Under the Queen’s Umbrella – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Final Test

Episode 11 from Under the Queen’s Umbrella starts with the final exam about to commence. The three candidates are now in the race and the question of who will become the Crown Prince remains to be seen; Uiseong, Bogeom, and Sangseong will remain.

The group is given a briefing with the help of King. He invites them to pick the question they would like to ask the Crown Prince’s nominees in the event that they were the King, with the intention of selecting the most skilled. Seongnam talks about Uiseong and the fact that the public is resenting the fact that the King is a puppet, convincing him to incorporate this as part of the test.

To swing things to the Dowager’s favor and now that she knows Seongnam is leading in this regard for the exam She gets Ijojoeongrang (Section Head from the Ministry of Personnel) involved. Giving a gift The intention is clear. If he stands with the Dowager and is supportive of her choice of Crown Prince The children of the section chiefs will rise into office once Bogeom becomes the Crown Prince.

While this is happening the State Councilor is trying to counteract this by appealing to officials to immediately vote for his Minister of Justice. Hwa-Ryeong knows about this issue and has allowed it to grow. If her adversaries are divided among Uiseong and Bogeom this provides Seongnam the chance to rise to power.

Uiseong leads by a majority of votes, however a word of his grotesque brutal treatment of servants, and, as a result, he starts to slide behind. One scholar informs Hwang know that they are struggling to decide what to do next. She is aware that the only person to fix this problem is Queen Dowager. So state councilors and Hwang return and plead with the Dowager to assist them, as well as Prince Uiseong.

That put Dowager in a position of power in that she can choose between the two Princes and with the guarantee of Hwang not becoming Queen should her son be selected this puts more power into Dowager’s hands.

Dowager appears to have made her decision and talks with her consort Tae and Bogeom suggesting that they withdraw from the competition. Since Consort Tae promised to be supportive of Dowager regardless of what she demands of her, she’s stunned to find her morality being tested.

She’s at risk of dying for challenging the Dowager. But, when tears pour across her cheeks, she’s determined in her stand. She is determined not to allow her son to suffer by pointing out that this isn’t right and isn’t fair.

But, Bogeom decides to drop out the same way his stinging words from Dowager swirl around his mind. In the end, princes born to the lowest rank will never be Crown Princes.

Hwa-Ryeong doesn’t like the interference and promptly goes into the school to meet with the scholars and ask questions about their morality and conduct. She doesn’t intend to accuse those who issued the letters to be smuggled out of chamber pots and discovered by servants, but this is their final opportunity to ensure their integrity is under control.

She burns the evidence in front of them, and then informs the King that she hasn’t found anything however, as a result of Hwa-Ryeong’s conduct All the scholars decide to take the right decision by burning their papers. They’ll do this correctly and not harm the reputation of the other scholars.

In the case of tainting Consort Tae is made a servant, and is instructed to clean the Hwa-Ryeong’s bedroom. While she is able to do it but Hwa-Ryeong is instructed to repeat the task after having cleaned the entire room. There is no help as well, and the work is back-breaking. Finally, Hwa-Ryeong comes to her and explains that her selfishness has obscured her eyesight, difficult for her to see Bogeom was being utilized and could have caused harm.

Hwa-Ryeong is a fair and fair Queen, with high values. She eventually informs Tae that she’s ugly and a smile crosses her face.

In the end, the Queen had a conversation with Bogeom in the past and advised her to not cause harm to Tae too significantly. Hwa-Ryeong’s fair and tells Tae that he has the right to pursue the crown prince’s position and should not be questioned about his family lineage.

If he’s walked out, the job that he ought to pursue is that of one of the King’s most trusted advisers and this job is not just valuable but also highly regarded. “When circumstances are difficult It’s okay to express your feelings,” Hwa-Ryeong explains while holding the boy’s hand and inviting him to talk. Because of this Consort, Tae is smiling once more and it draws Bogeom Tae closer than they were before.

Before the results of the evaluation are finalized The State Councilor announces an rumor of Grand Prince Seongnam being spread. Evidently, he was born outside the palace and not of royal blood. This means that Seongnam cannot be crowned the Crown Prince. The only option is to check his blood for the possibility of getting to the bottom of the matter.

This is another scam that delays the conclusion and allows enough time for officials to execute their plan. The snake’s blood was mixed secretly through Hwang along with the State councilor which tainted the water used to test blood. In the end, Hwa-Ryeong is using the same blood test results to test the blood of Consort Hwang and the State Councilor, which has the same result – they failed to win the competition.

From the rear of the speech, the King requests that the death penalty be imposed against any person who is a critic of the Princes, or who questions their lineage. Following this harsh speech, Seongnam is declared the winner. However, Uiseong is not backing from his position.

Confidence, he talks in confidence to Hwang along with the State Councilor stating that he’s determined to drag the King down using whatever means they have.

The Episode Review

Under the Queen’s umbrella returns this week with an exciting episode where the contest is finally settled and Seongnam was named the winner. It was probably expected to see this happen however there are some interesting developments nonetheless, particularly tests for blood as well as the revelation of Consort Tae.

Hwa-Ryeong is an extreme queen who is just and you can tell the fairness of her treatment from her treatment of individuals who do her wrong. It would be very simple to just kick Consort Tae out of the picture However, Hwa-Ryeong recognizes that they are loyal and makes use of her kindness, just as the way she treated Consort Ko to make things work to her advantage.

With Uiseong trying to claim the throne, and Seongnam rising to the post of Crown Prince The door is wide open as to which direction this one might go the next time around.


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