022

Before I Let Go (Skyland #1) – Kennedy Ryan

The book Prior to Let Go is a book about hope and healing and it’s the newest book published by Kennedy Ryan. The main protagonist here is Yasmen who is only getting back to a sense of happiness after suffering a devastating loss in the event that Yasmen and Josiah’s wedding broke up. in a divorce.

Yasmen and Josiah have found themselves in an exciting new way of co-parenting their two kids in addition to running their own business that is flourishing. However, like magnets that draw one another, they’re always attracted to each other and are now beginning to doubt if they’re willing to part with everything they’ve ever had.

Release Date: 15th November 2022

Bookmarked (Legendborn, #2) -Tracy Deonn

Tracey Deonn’s Bloodmarked is the second book that will be released as part of the Legendborn Chronicles and with a beautiful cover. The description of the book is equally great!

Bree is back and, after being an active member of the Legendborn Order (a secret society that is a descendent of the Knights of Arthur) Arthur) Bree has discovered her own power, which is ancestral to her. She’s then transformed into the brand new: A Medium. A Bloodcrafter. A Scion.

But, the battle between the demons and the Order is on the brink of a potentially deadly final battle. To make things more complicated, Nick, the Legendborn boy Bree was a fan of Nick was abducted.

When Bree hopes to be successful in securing herself and those whom she cherishes She must be able to master her abilities by studying the ancestors that first had these powers, and not be able to identify herself while doing so.

Release Date: 8th November 2022

Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six – Lisa Unger

Secluded Cabin sleeps six people is an action-packed thriller that is sure to be awe-inspiring on the charts this month. The plot is simple and revolves around three couples who rent an amazing log cabin for the weekend. This is a vacation to be loved by.

The property is private and boasts stunning views with the hot tub and the on-site chef. Hannah’s kind and generous tech-savvy brother found the house online and offered the property as a birthday gift to her, as well as their spouses as well as a couple. Six friends are in need of time away from the pressures of modern life. But the ideal weekend is about to be a nightmare of a different kind…

Release Date: 8th November 2022

Never Ever Getting Back Together – Sophie Gonzales

Another rom-com book to read in November is Sophie Gonzales’ latest book.

It’s been two years since Maya’s former boyfriend of Maya’s was caught cheating and she’s not able to divorce Maya from him. His sister was wed by her Crown Prince of an undiscovered European country. She also gained hearts for her cute younger brother. It would have been nice if everyone knew the truth about Jordy the manipulative, lying fool who broke Maya’s heart.

Skye Kaplan was always cautious in her heart until Jordy did everything right and gained her trust. His face is now everywhere in the media and Skye is pondering the reason she hasn’t heard from him. When their famous ex-boyfriend asks that they be part of a reality show for teenagers, two teenagers – both determined to exact revenge and the other determined to renew their love — are caught by the surprise of their lives as they choose to be in love with one another!

Release Date: 29th November 2022

Never Ever Getting Back Together – Sophie Gonzales

Another rom-com is on the bookshelf to anticipate in November thanks to Sophie Gonzales’ latest book.

It’s been a whole more than two years since she was with her former boyfriend who was involved in an affair sexually with her, and she’s struggling to stay away from her. His sister was engaged to her prince of the crown from a secluded European country and was a hit with her charming younger brother. If only everyone knew the reality about Jordy the manipulative lies that broke Maya’s heart.

Skye Kaplan was always cautious in her mind until Jordy did the right thing and won her confidence. His face has been appearing on the news, and Skye is wondering why she’s not heard from him.

Their ex-boyfriend, now famous, asks to be a part of the reality show for teenagers Two 18-year-olds – one who is determined to take revenge, and the other who is open to romance rekindling – get involved in a shocking twist when they discover one of them!

Release Date: 29th November 2022

The Ones We Burn – Rebecca Mix

The fantasy tale of Rebecca Mix looks like another fantastic selection for this month and certainly one to watch.

The plot revolves around Ranka who has had enough of dying. She would like to be at peace and spend her days in the wild north of the Witch and alongside the old coven that she was born into. She attempts to forget the horrors of her past.

But, Ranka is named Bloodwinn as the next bride to be a treaty to the kingdom of humankind known as Isodal. Then, she is taken south with a single instruction: Take down the guy. Simple enough, but especially for a blood witch whose magic inspires her to get rid of.

The prince is, however, very gentle and is genuinely terrified of her. He doesn’t wish to be married to Ranka and doesn’t wish to be the king in the first place. And it’s his sibling — the brilliantly beautiful, intelligent Aramis, the princess Aramis — that is the primary threat.

If witches are discovered to be dead or killed by a mysterious mysterious illness, Aramis makes Ranka an offer: help her to develop an effective treatment. In exchange, she’ll aid Ranka to find out how to stop the dangerous magical power.

Release Date: 1st November 2022

Now Is Not the Time to Panic – Kevin Wilson

New York Times bestselling author Kevin Wilson is back with the epic tale of two teenagers who encounter each other in the most memorable summer of their lives.

The 16-year-old Frankie Budge is an aspiring writer, and lonely individual with a determination to get through another summer of misery in Coalfield, Tennessee. When she meets Zeke who is a talented artist, who’s just relocated to the home of her grandmother and she discovers that he’s equally uncomfortable in his solitude as Frankie is.

Sparks of romance and creativity begin to flow. Then, when they design an unsigned poster that is spelled through with a captivating word, it’s inspiring to everyone who sees it.

The posters begin to appear across cities, as the residents start to question who is behind the posters. The rumors about kidnappers and Satanists continue to rage and the mystery may be a risk to the city’s residents if it extends well into the surrounding area. The art that brought Frankie and Zeke together threatens to break them apart.

Release Date: 8th November 2022

We Are the Light – Matthew Quick

Lucas Goodgame lives in a small town in Pennsylvania and is shattered by a tragic accident that occurred in the last few days. Everyone sees Lucas as a hero except Lucas himself. He insists that his wife, Darcy, visits him every night as Angels, Lucas spends his time writing letters to his former Jungian analyst, Karl.

When Eli a young man who is ostracized by his peers, decides to stay on the grounds of Lucas and Lucas, a romantic relationship is formed and they begin an endeavor to make their neighbors feel better eventually they are the only two. The book explores the idea of loss and the joy of love, and the heartbreaking and hilarious tale explores the healing power of art.

Release Date: 1st November 2022

The Cloisters – Katy Hays

The Cloisters is a captivating blend of genres and the debut novel of Katy Hays. The story revolves around a team of researchers of individuals who find an unsettling deck of Tarot cards, as well as some unexpected secrets inside New York’s famed Met Cloisters.

In the event that Ann Stilwell arrives in New York City and is able to make it to New York, she hopes to become a curator assistant at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Instead, she’s been given to the Museum of The Cloisters, a gothic garden that is renowned for its medieval collection. Needing desperately to get rid of the past, Ann is happy to look over the most absurd theories about the history of fortune-telling. What begins as a study becomes a passion once Ann discovers an intriguing 15th-century card deck, which may contain clues to forecast the future.

Release Date: 1st November 2022

The Quarry Girls – Jess Lourey

The Quarry Girls is another mystery thriller that’s expected to become a huge smash this month. The film has already received high praise from critics and fans alike.  The story is set in Minnesota in 1977. Heather and Brenda are hiding a nebulous mystery. They noticed something strange in the darkness and decided to not reveal the information to anyone. But, their sanity will be tested when their friend goes missing. This is the second girl who disappeared within a matter of days. However, authorities aren’t ready to act.

Heather is worried that the girls missing could be connected to the evidence Brenda and Brenda have discovered earlier in the evening. In desperate need of answers, she finds that nobody in her community seems to be who they seem to be. She also knows that she’s next in line.

Release Date: 1st November 2022

The Last Party – Clare Mackintosh

The night prior to New Year’s Eve, Rhys Lloyd has a house full of guests. The holiday homes he has in Mirror Lake are a success and he’s been welcomed by the entire village to celebrate with their newly wealthy neighbors. On New Year’s Day, Ffion Morgan has to contend with a variety of suspects. The tiny community she lives in has turned into her home, and suspects are her neighbors, friends, and relatives. If that wasn’t enough Ffion can also be described as a hidden person, with her own tales she has to keep. With many lies and secrets that are hidden from view. question is which person would like to see Rhys to be killed and who was the one who killed the man.

This is a really thrilling read written by Clare Mackintosh and is certain to be a real page-turner!

Release Date: 8th November 2022

The Luminaries (The Luminaries, #1) – Susan Dennard

The book has been created by Susan Dennard, the New York Times bestselling author of the Witchlands series. The Luminaries is the new modern fantasy being launched on the market.

The setting of the game is Hemlock Falls which is different than other places. The town isn’t even mapped, and the forest surrounding town is a potential death trap.

Winnie Wednesday wants nothing more than to join the Luminaries the ancient order that protects this town Winnie from horrors and monsters that stalk the forest every night.

Because her father was discovered as an occult witch as well as an incriminator, Winnie and her family were disqualified. But, on her 16th birthday, she’ll be able to take the deadly tests for Luminary hunters to prove that she’s trustworthy and loyal. It is also possible to improve the reputation of her family… or lose her life during the process.

Release Date: 1st November 2022

Meredith, Alone – Claire Alexander

Meredith Alone is another chick flick that is the perfect book to read while lying on the sofa with a cup of coffee.

The main protagonist is Meredith She is a full-time remote worker and has a pet, Fred. Her most trusted friend Sadie is a frequent visitor, as are two of her children. A support forum online is available, as also her jigsaws as well as her favorite recipes, and her beloved Emily Dickinson. There are the tense memories of an unsettling childhood and an unfortunate incident that left her reeling.

The world is bound to change. It does not matter whether Meredith is content or not, the world is right at her doorstep. Does she have the ability to overcome the things that kept her from seeing the light for so long?

Release Date: 1st November 2022

The Wilderwomen – Ruth Emmie Lang

The Wilderwomen is the second movie in the fantasy genre this month, and will likely be a fantastic month for those who are a fan of the genre. Ruth Emmie Lang helms this series, and she will return with a new cast of characters that have incredible abilities.

The story started five years ago when Nora Wilder disappeared. Her daughter Zadie could have seen it coming, given that she can sense the future. But her psychic abilities helped to prevent her mother’s vanish.

Zadie’s sister, who is separated from her. Finn is unable to see the future, but she has an extraordinarily sharp memory, so powerful that she can remember not only her personal experiences but as well the echoes of memories left by others. When she is about to leave her graduation party, Finn is seized by an “echo” more powerful than anything she’s experienced before: someone singing an old tune that she recognizes as a song concerning the birds…

When Finn is found sleeping in the aviary on her own and is unsure about how she got there, she finds out that her memories belong to Nora. Now, it’s up to the shoulders of Finn to convince the daughter of her mother that she is not missing, however, she is eager to be found.

Release Date: 15th November 2022

The Resemblance – Lauren Gossett

On the cold, chilly morning of November at the University of Georgia, a fraternity brother was spotted walking across the busy crosswalk and is struck by a vehicle that is approaching. A dozen witnesses unanimously agreed on two aspects: The driver looked like the victim, and he smiled.

The detective who is the first person to the scene Detective Marlittkaplan is a UGA Prof. who’s acquainted with the entire University’s history, starting with the skull found in the foundations of Baldwin Hall to the hushed-up murder-suicide that took place at Waddel. While investigating the hit-and-run crime, she finds further shocking facts. The lines between her duties as a police officer and her own personal story become blurred. Marlitt is determined to bring the police force to justice for the loss of something of value from her years ago.

Release Date: 8th November 2022

A Light in the Flame (Flesh and Fire #2) – Jennifer L. Armentrout

The book is by New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout, book 2 in The Flesh and Fire series looks like it could be an actual firecracker.

The details of Sera’s plan are now revealed to the world and severing the trust between her and Nyktos the other things have changed. For those who doubt her, one thing Sera will do is meet her obligations. She will do whatever it takes in order to stop Kolis as the false King of Gods as well as his oppressive reign on Iliseeum in order to stop the danger his rule poses to the mortal realm. Nyktos has a plan, but while they work together, one thing they don’t have is the unstoppable passion that burns between them.

Release Date: 15th November 2022

Two Wrongs Make a Right – Chloe Liese

Another romantic novel this month is from the newest novel written by Chloe Lise, Two Wrongs Make a Right which unfolds as the romantic re-imagining of Shakespeare’s adored production, Much Ado About Nothing.

Jamie Westenberg and Bea Wilmot are the main protagonists and they don’t have much in common other than an incident at a gathering and the knowledge that they couldn’t be more wrong for each other. However, when the people who are close to them play Cupid and trick them into going to dinner, Jamie as well Bea realize they also have something in common: an inexplicably strong desire to take revenge.

Soon, their plan is in place: fake dates to convince medical professionals you’re insanely in love. They end their relationship in a dramatic manner and give up on stopping the matchmaking game once at a time and forever. Simple, right? But what happens if the Arrow of Cupid was not quite on the right track? What happens if two mistakes why the wrong?

Release Date: 22nd November 2022

Heart of the Sun Warrior (The Celestial Kingdom Duology #2) – Sue Lynn Tan

Susan Lynn Tan’s Celestial Kingdom Duology comes to its conclusion on the 31st of the month by publishing Heart of the Sun Warrior the book, which is expected to provide an entertaining closing chapter to this epic tale that delves into Chinese mythology and stories.

After the liberation of their mother from her father and known as the Celestial King Xingyin enjoys the peaceful and tranquil environment of her new home. However, she’s soon faced with threats of the peaceful life she has created after she is notified of the mysterious moon-like power. Unsettling changes are occurring within this Celestial Kingdom when the Emperor is more firmly in control of the power of Xingyin and forces her to run away.

While Xingyin is determined to keep her safe, however, she’s stunned when she learns shocking facts that lead her into an uneasy confrontation.

Release Date: 15th November 2022

The Stars Undying – Emery Robin

Stars Undying Stars Undying is an engaging and intricate novel that brings together the realms of science fiction and Ancient mythology to create an extremely intricate world. There are many similarities between the stories of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, and perhaps it’s not too surprising that both are the inspiration for the tale.

The plot is interspersed between two different perspectives. The first one is that of Princes Altagracia which has been broken by the loss. In the aftermath of a bloody civil battle with her two sisters Alectelo, Gracia flees and seeks assistance from an intelligent and powerful man, who happens to be the ruler of the majority of the Swordbelt Arm; Matheus Curran.

The ruler of the Interstellar Empire of Ciao is with his right-hand woman Anita she doesn’t appreciate the way Gracia seeks help. But, Gracia’s connections to Ceirran are bound to tie their fates. While they play a perilous game of chess in the brain and try to figure out the other piece, Anita waits in the wings in the background, watching – and always vigilant.

Release Date: 8th November 2022

We’ve got our recommendations for the top 20 books worth checking out in the month of November 2022!

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