Urusei Yatsura (2022) – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap and Review

The Young Lover on the Run/Between A Rock as well as a Hard Place

Episode one of Urusei Yatsura begins with aliens getting ready to invade Earth. In the meantime, we see an elderly man contemplating what’s happening while he stares at the male protagonist Ataru and speaks to his lover Shinobu. Shinobu is irritated that Ataru is taking a look at other girls, but Ataru is determined to convince her that she’s not.

Shinobu Ataru is given Ataru one more chance. Shinobu does not keep his word after he compliments a female Jogger. Shinobu slapped Ataru and then walks away.

Ataru is dragged from the bridge by an elderly man and falls into the river. The two men reunite in a nearby location when the elderly man explains that he believed Ataru was

trying to jump from the bridge. Ataru says to the man that he would not throw his life away because a girl broke up with him, shocking his old friend. The old man informs Ataru that he’s ugly and Ataru is beaten, leaving the man with bandages on his face. The old man says Ataru’s physique indicates bad luck and informs Ataru of his job and his name.

He’s a monk on the move who is named Sakuranbo However, he likes his name, Cherry. His mother, Ataru, and Shinobu arrive and say they’re concerned about his well-being following the news of a tragic incident. A group of federal agents arrives, telling Ataru of their intention to go hunting for the man. When Ataru returns home The alien’s Oni-like leader welcomes him. Ataru attempts to expel it using food, much to the delight of the leader. The invaders shoot their weapons at Ataru to hinder him.

While the aliens are preparing to launch their craft The officials notify Ataru of his duties. They inform Ataru that he is required to defend Earth as a separate task from the alien’s plan to invade. The leader of the alien tells Ataru that they would like to participate in a showdown, involving the random person their computer selects. in the event of losing then they’ll quit and head home. The leader of the alien tells Ataru that he’ll compete in an online game against Lum, his child. Lum.

Lum arrives at the house of Ataru in the “shocking way” she introduces herself. Although she is enthralled by her beauty Ataru, the alien leader informs that Ataru has 10 days to defeat Lum in a tag by taking the horns of both her. Lum informs Ataru that he’ll never be able to get his hands on her. Ataru declares the opposite. A government agent informs Ataru that his fate on Earth lies in his control and that he must take action on the issue.

Ataru stands up straight when his leader from the alien world announces that the game will start at a later date. After a few minutes and a few minutes, the match with Lum and Ataru commences with everyone from humans and aliens arriving in a stadium that is large enough to watch the match. The announcer will go over all details with the crowd while everyone cheers on the respective team. The action begins as Ataru sprints at her to grab Lum. But she escapes his grasp by flying through the air, causing him to be confused.

He says to Lum she’s cheating since the man didn’t realize she was able to fly. Lum insists that he should’ve done his homework and taken her to the airport if he is able. After several unsuccessful attempts, Ataru finds the situation impossible until a group of girls motivates him to persevere. Ataru persists in his efforts after five days. The people are beginning to be furious at Ataru as Lum is mocking him. We are treated to a hilarious video of Ataru trying to catch Lum as we discover that he only has one more day.

Journalists and other citizens crowd Ataru with rage, mocking and degrading Ataru for his lack of success. Lum stares at him from the top and begins to feel terrible for Ataru. Ataru returns home, while his parents, mother, and Cherry talk about their fears about the plans of the alien. Ataru’s father is worried that his son might be a social outcast since Cherry declares to be born with bad luck. He wonders what might have led to his unfortunate luck since Ataru’s mother recalls that his birth date was on the 13th of June.

From the moment Ataru has been born the family has experienced earthquakes and black cats and other bad luck. Ataru’s parents and mother look down in shame and his mother wishes she hadn’t given birth to him. Ataru lies on the mattress, taking in his inability to defeat Lum sooner, as his companions witness him crying. To inspire Ataru, Shinobu declares she’ll accept his hand in marriage if he succeeds. The announcement rekindles Ataru’s excitement and determination, and his friends exhale an exhale of relief.

We are on the last day of the contest. As Ataru is trying to get hold of Lum’s ears Ataru repeatedly repeats the word”marriage” in order to motivate himself. Lum along with the viewers is confused when Ataru takes his feet off of Lum and laughs. Lum stunned Ataru with her power of electricity and then he falls to the floor. But, Ataru gets back up and screams at her while Lum attempts to get away from her. Inspired by his desire for marriage Shinobu, Ataru leaps into the air and is able to grab Lum. She tries to push him away, which leads to Ataru taking off her bra in the accident.

Incredulous, Lum shocks Ataru off of her, however, she retains the woman’s bra. As a bull or matador Ataru is able to throw her bra up in the air, catching Lum completely off of her guard. Lum is able to grab it, but she doesn’t notice Ataru as she approaches from behind. Ataru makes use of this opportunity to grab her two horns and win the match. He yells up in the sky that it’s time for him to be married while the people are cheering in joy that aliens won’t be overtaking Earth for the next few years. Ataru dances in excitement at the prospect of becoming married.

But, Lum walks over to him and accepts the marriage proposal. While journalists harass Ataru with inquiries, Ataru is stunned by the whole thing. Lum’s father is shocked however, Lum says that Ataru made a proposal to him at the time of their tag game. Lum’s father is able to let his grievances be over and informs Ataru to take charge of his child. Shinobu is furious with Ataru and walks away. Ataru says it’s an error however, Shinobu isn’t convinced of it when the night comes to an end.

In the early morning, Ataru glares at his TV screen, thrilled to hear more women who are raving about him in the news. We learn that a lot of humans gave him praise and gifts, and Ataru is thrilled to be Earth’s hero. Lum is greeted in a surprised manner, and Ataru is astonished at the thought that aliens haven’t left Earth. She informs him that she’s planning to stay with him once they’re already married. Ataru’s parents stare at him in dismay as his mother repeats how she’s angry because she gave birth to him.

Lum is scolded by Ataru on the following day for she tried to cheat her. Ataru is furious that she continues to interrupt his conversations with Shinobu on the phone. Ataru confronts Lum by saying that he is in love with Shinobu and that she is able to quit his home. Ataru is enticed by the offer and she is able to shock Ataru. Ataru flees in the midst of Ataru dragging himself to his house phone. He makes a call to Shinobu who attempts to figure out their next rendezvous with Ataru.

In some way, Lum gets involved in their phone conversation which makes it a tri-way. She informs Shinobu she’s planning to have children with Ataru on a Saturday night in order to cause her to be furious. Shinobu leaves the call in anger. Ataru tears over the incident in a rage, claiming he hates Lum for taking away his life to date. In a spaceship, Lum watches Ataru’s movements from a distance. She has set up multiple cameras at his house to watch Ataru. She’s furious because Ataru constantly attempts to cheat on her.

Ataru is able to shield his ears while his mother complains about her friend’s plans to spread rumors of ill will about her due to his actions. While they’re arguing and arguing, a newscaster on television announces the fact that an airplane flew by Tomobiki which is their hometown, and then disappeared. Ataru’s father attempts to leverage his interest in the news to ease tension however Ataru and his mom downplay the newscaster’s findings. Ataru is trying to contact Shinobu once more but Lum interrupts the conversation repeatedly and concocts a story to get Shinobu. When she hangs up, Ataru breaks off and tells her to listen to him out.

Lum makes up lies to convince Shinobu to put down the phone. But, Ataru convinces Shinobu not to believe their lies of Lum. Shinobu and Ataru attempt to pretend as if she’s not at all, which irritates Lum. Lum will send her jamming signals into overdrive, disrupting the conversation with Ataru And Shinobu. Meanwhile, Ataru’s parents are watching the news, since journalists claim Lum, Shinobu, and Ataru’s phone call may create a black hole that will develop. Ataru promises to visit Shinobu on the spot, however, Lum pulls a lever that shocks the boy with electricity and creates a storm that engulfs Tombiki Town.

Ataru is disguised and leaves his house, and his father intervenes. He offers Ataru his raincoat made of rubber to ensure that he doesn’t get electrocuted. Cherry informs her father Ataru that he will supervise Ataru while the two leave. As he is heading to Shinobu’s home, Ataru gets trampled by the telephone pole. Even though Cherry offers a farewell to Ataru, Ataru gets up and slams him down, and yells that he’s dead. While Ataru and Shinobu swarm toward one another, Lum turns up the power which causes the power to be emitted across Tomobiki.

Ataru and Shinobu become engulfed in fumes, which makes it difficult to find one the other. The two shout at each other’s names and eventually reunite. Lum is shocked by the entire situation. Furious, Lum plans to crash her ship into two parts to eliminate the love triangle. The storm also begins to calm down. While Ataru’s parents wait, they are at home, cozy in their apartment. Ataru and Shinobu are separated and then engulfed in smoke once more due to the actions of Lum.

Ataru believes he’s seen her but discovers that he’s been kissing Lum. The smoke goes out and Shinobu is able to spot Ataru as he is caught in the act. Shinobu takes an old telephone pole and then throws it at Ataru. But, the pole comes into contact with the skull of Ataru. Shinobu leaves when Ataru shouts at her. As the citizens gather, they rush to Ataru’s house to demand his family pay for the harm he as well as Lum caused. The episode ends with Lum attacking Ataru by using her electric power to punish her for being a cheater.

The Episode Review

Urusei Yatsura (2022) is joining series such as Sailor Moon, Hunter X Hunter, and many more to receive a full-fledged remake request. It’s an iconic romantic comedy series I’d say this one was a great way to establish our characters, their worlds, and the kind of snarky they’ll be in the future. With its humorous slapstick and hilarious jokes, it’s definitely exciting to see what this new version will bring to both veterans and newcomers.

Urusei Yatsura (2022) has joined shows such as Sailor Moon, Hunter X Hunter, and a host of others to receive a full-blown remake request. It’s an iconic romantic comedy series I’d say this one has done a fantastic job of establishing the characters, their world, and the kind of adventures they’ll engage in the future. With its humorous slapstick and hilarious jokes, it’s definitely exciting to see what the remake will bring to both veterans and newcomers.


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