Under the Queen’s Umbrella – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Three Princes Remain

The 10th episode of Under The Queen’s Umbrella begins with Hwa-Ryeong posing questions to Hwang regarding her connection to Doctor Kwon. She discusses the way in which the stomach ulcer she suffered was dealt with, and examines the depths of her loyalty. She then retorts that she would like to track him down. Hwang seems to haven’t heard from him in recent times So Hwa-Ryeong assigns her Court ladies to discover whether there is an association with Under the Queen’s Umbrella – K-Drama Episode 1Kwon as well as the chief state councilor.

The conversation is interrupted by Grand Prince Muan. It appears that he’s been attracted by a beautiful Courtesan known as Cho-Wol, who is sleeping with.

After he awakes, he heads toward the Palace, Hwa-Ryeong becomes angry and engages with her child. She demands to know the reason for what he’s up to and finally entices him to go into the quarters, warning him that it’s not his time to become the Crown Prince.

That’s great news for Muan but not for Hwa-Ryeong. When her son requests to have Cho-Wol as his concubine, that’s the final straw, and she promptly sends him off to confront the lady who is in dispute.

Cho-Wol is pretty genuine, and she refuses to relinquish her affection for Hwa-Ryeong and appears to be sincere. She reminds Hwa-Ryeong about her earlier lessons about stature and class as being unimportant, but Hwa Ryeong shrugs away, insisting that she’s not to be dissected and fully aware of her shady behavior, yet remaining firm in her unwavering loyalty and affection for her children. That’s why she’s taking an uncompromising stand.

Flashbacks further support this, with Hwa-Ryeong defending the marginalized in front of a nobleman who claims that the woman (Cho-Wol) who’s physically injured and has cut marks all over her body was not sexually assaulted. Hwa-Ryeong is able to see through the facade, and when her situation is made clear the entire crowd falls to the floor, and the nobleman is forced to confess the entire saga. Cho-Wol, in the end, had a happy life.

Park Gyeong-U definitely has many secrets to his sleeve. From hiding behind a mask just a few episodes ago to a possible plot that involves cash laundering. The princes decide to band their efforts in reading all the documents and determining the significance of everything.

The defrauded funds Gyeong-U is receiving were used positively. The money was used in order to settle the village their Uichang debts, and the righteous granaries. Today the village has completed the repayment of the grain they gathered from Uichang.

The extra three-tenths Gyeong-U has taken is exactly there, forming a cooperative community, allowing Manwol Island to thrive, regardless of the challenging business of ocean quahogs.

After finding all it out princes conclude that Gyeong-U is working for the people and not the King, which means he is able to continue his excellent work. He smiles and decides to join the two. In fact, he knew that the two were arriving, after receiving a message from the King in advance of the time and asked him to be fair with them both.

In the meantime, Monk Hashim shows off the royal edict in his personal possession. In the face of no other options and no other option, he agrees with Uiseong’s suggestion… but with one condition. He would like Uiseong to eliminate the other inspector with who he was. This is a risky move and one that instantly sends alarm bells to Consort Hwang as well as the chief state councilor.

In the end, Hwang decides to disclose the most important information about Gyeseong. She is intent on dragging the queen down, along alongside Prince Grand, and allowing the Prince of her to ascend. The plan involves thwarting of Gyeseong, taking him down, and then catching the man alive.

Gyeseong was snatched and hanged from the tree, Hwang’s goal here is to make it appear like a suicide from his back to avoid, who is finding the truth about his “terrible secrets.”

Consort Ko but isn’t keen on giving it away, particularly following Hwa-Ryeong’s words of encouragement to her the last time. When she finally shows the scroll, Hwa-Ryeong abruptly comes out and asks the Consort to turn the scroll over. Hwang immediately refers to the Gyeseong’s “horrible secrets”.

The King receives the scroll prior to when anything else gets out of hand in the situation, and he opens it. Inside, it displays… an unrelated photograph. Hwang is astonished, more so when an amazing archer is able to knock the rope away and keep Gyeseong from a terrible fate.

In the end, Hwang is then reprimanded by Hwa Ryeong, Ko comes through for Hwa-Ryeong following her disclosure beforehand about the picture and then swapping it. Her quick thinking has brought Gyeseong back to life, and he’s back in the palace recuperating. His sketch of the composite is returning, however, when he wakes up, Hwa-Ryeong insists that a lot of people know about his secret and he has to keep it a secret.

Gyeseong, however, is only interested in notifying the King of the imminent rebellion Seo Ham-Deok has plans to start. But the King knows already and Ham-Deok is actually taken into custody, in the wake of Uiseong revealing his secrets about the rebels.

In the meantime, Seongnam and Chang-Ho talk about their love for each other, and the latter confesses that she truly loves him. They gaze longingly at each other’s eyes as they watch each other’s sunrise. She hopes that he’ll be thinking of her in the near future when the escort set out for the palace of the royal family.

It’s the perfect time to discover who’s still in Taekhyeon. With the number of people who began the journey, we’re down to just three princes. Uiseong, Bogeom, and Seongnam. Hwa-Ryeong is very proud of her three boys, however, the challenge isn’t over as of yet. There’s still an opportunity that Seongnam could win. Fingers crossed! They’re all ready for the final assessment.

But, it’s not all smiling and laughing with the lovers, however, as Hwang is relegated to the lowest ranks and is forced to compromise her pride.

The final test isn’t going to be conducted at the palace, however. Instead, it will be conducted by the Confucian experts of Sungkyunkwan. Governors are not pleased but the King is smart and has left the decision to juniors on a basis and shifted the chief state councilor to his side as well, considering the plot to take Seongnam’s life which he is aware of.

So, the scholars aren’t swayed or swindled by the ruling class and the final results will be judged equally and fair. Who will be with the most points? We’ll just have to wait and watch to

The Episode Review

The Taekhyeon is just beginning to get heated up and the final test is just around the corner. The episode did an excellent job of bringing all the details to the forefront and now we’re down to just three remaining men.

It seems that Seongnam is likely to emerge from this with a win, possibly with his future bride Cheong-Ha. This will certainly provide them with a reason to spend time together and could open up many possibilities in the near future.

In the meantime, the show manages to keep delivering with its many moments and subplots. Gyeseong’s secrets thankfully remain as it is due to Ko changing sides to Hwa Ryeong’s side. The redemptive storyline of her story has been enjoyable to watch, and it proves that kindness is equally effective, if not better – as outright violence or evil.

The Queen’s Umbrella is a very enjoyable experience this year. Even though there are many shifting parts to the story, the action is certainly as thrilling as it used to be. It’s time for the next chapter!


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