Warrior Nun – Season 2 Episode 3 “Luke 8:17” Recap & Review

Luke 8:17

Episode 3 from Warrior Nun Season 2 starts with Ava and Beatrice arriving in Madrid. Despite the destiny of the world at stake, Ava wants to go exploring. Of course, it will take an icy warning from Beatrice to make her feel right.

They follow the sign and go to the location they had originally intended to do They follow the signal and eventually end up in the same smashed-up greenhouse that Superion was in the last episode. A subtle message is dropped on the floor in the form of an arrow which will lead to getting two tickets to the cinema. Thankfully, it’s not two tickets for Morbius that is a nightmare in and of the movie, but they do have many other issues to contend with. The two leave the greenhouse and discover they’re being watched by three men.

Ava and Beatrice choose to attempt an escape and head through the streets. But, Father Vincent is the one to jump on them, calming Beatrice and confronting Ava. He mentions the fact that Adriel is the best and advises her to be quiet. Ava isn’t prepared to accept that suggestion, naturally and she gets a swift hit to the nose for her petty annoyances. What’s the trick? It’s because Vincent is a victim of Divinium tattoos which means that there’s no way to get them out of her system. However, Ava still comes out with the best results.

In the process of snatching Beatrice and unwillingly exiling Vincent in the alleyway, they reach the theater, where they see Camila and Superion. Ava encounters Sister Yasmine as well, who quickly realizes Ava was the Warrior-Ninja. It appears that Yasmine knows precisely how to beat Adriel.

As per Yasmine, Areala, the first Warrior Nun, used a particular weapon to trap Adriel many years ago. Yasmine actually knows the weapon it is it’s a Crown of Thorns. The Crown neutralizes the divine. The reason why the Romans placed the crown on Jesus’ head was to block the supernatural powers he had. If they could get the crown on Adriel’s head they would have an enormous advantage.

Cora has entrusted the Crown to a group that was run by nuns from Egypt. The order kept the crown secret for centuries, till it was discovered during the Egyptian Civil War, where British soldiers sacked the area and it was destroyed. The retirement of a British soldier who was living in Spain might be the answer to this since a large collection of antiques were discovered in his personal property and then transferred into an art museum. It’s the Museo Nacional del Prado to be exact, which is the principal Spanish nationwide art gallery. And it’s located right in the heart of Madrid!

Cardinal Rossi is exposed for being a devil and in that regard, Duretti is compelled to question Rossi inside the cellar. He is determined to discover the truth behind the plagues and begins to torture him employing a medieval device in order to uncover the truth. Rossi eventually caves into the fear of death looming and uncovers that the plagues are being developed in Arq-Tech Corporation. Arq-Tech Corporation.

Lilith is still seeking advice from Jillian She suggests Lilith go across the portal. However, when she goes through the portal, she’s spat out, crashing violently on the flooring. Even though Lilith was gone for a couple of seconds as the sister, she was stuck there for hours running across the burning sand. Lilith admits that she was not welcome in the room, due to the burns on her arms. Jillian would like Lilith to come back but she’s not having it and then goes away.

The museum heist continues and after discovering the crown and the Nuns, they break up after hours, taking off the lasers and allowing Ava to re-phase through the glass until she reaches the crown. It doesn’t appear to be doing anything. This suggests it’s just a disguise.

With just 3 minutes to leave, and the possibility of alarms going off, Ava phases through more lasers and begins to pursue her maiden at a distance that happens to be wearing the actual crown of thorns, which is in plain view.

When Ava activates the spell, Vincent shows up and put the crown on her, degrading her power of Ava and taking her away. In the meantime, Lilith shows up to be able to see Adriel appearing to switch sides. Uh oh!

The Episode Review

Keep calm. The entire museum theft could have been completed in a matter of minutes if Ava had just sped across the ceiling in the Crown, ala. The Worst Trousers were in Wallace and Gromit, right?

Even though the group is able to locate, the Crown of Thorns, everything gets shattered when Vincent appears and the whole situation is one huge trap. With Ava now in the hands of Vincent and Adriel remaining in his power, it appears that our Nuns are battling the walls. Can they get another wind to win?

In the midst of all this, the show continues to grow Lilith and the fact that she’s now at Adrien’s side is a sign of how confused she is and uncertain of which way to go to. The other characters continue to be dragged through the maze of mystery and drama, and it remains to be seen how each will emerge from this mess in one piece.


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