Urusei Yatsura (2022) – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Seal it with a kiss!!

Episode 4 of Urusei Yatsura starts with Lum and Ataru playing tennis against Shinobu, Mendo, and others. Some anthropomorphic Crows are also present in the forest carrying a pod.

Their tennis ball hits a crow on the head. They lose their balance and the pod falls. Ataru warned Mendo about the pod collapsing on top of him. Ataru spots a woman in the pod and informs the other members. We discover that the woman in the pod is a princess when the crows call for her. Mendo is told by the crows that he is handsome. They also tell Mendo that he is a great match for their princess, who loves hot men.

As the crows awaken their master, he explains to them where he is from. He said that their planet had no humanoid males so they went to Earth to find a groom for Princess Kurama. Mendo is told by the master crow that he must marry the princess and have a date with her. The crows tell Mendo that he must hurry to get Ataru’s approval, even though he isn’t happy about the situation.

Shinobu stops Mendo, but Mendo tells her that he isn’t doing it on his own. Ataru is able to kiss Princess Kurama because Mendo failed. Ataru’s actions astonished everyone. They are all stunned by Ataru’s actions. The master Crow informs them that Ataru has kissed Kurama and she must promise him that she will kiss him again. Kurama awakens and sees Mendo.

He is mistaken for the one who kissed her. Ataru attempts to tell Kurama that Ataru woke her up but Lum electrocutes the latter out of anger. Lum and the crows are reunited on their ship several days later. One of the crows suggests that they hook her up with Mendo. But the master crow prefers to keep it traditional and have Ataru as her groom. Lum is surprised Kurama didn’t tell Lum that Kurama had kissed her.

Lum is offered help by one of the crows who plans to keep it that manner. Kurama hears from one of the crows that Kurama is speaking with Mendo, but the master crow cannot tell him the truth. Ataru taught school about proper etiquette for boys and girls. While some students are unhappy, others cheer Mendo.

Mendo is not happy that Ataru didn’t kiss Kurama, despite being praised. Kurama comes to Mendo’s aid and invites him to go on a date with her. Lum arrives with a flamethrower and threatens Kurama with harm if she makes contact with Ataru. Ataru attempts to seduce Kurama but she snatches him away. Lum questions Ataru about why he is flirtatious with Kurama.

Ataru claims that he doesn’t mind going on one date with a girl as it means that he won’t have any problems later. Kurama is informed by some crows that the master crow has been sleeping on the ship by these crows. To the dismay of his female classmates, Kurama becomes flirtatious towards Mendo. Ataru tries to tell Kurama what the truth is, but the crows cover Kurama’s mouth with a cloth. Mendo is asked to join them.

Mendo convinces Kurama to continue with their plan. He returns to the classroom, telling Kurama that he cannot wait for their evening of amorous convocation. Ataru and Shinobu try to tell Kurama the truth but the crows stop them. Lum and the Crows create a machine love nest for Mendo and Kurama to have babies. Kurama attempts to silence Mendo’s female classmates.

Mendo isn’t interested in doing it in public. Lum however tells them that she and the crows have made the love nest completely enclosed. Kurama drags Mendo into the love nest, while Shinobu is also troubled by the subject. Mendo is nervous inside as Kurama asks Mendo if he’s against having children with her. Ataru tries to squeeze his way into the ship before they do the act. This upset Kurama.

Kurama is informed by the master crow that Ataru awakened her. Kurama questions Mendo about whether the master crow is telling the truth. He confirms that he is. He tells her that he lied to her because he wants her happiness. Mendo and Ataru disagree with one another. Kurama isn’t a fan of tradition but the master Crow tells Kurama to stick to the rules.

He tells her what would happen if they broke the rules. They agree to go through a procedure to obtain data on what would happen if Kurama violated tradition. His men are instructed by the master crow to access his ship’s computer so that he can access their mother planet’s computer. He hopes to find knowledge from his elders.

The present master crow finds the original crow after many masters have failed to explain. Kurama claims she has the right to know the reasons behind the creation of the ceremony. The crow says that he was on a dangerous journey when he encountered a woman crow who was sleeping near a beach. He kissed her and she eventually became married.

Kurama is furious and demands that he explain the reason he started this tradition. Kurama is furious that the crow has not given her a good response and decides to destroy their computer. She is shocked to discover that her life was devoted to a useless tradition. Kurama comes into her love nest, and she feels devastated. Mendo arrives shortly after and comforts Kurama. He encourages her to be happy, as they don’t have to worry about breaking any rules.

Ataru wraps Mendo in a bell before they can continue their journey. Mendo begins to cry because of his illness, and the inability of women to see him. Kurama is shocked at Mendo’s weak persona. Kurama leaves the next room and tells Lum that she cannot stand pathetic men. She intends to leave Earth in search of someone with more mental and muscle power.

Lum is surprised at Kurama’s sudden change of heart. Kurama informs Lum that she is free to choose her husband and that she can set higher standards for herself. Kurama informs her crow friends that she’s leaving Earth and ends the episode.

Episode Review

Each new release of Urusei Yatsura is a delight. This chapter introduces a new character to the mix, giving all of our heroines a run for their money. Because it only focuses on one piece, this episode was different from the previous episodes. It was still enjoyable enough to merit an entire segment.

Lum is presented as Kurama, a striking contrast. I wonder if Lum will doubt her love for Ataru after their exchange at the end of this chapter. Lum can be affected by seeing another princess challenge tradition and find a worthy spouse. Kurama and our cast had great chemistry. Kurama evokes a greater sense of royalty than Lum, which makes her stand out.

This episode also needed to have more drama. Due to her love for Mendo, many might have expected more of Shinobu’s character. Kurama can’t do anything that Shinobu cannot. It’s strange that Shinobu didn’t do more to stop Kurama from having romantic affairs with Mendo. Many will love the show’s consistency, however.

We watch Ataru give lectures and use Mendo’s fear to his advantage. These small additions allow Urusei Yatsura to stay afloat as it introduces new players. This episode isn’t worth the effort. Fans will still enjoy Urusei Yatsura’s second chapter.


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