Under the Queen’s Umbrella – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

The Crown Princess of the New Year

The 12th episode of Under the Umbrella of Queen starts by showing Seongnam getting ready for his new role as Crown Prince. Hwa-Ryeong is incredibly proud of her son’s success and she cannot stop smiling. She boasts about how beautiful he appears in his Dragon Robes and gives him a knee guard, getting his body for long studying sessions, and the need to be a servant of the King and fulfill his duties in a timely manner.

Seongnam makes his rounds and talks to Queen Dowager while keeping his wits about his back in the presence of the snake. If Dowager is a test of his resolve, Seongnam is unwavering in his determination to be fair and just and is not willing to make use of his influence to control others and treat the people he meets with fairness. Seongnam also meets Uiseong warmly in the hall even though we know Seongnam has plans of his own to topple the King. He makes his way to the palace to meet The Dowager. She says she will be on the lookout for Uiseong as he moves forward.

When Seongnam goes away, Hwa Ryeong is anxious. She is aware that the first day of his reign as the Crown Prince will be a trial of ablaze, with stern hazing rituals that take the form of tough questions being thrown at him by his experts. It’s an attempt to identify flaws and determine if there’s a method to manipulate him or uncover weaknesses in his defense. She is hoping he will be able to withstand the pounding.

The Crown Prince of the future is doing well, receiving an excellent score from a lot of experts and exceeding expectations. However, the issue of who will be the Crown Princess will be the subject of debate with regard to Hwa-Ryeong. If one of Dowager’s girls ends up becoming close to Seongnam It’s only the case that they stab him back and take over the crown position.

The only thing that needs to be done is to research the top candidate Consort Tae and Hwa-Ryeong going through every candidate that comes in to narrow down to the most suitable candidate. Tae is an energetic bundle of energy she gushes about the eldest child of the Chief Secretary. According to her experiences, she’s gentle and educated, making her an ideal match with Seongnam.

Then, Hwa Ryeong observes Yoon Cheong-Ha in the street she is defending his rights as ordinary folk. It’s fascinating to note the similarities between her and Hwa Ryeong, who has fought to defend the rights of the marginalized during the time of their struggles. Hwa-Ryeong is interested in the reason Cheong-Ha’s name doesn’t appear on the list and chooses to contact her directly.

Cheong-Ha doesn’t feel particularly excited about the Crown Princess position While some support it, however, she’s more concerned about her own Prince Charming. Funny enough, Hwa-Ryeong mentions that Seongnam is actually the Crown Prince, and in this way, Cheong-Ha decides to participate in this Selection Process.

Naturally, Cheong-Ha rushes and returns home to inform her parents about the news, however, she is greeted by the queen in her home already and can be heard talking about her status as the Princess. This puts Hwa-Ryeong into an awkward situation when she discovers her connections to Minister Yoon and is aware that her position might be harmed.

Cheong-Ha is savvy, however, and while she has agreed to stay at the side of Dowager she has made a promise to stand to the crown and Hwa-Ryeong.

For Cheong-Ha, the former writes about Seongnam and warns him that even twenty years later, after their emergence There are still some rebels trying to bring their place. We’re aware of this through Uiseong along with the Dowager.

The murder of Seo Ham-Deok has raised suspicions throughout the palace since the King is intent on finding out whether Seo Ham-Deok was a collaborator. In the interest of finding out who the rebels are, Hwa Ryeong is required to locate doctor Kwon to find out what actually transpired for the crown prince. But, Consort Hwang arrives first, introducing him to the outside, and asking him questions regarding the poison he used.

The following day the Crown Princess celebration begins beginning which will ends with Dowager choosing the most unsuitable choice for Seongnam. The King and Hwa Ryeong are present, and the final decision is made to select Cheong-Ha to be the winner.

When Seongnam has informed the truth, he turns his attention to his surroundings and prepares himself it is “one of Dowager’s daughters” is now Seongnam’s Crown Princess. But Hwa-Ryeong is actually the one who was there first, and she even had a meeting with Cheong-Ha’s parents. They signed the agreement to are to be the protectors for the child of the other.

Hwa-Ryeong has done exactly what she says she teaches the newly-crowned crown princess everything she has to be aware of, including a brief summary of her texts, the best way to walk well, and providing helpful tips to improve her skills. From this, the two will meet at the wedding, where Seongnam clearly is familiar with her from their previous meetings during the previous years. Seongnam’s manner of speaking is a bit off, particularly when they’re on their own in the room, believing that she’s in danger. In reality, instead of completing the union, he goes out into the night.

When the show comes to an end, Courtesan Cho-Wol shows up seeking the Prince with a baby in her arms. When Hwa Ryeong learns about it she’s surprised.

The Episode Review

It appears that Hwa-Ryeong is juggling a lot with her children, particularly when Cho-Wol appears at the end of the show which is likely to cause many dramas in the next episode’s double bill of episodes!

The majority of this episode is focused on the drama surrounding The Crown Prince as well as the Princess. It’s likely that Cheong-Ha will be chosen to step to prominence and become the Crown Princess, however, there is also the drama of unforeseen circumstances and adversity in particular, since Seongnam believes she’s in danger and is cooperating with Dowager.

Cheong-Ha’s lesson from Hwa-Ryeong on how to become the noblest Crown Princess is definitely a highlight of this episode, while Seongnam taking on the challenge shows why he’s the perfect person to be the Crown Prince.

A great episode wraps up the double bill this week this one leaves the door open for what direction this show could take us next.


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