Urusei Yatsura (2022) – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Trouble Rains Down!!! / Amazed In A Maze

Episode 3 on Urusei Yatsura opens by having Shutaro (Mendo) sending a message to his grandfather a happy birthday before the first day of school at Tomobiki High School. When they reach the school, Mendo leaps out of the plane and makes an impressive entrance.

At the school, Shinobu is chased by Lum and Ataru because she’s bored of Ataru’s love for Lum. Ataru. Shinobu throws an office chair at Ataru however she breaks the window instead. Everyone is intrigued by a strange parachute on the outside and decides to look into it. A student spots Mendo hanging onto the desk Shinobu throws. His grandfather and henchmen question Mendo to check if he’s fine in the family’s plane.

A teacher is scolding Mendo for letting jets hover over the school However, Mendo does not seem to care. Shinobu is approached by Mendo who apologizes. Mendo advises her not to be worried because Shinobu begins to feel affection toward him. In class, Mendo’s being surrounded by girls who ask inquiries about his family’s history and how wealthy they are. Mendo is aware of Ataru pestering Shinobu and is able to approach them.

When Mendo is flirting With Shinobu, Ataru grows jealous of their relationship and claims the fact that Shinobu is his girlfriend. Incredulous, Lum shocks him and attracts Mendo’s eye. Lum presents herself to Mendo and informs Mendo that she’s married to Ataru. Mendo is disgusted and begins to critique Ataru’s look. This sparks a debate between Mendo, Lum, Ataru, and Shinobu.

In the next few minutes, Ataru’s classroom teacher announces that they’ll soon be conducting elections for the Class President. Mendo declares his run for candidacy. He’s planning to punish lazy students within his school with the most severe punishments that are possible. While everyone’s not on board, Mendo says he’ll make females exempt from punishment, which will anger his male colleagues.

Incredulous at his idea the male classmate’s group together to make Ataru a part of Mendo despite his flaws of Ataru. After presenting his idea of taking a shot at every girl of his school, the instructor in the homeroom asks the class to choose who will win. However, Mendo and Ataru reach an impasse at which point Mendo proposes a contest to decide who is the winner.

Whoever is able to shoot an apple off the opponent’s head using the cannon is the winner. Shutaro is trying to begin the competition by introducing the ritual challenge, which involves throwing an object at their opponent. But, Ataru dodges and annoys Mendo. Mendo pursues Ataru toward the school’s rooftops while Lum watches the sky from above. Mendo throws his glove at Ataru however Lum is there to protect him.

Ataru informs Lum she was Mendo who took her in the duel, which irritates Lum. Lum electrocutes Mendo. The rest of his class arrives to help him, and Ataru says they won. Remorseful of losing to an idiot, Mendo plans to end his life. While he is preparing for his death, Ataru cheers about his victory while everyone else attempts to push Mendo away from the action.

It’s evident that this is intended meant to be funny, as the following segment is a glimpse of Mendo sitting in the garden of his family as he thinks about Lum. In the school, Lum is searching for Ataru but is able to meet Mendo while he’s descending from the sky. Mendo is a comforter to Lum however she shoos Mendo away because he’s out of her mission. At a ballpark nearby, Ataru asks Shinobu if she is a fan of Mendo.

Shinobu affirms that she has been developing feelings for him since she thinks he’s prettier, wealthier, and gentler than Ataru. Mendo along with Lum arrive, and they are encased by his parachute. Lum is able to locate Ataru and then he spots Mendo sitting on Shinobu’s back and he is furious. Shinobu is gone, full of love and glee. Ataru departs the scene with Lum close to him. Mendo realizes that He has fallen in love with Lum following Ataru and Lum’s leave.

The class takes part in an excursion to the woods. The instructor wants everyone to build a bond with their peers and let the kids loose. Ataru is irritated at the fact that Lum was able to join in as he was looking to become closer to Shinobu. Mendo is approached by Lum and asks her to be interested in a visit to the nearby cavern.

Lum takes his offer in the wake of receiving permission from Ataru to join him at. Ataru arrives after conjuring up a short plan that will allow him to spend some and time with Shinobu. Shinobu joins in the fight after discovering that Mendo is aboard. As they explore this cave Ataru pushes the shoulders of Mendo and proposes that they break up. Mendo notices the plan of Ataru however, he decides to follow.

Once they cross an unmarked path they both execute their plan. When Mendo turns off his flashlight and they rush to locate each other in the dark. Ataru believes he’s with Shinobu but is shocked to discover that it’s Lum who is been wrapped over his shoulders. Mendo and Shinobu are able to spot them while Shinobu is clinging to Mendo. Four of them decide to move deeper into the cave and Mendo gets a chance to slam Ataru for his misdeeds.

Mendo and Ataru begin their new plan The entire team is scrambling to find one another. Mendo realizes that he’s not with Shinobu but instead with Ataru And the two are both frightened of one another. They decide to search at Lum or Shinobu. Mendo exposes what he knows about his brazen bravado and says to Ataru that he is only well when women are keeping their attention on him. He is suffering from nyctophobia as well as anxiety about claustrophobia.

Mendo shouts in terror as Lum as well as Shinobu arrive. After arriving, Mendo puts on a brave face and is able to push Ataru into the wall. Ataru closes their eyes, which triggers Mendo’s illness. The four continue to travel throughout the cave. The flashlight is turned on for the first time in a while. Lum makes use of her electric power since she is unable to locate Ataru.

Unaware of it, Lum sets a rocket off, which causes a huge explosion inside the cave. Their teachers and classmates observe the explosion from afar. Everyone, except Shinobu, is arguing with one another. The episode ends by showing a glimpse of a different spacecraft. Inside the spacecraft, a female with a strange appearance is seated in a vessel.

The Episode Review

For an introduction, Mendo made quite an impression. While Mendo was not without his wit in this episode, his interaction with Ataru Shinobu, Ataru, and Lum attracted my attention. It’s refreshing to provide Ataru with more competition, and Shinobu has a new lover to be awed. Since the beginning of the series, I’ve wondered about the reason Shinobu was not able to move on and woo a different male.

The episode sort of addresses the question with its portrayal of male classmates, besides Ataru. All of the male classmates aren’t much in terms of friendship or worth. The fact that all of them were able to turn to Ataru to help defeat Mendo in the race illustrates how weak by comparison. Mendo provides Shinobu and Ataru additional goals to work towards, and I’m excited to see what ill will they’ll face with our team.

The first episode had great comic relief and romantic tension among Mendo, Ataru, Shinobu, and Lum The second episode was not a great match. There are some who will be amused to see Shinobu and Mendo plan to spend an hour of their own with each girl of the other. But, the second episode’s idea isn’t quite right given Lum’s abilities.

Lum could have easily lit up the caves by generating electricity at any time. There were some other moments throughout the two episodes, in which Mendo seemed to be a bit annoyed by his wailing or stunned responses. Apart from that, they served as an excellent introduction to our wealthy young man, Mendo. Based on the ending the crew will meet an alien female.



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