Urusei Yatsura (2022) – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Glory of Love and Conflict / I’ve Been Waiting for Your Love…

Episode 5 from Urusei Yatsura starts with classmates telling Ataru that they’ve hired an incoming school nurse. Ataru is quick to go to the nurse’s room to take a view of her. He discovers that the nurse’s name is Sakura her shrine girl from the episode earlier.

Additionally, many males such as Mendo are smitten by Sakura. However, after glancing at her again, Ataru develops feelings for Sakura. Sakura is the one who sneezes everyone off with the heel of one. Then, a few men show up and ask Sakura to do an exorcism on the gloves they are wearing. A few minutes later, the cat and Cherry arrive at Sakura’s workplace and the cat snatched his fish.

Sakura is the one who knocks people out of their offices by kicking her chair. The guys observe that Sakura dropped one of the gloves flying, along with Cherry as well as his pet. While they are there, Lum is flying over the area and gets struck with the same glove. Lum exposes the glove to Ataru at the school, and he describes what it’s. But, Ataru realizes the glove’s being held by something, and it’s forcing him to move.

The glove is used to force him to kiss several girls, leading to Lum punishing him using her electric current. The glove makes Ataru kiss Mendo and they are in a heated dispute. Sakura is in the classroom wearing her shrine maiden dress and explains the issue to the entire class. She claims that this glove has been cursed by a mysterious entity known as”the Love Clincher.

It is awestruck by getting up close to people and getting them close through cinch holds. One of the men claims that the glove he owns is called Rage Hitter who loves throwing punches at people to make them punch them. Sakura describes how a boxer who is still alive cursed the gloves and utilized them at times in the past. He was a terrifying being whom no one would ever want to get to know. Lum is close to Ataru by activating his gloves. Lum is protected by Lum by absorbing the gloves’ punch.

Everyone is awed by Ataru for his bravery. Ataru is spotted approaching Mendo and his right glove pushes him into the air. This leads to a second battle with Mendo as well as Ataru. Sakura creates a plan. She puts Ataru and Lum in boxing rings. Sakura declares she believes that Lum and Ataru should continue their back-and-forth squabbles in the ring in order to aid in the exorcism.

Ataru defends Lum to the very best of his ability as he does not want to strike women. Ataru is knocked down with his hooks when Sakura arrives in the ring and then removes the gloves. Sakura says that the exorcism was successful because the constant hugging and punching satiated the spirit. The episode ends with Sakura striking Ataru effortlessly after he attempts to get close to her.

In the next episode, Lum and Ataru are going to school. Ataru warns her not to disrupt his routine of scoring girls while they walk by a couple who are with hands. Lum is attempting to hold Ataru’s hand however, Ataru notices Shinobu and rushes towards her, which is a rage to Lum. In the school, Mendo is sent a love note from a female classmate. The peers are also jealous, as Mendo cannot get enough of the affection that is shown to him.

Ataru Lum and Lum arrive while Ataru’s male classmate glares at her disrespect. His classmates go to the bathroom to let off their frustration. They come up with a vengeance-filled plan to take revenge on Mendo for stealing ladies off his heels. As a class activity, kids make a fake love note addressed to Ataru. After they have completed it they ask Ataru to read the letter in front of him.

Ataru writes some nasty remarks about Mendo and he is able to catch his interest. Mendo is amazed by the handwriting of the letter and remarks that it’s impossible to get it from an adorable girl. Lum is there and notices Ataru laughing with joy. Mendo says the reason he’s happy is that he got an affectionate letter from one of his girlfriends. Lum insists that Ataru reveal who wrote him the love letter.

Lum is crying into the chest Mendo is happy, and the male classmates are jealous. Lum is asked if he’s unhappy that she’s in the arm of a different male, but he says that they’re a great match. Mendo says to Lum that she should quit Ataru since he’d rather look at an untrue love note instead of cuddling with her. This irritates Ataru and believes that the person who wrote the letter to him is genuine.

Mendo and Ataru make a bet on this scenario. Mendo claims that in the event that the girl is not real, he can assume the role of class president. Ataru claims that if she’s authentic, Mendo must fork over 10,000 yen to her. Male classmates made up the letter huddle in order to come up with an action plan. They aren’t willing to let Ataru be a victim and so they ask the girl in a cafe to play Otoko for an hour. the fake woman they made up for.

It is a counterfeit Otoko accepts the invitation. On the next day, one of the students hand Ataru an updated message from Otoko. She would like for her to join Ataru at Ketaguri Cafe. Ketaguri Cafe at 4 pm. Lum is envious and thinks she may leave Ataru and go to Mendo instead. Ataru pretends to be happy, but she immediately throws Lum into the arms of Mendo. Lum is electrocuted by Ataru and then flies away.

In a tree, Lum is contemplating Otomo. Lum is listening to a conversation among the male students at the Ataru campus in which the woman who was planning to act as Otomo cannot do the deed because she suffers from stomachache. She took the 3,000 yen that they paid her and puffed it out. The boys go to classes as Ataru gets ready for his rendezvous with Otomo.

He has promised to go out to dinner with them after he has won the $10,000 yen prize from Mendo. Mendo is a troll to Ataru and irritates Ataru. The boys are anxious as they’re unable to divulge to Ataru his truth. They’re concerned about Mendo being elected class president due to his demands in earlier episodes. Lum isn’t willing to assist Ataru since she wants Ataru to learn from his mistakes.

In Cafe, Ataru waits for the arrival of Otomo. His male classmates are in separate booths, along with Mendo. In another room, Lum thinks about Ataru’s situation. She has second thoughts about the entire issue and feels awful for the man. After an hour passes, Mendo tells Ataru he’ll give him 15 more minutes. If she doesn’t turn up at all, he forfeits his bet.

In the meantime, she is crying on Lum’s cheeks as she contemplates the hurt Ataru is feeling within. Once the time is up, Mendo declares his victory as Ataru remains in his booth, sulking. In a matter of seconds, Lum arrives dressed up as Otoko to surprise everyone. Ataru is delighted until he takes another glimpse of Otoko and realizes it’s Lum.

Lum whispers in Ataru’s ear to let him join in since she is aware that he does not wish to appear as a clown before everyone. Ataru accepts and the two perform their character play. They leave the café. After a reasonable distance from each other, Lum informs Ataru that it was all just a joke. They get into an argument of minor size. Lum observes another couple standing in front of them.

In the meantime, Ataru can’t believe he is owed a favor by her. He then looks at Lum at her once more and wonders how she’s always looked so beautiful. When Lum disappears, Ataru grabs her hand and asks them to walk together for a little longer. Later that date, Lum receives a transmission from her father. Her father reminds her of the annual showdown that they have with their clan.

The show ends with the group of warriors traveling the area that is believed to be Lum’s planet.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 of Urusei Yatsura is a stunning mix of comedy, drama, and romance within our characters. Certain themes discussed in the previous chapters are beginning to surface throughout Ataru the relationship between Lum and Ataru. For instance, Lum thinking about her relationship with Ataru was a reflection of the lessons she received from Kurama about setting the bar.

The boxing glove segment was filled with amusing gags and provided fans with another reason to like Ataru’s character. While he’s portrayed as an insanity-prone pervert, he’s also an upright man. He shows that he’s not totally brutish when he promises not to let his glove hurt Lum. The scene will remind viewers of his other actions of courage towards Lum in previous episodes. In addition, the boxing sequence did not add much to the plot and could’ve been cut.

The second piece of the set captivated my attention and left me crying at the end. The episode features Lum questioning the poor management of Ataru of their relationship and also provides her with a moral compass. Though Lum’s decision to dress as Otomo is a bit unnatural, this episode puts an emotional spin on her decision, which makes the whole thing feel real.

The scene also helps Ataru to appreciate Lum’s beauty. Being able to see Lum and Ataru touching hands toward the conclusion of this episode was enjoyable. It is my hope that the anime will continue to build on their relationship with each episode.


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