Under the Queen’s Umbrella – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Prince Poisoned

The sixth episode of Under The Queen’s Umbrella begins with Hwa-Ryeong stricken by sorrow. The palace is in silence and everyone is mourning over the death of the Crown Prince. But, doctor Kwon isn’t allowed to grieve but is instead tortured by the State’s Chief Councillor who believes that the alternative treatment could be the reason why the Crown Prince is dead. in his death.

As he remains silent while being subjected to this brutality, inside the royal palace all scholars agree to choose a new Crown Prince right away. The King, however, learns of the fact that an investigation into the Crown Prince’s disappearance is being delayed on the assumption that he could be poisoned. The State Councillor believes that this is the alternative treatment, however, he doesn’t want the crown prince’s position to be left vacant for too long. The King dismisses the concerns of his council members and chooses to keep the position open until he’s certain the causes of death have been identified.

Rumours have been circulating around the palace again The doctors are discussing poisoning. The Concubines are more intricate and suggest murder.

Because of the current situation in the palace, The palace is in turmoil, and Hwa-Ryeong hastens plans for her sons and decides to do everything she can to educate the boys on how to be a member of the courts. With attention being paid to every one of them at the moment Hwa-Ryeong takes Gyeseong’s hand and informs them that they are not able to have the freedom to choose what they want. This is, evidently an allusion to him dressing as an attractive woman.

For Seongnam Seongnam, he would like to go home, beset by sorrow. However, Hwa Ryeong encourages Seongnam to think about what he would like his brother to have. Because of how close their bond was in the past It would be logical to assume that they would like to stay in touch.

The Crown Princess believes she is convinced that court women have been trying to inflict harm on her food and cause her children to become sick. While others dismiss it as being hysterical and an outcome of sorrow, Hwa Ryeong refuses to believe in the idea and argues that it could be an element of foul playing. The King informs Hwa-Ryeong that he’s looking into all the poisoning allegations in private and wants to find out if the crown Prince was killed in fact or not. Hwa-Ryeong is hopeful that this won’t be the case and continues to inform the King that the King he doesn’t need to keep an eye on her at night.

In the morning the court lady Shin is asked questions in the morning by the chief state councillor which is a snub to Hwa-Ryeong. When she learns of this that she’s being questioned, she’s not thrilled. Hwa-Ryeong informs the State Councillor that the next time, she’ll need to be informed and in reality, she’s going take care of this by herself.

Inside, Hwa-Ryeon speaks with Shin and informs him it is the state councillor who has been doing this to find a reason to start the Taekhyeon. If he discovers the use of the medicine by someone else, it will appear as if the Crown Prince was murdered and this will not be an issue for anyone – particularly the Queen.

The Taekhyeon isn’t a simple selection procedure. It’s a game of wits that could cause death, particularly in the event that Hwa-Ryeong’s exchange of Consort Tae is an indication. We’ve heard that she’s adamant about Prince Bogeom as her Prince of the Crown. Prince. Hwa-Ryeong warns the girl that, if she plunges into this in a hurry, she could not be secure and Bogeom might be injured… or worse.

The next night the State Councilor is confronted at night by Consort Hwang. She pleads with him to end the investigation. Doctor Kwon might be able to mention her name if she’s the investigation is pushed to the limit, since it turns out that she’s playing a role in the investigation. Hwang was not trying to kill him, but she determined to instruct the Crown Prince a lesson, and remove him from office so that she could play her daughter, Uiseong, as the Crown Prince. Even though she lost several episodes she’s convinced that it was the wrong choice.

This is a major revelation and it places the state councillor in an extremely precarious position. Hwang suggests that they use Kwon and blackmail him because he’s the sole one that can speak to a monarch and, clearly after all this torture is able to keep his mouth.

In the course of this, Hwa-Ryeong discovers from the physician Kwon later on that he formulated the medication in the medicine rooms of the royal hospital. He did not leave the room and tells her that hyeolhogwol could be the sole reason the Crown Prince may have passed away. Of course, Hwa-Ryeong doesn’t know of the fact that consort Hwang as well as the state councillor are forcing him to keep his tongue shut.

The news of the investigation being stopped is reported throughout the palace, but Hwa-Ryeong quickly suspects that something is wrong and informs the Court Lady Shin to be on guard for the State Councillor to ensure that he is safe in the event that they have to deal with him in a hurry.

There’s tension among the various princes, too and the tensions that were bubbling up with Uiseong reached a fever pitch in the afternoon. He fought swords with his brother, and it ultimately leads to him being penalized for nearly hurting Uiseong severely.

While it is the time that Grand Princes begin their training with cold, refreshing baths, and discussions about different subjects. That’s, of course, what Hwa-Ryeong has been trying to do in order to mould an individual into an actual Crown Prince. She’s aware that Taekhyeon isn’t a reliable method to becoming the best Crown Prince.

Queen Dowager learns that Hwa-Ryeong had a meeting with the deposed Queen Yoon and Consort Tae is working to win the support of Prince Boom. In the midst of all this happening, information about the Queen’s use of external medicine reaches the State Councillor. He immediately goes to the Royal Clinic to learn more.

He is gritting in silence, and he demands all to be in the courtyard at the palace which includes the Queen and the King and Physician Kwon who is still in the chair. Dry blood on his.

Gradually, the details of the herb are revealed and in the end, the state councillor becomes insistent that this was the reason behind the death of the Crown Prince. As he stands before the barrel of the gun Hwa-Ryeong reverses the situation and charges the State Councillor noting that the former Crown Prince was poisoned as well, trying to connect all this together. The King has had enough and, after all the drama, brings everything to a tiny conclusion.

Following this Queen Dowager and Hwa Ryeong come to blows, trading angry verbal exchanges. The Queen Dowager knows that Hwa-Ryeong has visited the deposed Queen, and should she refuse to admit the truth, she’ll expose her. Hwa-Ryeong is forced into an impasse and is forced to reveal that she is lying about the medication.

Prior to that, she meets her Crown Princess and then spends time with the Crown Princess and her family. But, she comes across an illustration of the nursemaid’s assistant that her son, Won Son, has drawn. After a few gentle questions, Won Son reveals that the nursemaid has played a “secret game” which includes her pushing him with needles.

In examining his arm, Hwa Ryeong finds several puncture marks. He then instructs him to flush the food. He realizes she was correct. He’s been poisoned.

The Episode Review

“So Under the Queen’s umbrella”, we come to an extremely dramatic conclusion, one that proves that the state councillor and Queen Dowager will go through any measures to subjugate Hwa-Ryeong and remove her from. The facts about the drug have been exposed and revealed, it is a bad sign for Hwa-Ryeong’s children and her since this pit is filled with deadly snakes waiting to strike.

The King is definitely in the middle and is in a precarious situation. He isn’t able to go against the scholars in totality, as he’d lose their support. And the King isn’t able to completely abide by the wishes of the Queen Dowager because he is sure she’ll profit from it and get the crown prince she desires.

The whole story hangs in the air, and the final scene suggests that there are certainly some traitors among the group, and the Crown Princess’s comment about the poisoning in the past was not hysterical however, it was part of the scheme. Everyone must take care and be cautious now!


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